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There are over 6 million small businesses in the UK and the vast majority rely on basic analogue phones with headsets rather than the more freature rich “digital or IP phone system PABX – IPBX)

At Headsets4business we specialise in phones with headsets for the small home office through to large businesses who have analogue ports on the system and choose to purchase analogue phones, usually because they are cheaper and incorporated into an existing phone system, they can have pretty much the same features but at a much lower cost.

What to look for if you require a business phone with a headset!

First of all, you need to know your own requirements of the phone and the headset, i.e. do you need a headset which is wired or wireless. If you are mainly at your desk, then choose wired, they are cheaper and provide quality sound clarity. If you are in and out of different rooms in your home office or small office and its really mission critical to answer the phone remotely, then choose a wireless headset with a lifter package. This is a simple device which sits under the receiver and lifts the receiver once you press the answer button on your wireless headset. Very simple and very affective. This helps productivity when you are out and about.

The phones on the other hand have usually 3 requirements, 1. display or none display. If you need to see who is calling (Caller ID) etc then choose display but if you are only using the basic phone and headset features (e.g. inbound and outbound telesales) then choose none display phones whic are cheaper.

All analogue business phones must have a dedicated headset port or headset jack if they are to serve you in the most effective way. You can have phones that dont have a dedicated headset port but the only way a headset will work on those, is to unplug the curly cord, discard it and plug the wired headset straight into the phones curly cord port. “Not ideal”

In summary:

to choose business phones with headsets, just think “wired or wireless” headset and “display or none display” phone and choose from our wide selection of phones with headset here

Headsets4business are the UK’s market leader in business analogue phones with headset packages offering a choice of wired and wireless headsets and quality business phones

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