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As the UK’s market leader in headset solutions, Headsets4business want you to be sure you get the right type of headset for your requirements. There is nothing worse than purchasing a product or products that turn out to to be unfit for purpose. That is why we now offer a “try before you buy” Free no obligation telephone headset trial on all our best selling wired and wireless telephone and softphone headsets. Its the easiest way to ensure our customers get what they want.


To set up your free trial just call 0800 644 0424

we will simply ask you the make and model(s) of your phone (PC or desktop), provide you with our recommendations and tell you “Why!” and then get them to you the very next day by secure courier. Its that easy and there is absolutely NO cost to you.

Call Centre Headsets Free Headset Trial

If you are a Call Centre manager or IT Manager responsible for setting up a Call Centre, why not take advantage of the Headsets4business Free “No obligation” Call Centre headset trial. As the UK’s market leader in headset solutions, we provide expert knowledge and after sales care from a small call centre up to 1200+ agent call centres.

We offer this service to you ensure you have the right kind of headset, wired or wireless? We are happy to advise you on the best type and model of headset for your particular needs. We provide headsets for every brand and model of desktop and Softphone (PC-USB etc) in the world.

To start your free trial, telephone us on 0800 644 0424

We will ask you:
1. The make and model of the phones you currently use
2. We will advise you on your headset options (completely impartially) telling you the pros and cons of each model and why we think they will be the best solution for you
3. We will get the headsets to you the very next day by secure courier (at our cost)
4. If you are not happy with the headsets in any way, we will pick them up (at your cost) and offer you other models if you so wish.
5. If you are happy with your trial, we will then provide our volume discount pricing structure and guarantee those prices for the next 12 months to ensure ongoing re-orders are not affected by price fluctuations.

So “try before you buy” from the UK’s market leader in headset solutions for business, choose Headsets4business as your Call Centre headset provider on 0800 644 0424

Cisco headsets free headset trial

headsets4business offer a no obligation free headset trial for Cisco compatible headsets for any Cisco IP phone. Choose a headset from our best selling wired or wireless headset range and we will send it on a “next day” courier service (if you book it before 3pm) and you are welcome to try it for 7 working days. If you like it, buy it, if not, let us know and we will arrange for a courier to pick it up.

As far as we know, we are the only headset supplier doing this without asking for any money up front (as long as you are a registered UK business with a proven address)

As the UK’s market leader in business headset solutions, we will do every thing possible to ensure you get the right headset

Its simple really, just telephone us on 0161 830 6818, tell us the model of your phone, if you would like wired or wireless? and then choose from our expert recommendations – simples!

Free no obligation headset trial for any UK businesses

At Headsets 4 business we like to push the customer’s satisfaction boundaries to the limit. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the very popular 4 or more discount were both ways of ensuring our customers are happy but NO!, we decided to go one step further and offer a free no obligation headset trial on our best selling headsets.

Why? Why not! We thought, there is nothing worse than buying something (especially online) receiving it only to find its not what you thought. So “try before you buy” seemed the logical explanation.

As you can imagine we deal with a lot of Call Centres and IT managers who are buying large amounts of wired headsets and wireless headsets over time, they have to be the correct one for there phone system. No obligation trials ensures our customers are happy and content with there purchase.

I am sure some our fellow headset suppliers think we may be mad but as the UK’s market leader in headset solutions it’s the only way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Top 5 questions on our free headset trial:

  1. Do I have to pay anything up front (leave credit card information)?
    No. As long as you are a UK business with an official trading address.
  2. How long is your free headset trial?
    Usually 7 working days but longer if the customer needs it. Just ask!
  3. Can I trial any headset?
    We tend to offer for trial, our best selling headsets and the most popular brands and models. In certain cases where a customer only requires 1 headset and it’s a £250+ product, we would have to take a payment up front BUT if you are not happy, you can simply send it back for a complete refund as long as it’s in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. How many types of headsets can I try?
    In most cases, we think 2 different headsets is sufficient to determine suitability although in large scale business, its not uncommon to send out 7 headset models.
  5. How do I know which headset is right for me to trial?

It is our job, as the market leader in telephone headsets to ensure we talk you through each headset model ensuring 100% compatibility with your phone and only send you a headset which we know from experience will be the correct solution for you.

Please feel free to call us on 0800 644 0424 if you would like to trial a headset or need any information on our products or services.

Streamline Pro Series ProVX-M and ProVX-B headset review

Headset review video for our best selling ProVX-M and ProVX-B wired headset which is the ideal headset for use on IP phones such as Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Alcatel, Polycom, Snom etc and many more including digital and analogue phones also. I hope this video helps you make the correct choice of wired headset for your particular telephone. thanks for taking the time to watch it and please feel free to call us on 0800 644 0424 (UK) if you have any further questions.

