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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

There are over 6 million small businesses in the UK and the vast majority rely on basic analogue phones with headsets rather than the more freature rich “digital or IP phone system PABX – IPBX)

At Headsets4business we specialise in phones with headsets for the small home office through to large businesses who have analogue ports on the system and choose to purchase analogue phones, usually because they are cheaper and incorporated into an existing phone system, they can have pretty much the same features but at a much lower cost.

What to look for if you require a business phone with a headset!

First of all, you need to know your own requirements of the phone and the headset, i.e. do you need a headset which is wired or wireless. If you are mainly at your desk, then choose wired, they are cheaper and provide quality sound clarity. If you are in and out of different rooms in your home office or small office and its really mission critical to answer the phone remotely, then choose a wireless headset with a lifter package. This is a simple device which sits under the receiver and lifts the receiver once you press the answer button on your wireless headset. Very simple and very affective. This helps productivity when you are out and about.

The phones on the other hand have usually 3 requirements, 1. display or none display. If you need to see who is calling (Caller ID) etc then choose display but if you are only using the basic phone and headset features (e.g. inbound and outbound telesales) then choose none display phones whic are cheaper.

All analogue business phones must have a dedicated headset port or headset jack if they are to serve you in the most effective way. You can have phones that dont have a dedicated headset port but the only way a headset will work on those, is to unplug the curly cord, discard it and plug the wired headset straight into the phones curly cord port. “Not ideal”

In summary:

to choose business phones with headsets, just think “wired or wireless” headset and “display or none display” phone and choose from our wide selection of phones with headset here

Headsets4business are the UK’s market leader in business analogue phones with headset packages offering a choice of wired and wireless headsets and quality business phones

Phone with headset -Choosing the right combination

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Many small business / home business owners require a phone and headset combination to help them with the day to day running of the business. But where do you start?

The best way to work this out is to answer 3 simple questions:

1. Does my phone (telephone) need to be a display model or none display?
“basically if you are not bothered about identifying the caller (caller ID) and just want to make calls via the headset, then choose a basic none display phone with a good quality comfortable noise cancelling headset, if on the other hand, you need Caller ID and more features that use the display like date stamp, call timer, message waiting etc, then choose a display model as they come with a host of features especially designed for small business despite them being an analogue phone.

2. Do I need an answer machine built into the phone?
“this is really useful for small home businesses when you are out and sounds more professional than BT’s basic voice mail service

3. Do I need a wired or wireless headset?
“the benefits are different for different people really because its features and benefits versus the cost!, If you need to move away from your desk while on a call or even be able to answer a call remotely (lifter required or EHS, see * below) then I would recommend wireless. Its a total handsfree solution”

If you are based at your desk all day, then wired will be fine and you will save money as wireless, on the whole, are more expensive.

Wireless start at £99 to £280
Wired £39 – £128

The link below will take you to a complete list of telephones with headsets in both display, none display, wired and wireless headset etc -everything you need !

Telephones with headsets or telephone Headsets4business, the UK’s market leader in headset solutions for business  on 0844 7362 409

*Lifter and EHS explained
A lifter is a small device that lifts your phones receiver and connects a call when you have a wireless headset on, EHS or “electronic hook switch” is found in predominantly high end IP phones which know there is a wireless headset attached and can let you answer the call remotely with out the use of a lifter but in 99% of cases, analogue phones need lifter for remote answering.


Darren Page
Co-founder of
Telephone 0844 7362 409

Free no obligation headset trial for any UK businesses

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

At Headsets 4 business we like to push the customer’s satisfaction boundaries to the limit. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the very popular 4 or more discount were both ways of ensuring our customers are happy but NO!, we decided to go one step further and offer a free no obligation headset trial on our best selling headsets.

Why? Why not! We thought, there is nothing worse than buying something (especially online) receiving it only to find its not what you thought. So “try before you buy” seemed the logical explanation.

As you can imagine we deal with a lot of Call Centres and IT managers who are buying large amounts of wired headsets and wireless headsets over time, they have to be the correct one for there phone system. No obligation trials ensures our customers are happy and content with there purchase.

I am sure some our fellow headset suppliers think we may be mad but as the UK’s market leader in headset solutions it’s the only way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Top 5 questions on our free headset trial:

  1. Do I have to pay anything up front (leave credit card information)?
    No. As long as you are a UK business with an official trading address.
  2. How long is your free headset trial?
    Usually 7 working days but longer if the customer needs it. Just ask!
  3. Can I trial any headset?
    We tend to offer for trial, our best selling headsets and the most popular brands and models. In certain cases where a customer only requires 1 headset and it’s a £250+ product, we would have to take a payment up front BUT if you are not happy, you can simply send it back for a complete refund as long as it’s in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. How many types of headsets can I try?
    In most cases, we think 2 different headsets is sufficient to determine suitability although in large scale business, its not uncommon to send out 7 headset models.
  5. How do I know which headset is right for me to trial?

