Do you realise how much extra profit you are leaving on the table for your competition?

So what exactly is in it for you?

As a Smart Reseller you get...

1. More Profit
Generous reseller discounts enable extra profit with each system sold, giving you a simple add on to significantly increase margin.

2. Pre Sales Support
Compatibility and sales advice, designed to ensure you win more headset sales

3. Demonstration Stock - Free Trial Headsets
Let your customers try the headsets before they commit to buying. Demo stock available on all leading product lines.

4. Best in Class Headsets
All headsets are best in class, all with full noise cancellation, acoustic shock protection, and all exceeding relevant UK legislation.

5. Robust & Hardwearing
Headsets have a minimum of 12 months warranty, with our premium ranges offering a 24 month repair / replace warranty for your peace of mind

6. Fast Service
Free next working day delivery in the UK on all orders

7. Post Sales Support
Dedicated reseller team providing after sales support, contact us by phone, email, or live chat. Free online set up guides and "how to" videos to help your customers get up and running in minutes.

So what do the smart resellers have to say about H4B?

  • Headsets4Business is always very helpful and knowledgeable right from the start, I have always been given good advice and they go out of their way to make sure I understand and get the right product. Not had any problems with service or delivery and have always been kept in the loop of delivery dates/ETA’s, when we have had to return and replace an item this was dealt with very swiftly indeed. We have never had any complaints and the fact our clients keep coming back again and again just proves the quality and service provided is priceless.
    Jeff Wood - United UK
  • Reefstream has been working with Headsets4business for the past 3 years; together we supply a range of wired and wireless headsets to our customers. Presales tech support is just an email or phone call away, and all enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. On occasions when we’ve requested, the Headsets4business team has provided telephone support direct to our end user, ensuring our customers are quickly up and running with their new headsets. Good products, delivered on time backed up by solid service
    Jeff Highfield - Reefstream
  • At edi Communications we’ve regularly provided headset solutions for our clients by working with headsets4business. It’s been particularly useful to be able to take demo units to site, and let the customers try before they choose to buy. This is a great strategy to ensure the customer get the right headsets from the outset. Can’t fault the team at Headsets4business Ltd
    Eddy Leonard edi Communications

Resellers - FAQ

Here are the most common questions we get asked when you join the "smart reseller" headset programme. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us on 0800 644 0424 or email us

1 - What happens when I sign up to the Smart reseller programme?

Once we have your basic details, we will telephone you and discuss your current situation & offer proven strategies that will help increase your profit with a headsets "add on" sale

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2 - How can you guarantee me my margin?

We sell a series of products exclusive to us, our Streamline ProV & ProVX series of headsets are branded "headsets4business". We are the sole UK supplier and if your customer searches for them online, they will only find us as they are not sold by any other headset supplier. We ask you to offer them at retail price which is what your customer will see when they search. This protects and guarantees your profit margin.

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3 - Why do you recommend Streamline Pro headsets and not the other brands?

They are not commoditized online, your margin is guaranteed, your customer won’t see multiple different prices if they do a Google search and just as importantly: Streamline Pro series headsets have been tested in the hardest of working environments (some of the biggest call centres & PLC’s in the UK & throughout Europe) they have proven to be a quality alternative to some of the major brands offering better compatibility, better noise cancelling and highly suited to all day use.

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4 - Do we get pre sales and post-sales support?

Yes, on both counts! Plus, your customer can contact us (directly or through you) at any time during the life of the product and receive the same level of technical support. We will also provide a full repair or replace warranty under the usual stated conditions.

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5 - What happens if your prospects or existing customers come direct to Headsets4business?

We would politely explain that they won’t benefit financially by coming direct to us and they should only deal with you, “the reseller” Direct! Your customer will always be “your customer”

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6 - How do the on site demonstration visits work?

On site visits and demonstrations are based on geography and a strict minimum number of headsets required for your project. Dependent on the particular needs of your customer (i.e. large scale UC roll out etc), and in certain circumstances, we would ask the manufacturer to come along if there are potential technical issues. But in most cases we can offer you free "demo" stock for you to take along and should you require technical help, then simply call us. We will ensure that you are aware of any individual settings or programming requirements before you take the demo stock to site.

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7 - How will we be invoiced?

All reseller invoices are shown minus £20 off retail price per headset. You will be invoiced once the goods have been dispatched. The goods remain the property of Headsets4business until full payment has been received in our account.

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8 - Will you resolve any post sales issues or faults?

Yes, all items are covered by a full warranty (minimum 12 months but most headsets are 2 years) Any swap outs, exchanges or faults etc will be dealt with swiftly by us. Usually, by the next working day.

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