Call centre headset reviews Best headset

Call centre headsets need to be up to the job!, if they are too flimsy in construction they will break, if they are too expensive, it becomes a financial budget issue for the Call centre and or IT manager in charge.

Plantronics headsets have long since been the choice of professional Call and Contact centre with the H251 leading the field for many years. That model has now been replaced with the wideband version HW251 and HW251N (the N being noise cancelling) available from our Plantronics Supraplus headsets dept.

All in all a very good headset but over time the price has become an issue in some call centres who are looking for an alternative product which offers the same quality.

Plantronics HW251 telephone headset

The Streamline Pro series is a small but dedicated selection of headsets specifically designed for commercial call and contact centre use backed up by robust construction, very good sound transmission, noise cancelling (up to 80% reduction which is better than Plantronics in our opinion) and last but not least PRICE!!

Starting at just £39 with an RJ11 headset bottom lead for the Streamline ProV Call Centre Headset – Considered an “entry level” headset by some but sales have rocketed due to the cheap price and robust construction, plus its just plug n play

ProV entry level contact and call centre headset

The best selling call and contact centre headset is without doubt the Streamline ProVX-M Call centre headset and the ProVX-B which is also available as an optional binaural headset. The best thing about this headset is the build quality, it works on every phone and comes with noise cancelling and increased transmission for wideband IP (VOIP) users.

The headset comes with a RJ11 bottom lead as standard but also available as USB for softphone and general PC use, 2.5mm and 3.5mm and HIC – HIP -HIS for our Avaya IP customers.

Professional call centre headset ProVX-M from Streamline Pro Series

Headsets4business specialise in all types of commercial headsets, supplying the UK and Europe with a selection of hand picked and tested wireless and wired telephone and softphone headsets.

Please feel free to contact us on 0844 7362 409 if you require any further information on these or any other headset product.

How to choose a Call Centre Headset

The UK call centre market continues to go from strength to strength. The Call centre manager’s job is to ensure that there agents get the right type of headset for the job so as not to upset the productivity of the agent.

There are, as usual, two schools of thought when it comes to call centre headsets.

Budget entry level headsets – V – High End professional headsets

Budget Call Centre Headsets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with budget headsets, it is a complete myth in our opinion that they won’t last or the sound is not as good. In our experience, many small to medium size contact centres use entry level headsets because they are relatively cheap to replace when they are deliberately damaged or stolen (this happens a lot when there is a lot of staff turnover!)

Streamline ProV – Monaural Call Centre headset

Call centre budget headset


High End professional Call Cetre Headsets

It is true that these headset do tend to be better made, i.e. better plastics used, more robust, as they are designed to be man handled on a daily basis and usually (but not always) the technology used can be specially designed for the job. E.G. Headsets used for softphone call centres and some other IP platforms do tend to require increased amplification and wideband technology is often required to help this.

Streamline ProVX-M Monaural Call Centre headset

Professional Call Centre Headset

Headsets4business are a UK Call Centre headset specialists offering effective advice and consultancy to new and established Call centre managers. Our headsets are tried and tested in small, medium and large scale Contact centres. If you are looking for discount pricing on UK Call Centre headsets, H4B can help, we supply wired and wireless call centre headsets to NHS, MOD, Police, Air force etc Through to small – medium size Call Centres that typically have 5- 25 seats

If you would like any further advice on call centre headset procurement or any other related query, please speak ask for Darren or David on Headsets4business telephone number 0800 644 0424 – we are here to help!

Office headsets UK best office headset

Headsets4business are a UK supplier of all types of office headsets, we stock wired and wireless, office headsets also known as corded and cordless headsets too.

Example of a really good professional office headset

Streamline ProX office headset, Monaural office headset

office headset professional office headset

Cost £79.00 plus VAT

This office headset is:

  1. comfortable to wear all day
  2. works on any desk top phone
  3. noise cancelling microphone
  4. peak protection built in to avoid noise spikes
  5. a really good price
  6. 2 year warranty
  7. is available with RJ11, USB, 2.5mm, 3.5mm and smart cord down leads

Office headsets have changed out of sight  in the last few years. Gone are the days of uncomfortable, heavy and poor sound headsets. They have now been replaced with sleek designs, fantastic sound clarity and transmission ensuring that your office headset does the job it was designed for.

Best office headset?

In our experience, cost is not always the best way of choosing a headset, that is not to say, that some really cheap office headsets are just NOT worth the few pounds paid for them!

Even though the world’s major office headset manufacturers like Plantronics and Jabra create very good products, there are still some lesser known makes which do a great job at a reasonable price for an office headset.