It is our job, as the market leader in telephone headsets to ensure we talk you through each headset model ensuring 100% compatibility with your phone and only send you a headset which we know from experience will be the correct solution for you.

Please feel free to call us on 0844 7362 409 if you would like to trial a headset or need any information on our products or services.

Jabra GN9120 wireless headset review

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Short wireless headset review video for the Jabra GN Netcom GN9120 Flexboom wireless headset which covers its features, EHS technology or “electronic hook switch” and basic set up requirements. I hope you find this video review useful and it covers most common questions we are asked when choosing a cordless or wireless headset like the Jabra GN9120 range.

Wireless headset for Cisco IP phone

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The Doro HS1910 wireless DECT telephone headset works on all Cisco Unified IP phones including SPA models. This short Cisco wireless headset review video explains why its the ideal cordless wireless headset for your Cisco IP phone

Wireless headset for Nortel T7316 T7316E phone

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Looking for a wireless headset for a Nortel T Series phone e.g. T7316, T7316E? We highly recommend the Doro HS1910 wireless headset which offers great value for money just £99 plus VAT and delivery. This short headset review video explains why its the ideal cordless headset for the Nortel T7316 telephone.

Wireless headset for BT Versatility V8 phone

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Our wireless headset recommendation for BT Versatility V V8 or V16 system phones is the Doro HS1910 cordless headset which offers great value for money and offers many features found on models at twice the price. This short video explains those features and its compatability with the BT Versatility V8 phones

How to set up a Doro HS1910 wireless headset

Monday, April 18th, 2011

How to choose a Call Centre Headset

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The UK call centre market continues to go from strength to strength. The Call centre manager’s job is to ensure that there agents get the right type of headset for the job so as not to upset the productivity of the agent.

There are, as usual, two schools of thought when it comes to call centre headsets.

Budget entry level headsets – V – High End professional headsets

Budget Call Centre Headsets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with budget headsets, it is a complete myth in our opinion that they won’t last or the sound is not as good. In our experience, many small to medium size contact centres use entry level headsets because they are relatively cheap to replace when they are deliberately damaged or stolen (this happens a lot when there is a lot of staff turnover!)

Streamline ProV – Monaural Call Centre headset

Call centre budget headset

High End professional Call Cetre Headsets

It is true that these headset do tend to be better made, i.e. better plastics used, more robust, as they are designed to be man handled on a daily basis and usually (but not always) the technology used can be specially designed for the job. E.G. Headsets used for softphone call centres and some other IP platforms do tend to require increased amplification and wideband technology is often required to help this.

Streamline ProVX-M Monaural Call Centre headset

Professional Call Centre Headset

Headsets4business are a UK Call Centre headset specialists offering effective advice and consultancy to new and established Call centre managers. Our headsets are tried and tested in small, medium and large scale Contact centres. If you are looking for discount pricing on UK Call Centre headsets, H4B can help, we supply wired and wireless call centre headsets to NHS, MOD, Police, Air force etc Through to small – medium size Call Centres that typically have 5- 25 seats

If you would like any further advice on call centre headset procurement or any other related query, please speak ask for Darren or David on Headsets4business telephone number 0844 7362 409 – we are here to help!

Which Headsets for Splicecom PCS IP phones

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

headsets for Splicecom Ip phones

Find all the SpliceCom IP headsets here!

If you require a headset for your UK SpliceCom IP phone, headsets4business can help stear you in the right direction. As you are probably already aware, there are many different types of headsets that are suitable for your Splicecom IP phone.

All the headsets below are SpliceCom PCS compatible from the new PCS560, 570, and 580G series throught to the older PCS 505, 520, 410. We also provide several USB headset versions for use with the SpliceCom 50 60 softphone.

Wired or corded headsets for SpliceCom IP phones

SpliceCom have (rightly) kept things simple and all IP phones in the PCS range have standard headset jacks (RJ11) so there is no suprises like 2.5mm jacks or must be wideband which is getting more common in other IP phones. this often reduces the headset choice and the way they work in many cases.

wired headset prices start from £75+

Wireless or Cordless SpliceCom Headsets

98% of wireless headsets work the same way, so all our wireless headsets will work on all the desk top SpliceCom IP phones (in fact any phone really) Offering a very useful and productive “Hands free” environment, its a boost to any  commercial office running SpliceCom PCS series IP phones.

Wireless headset prices start from a very reasonable £99

USB headsets for SpliceCom PCS 50 60 softphones

These USB headsets are available in wired and wireless, they will happily work on the SpliceCom PCS 50 and 60 Softphones. it comes down to preference and budget as always. The wireless or cordless headsets work via a USB dongle (it just goes straight into any spare USB port) whereas the wired or corded has a cable with the USB end.

USB headsets for Softphones prices start at £75 for wired and £99 for wireless

If we can be of any further help or you are unsure of the right type of headset, please telephone us and we will do our very best to help you on 0844 7362 409