Polycom VVX 411 Compatible Headset Guide

So you were looking for suitable compatible headset for your Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone right?

Well the first thing to make really clear is this IP Phone will accept just about any wired or wireless headset.

The whole of the Polycom vvx series of IP phones have been specifically designed to accept 3 different types of headset (actually its 4 if you have a Polycom vvx 601, see note*)

They are:

  1. wired headsets with a RJ 9 square type plug
  2. wired USB headsets with a standard USB type A plug
  3. and wireless dect headsets

note * the fourth one that’s missing and is only for the Polycom vvx 601 IP Phone are Bluetooth headsets. The 601 model is the only model that has the ability to accept a Bluetooth headset.

Don’t get confused here:

Lots of People think all wireless headsets are using Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your vvx 411 Phone, just to clarify that isnt the case. Most wireless professional headsets use DECT technology (exactly the same as a cordless Phone in the home that you can wander down the garden and still not lose a call)


 Wired headsets for vvx 411

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a wired headset for your Polycom vvx IP Phone. to the untrained eye they all look the same and have the same RJ 9 square plug at the end but the wiring configuration is different for different brands and models of Phone. if you buy wired headset that has a qd or quick disconnect plug halfway down then you have to insure that it is the correct bottom lead an wiring configuration. Luckily Polycom have chosen the most common type of bottom cable called a U10-P

So if you see a super cheap wired headset with the right kind of Jack on the end it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on your Polycom vvx 411 IP Phone unless it has U10-P configuration.

It’s worth noting that all our wired headsets for Polycom come with the correct bottom lead, they are noise cancelling and most come with a 2 year re pair or replace warranty

ProVX wired headset for Snom

see our top wired compatible headsets here


USB compatible headsets for Polycom vvx 411

it’s only relatively recently that Polycom and other major IP Phone brands have started putting in USB connectivity on their IP phones. obviously this offers even more choice when it comes to looking for Polycom compatible headsets.

USB headsets a wired and unlike the qd type mentioned above, configuration is not a problem as they operate a plug and play software which loads the second you plug your USB headsets into your vvx 411 IP Phone.

so what’s the difference between a standard wired headset and a standard USB wired headset and which should you choose?

typically the USB headsets tend to be more competitive on price but don’t have the flexibility of being able to disconnect the bottom section if you ever decide to use your headset on another Phone. whereas with a wired qd type headset you would simply choose the correct bottom lead and swap the USB section out. You could argue that the qd is more future proof.

sennheiser sc 130 usb noise cancelling headset

see our top 3 USB recommended headsets here

Wireless DECT headsets for Polycom vvx 411 (some say “cordless” rather than “wireless”)

Where wireless headsets are concerned, this is where Polycom vvx series IP phones really shine as not only are they 100% compatible with every model but also you can add a remote answer capability called “EHS” which stands for electronic hook switch.

Basically, the ability to remotely answer your call via your headset when you are away from your desk. it’s amazing how many People think a wireless headset will do that automatically but if you do require remote answering you will need an EHS lead. these products are optional but really useful if you are away from your desk at regular intervals.

headsets for business recommend Sennheiser professional noise cancelling wireless headsets for all the Polycom vvx series but especially the vvx 411 IP Phone.

a best selling Sennheiser DW Office wireless headset
Sennheiser DW Office Cisco compatible headset

see all our Top Polycom compatible recommended wireless headsets here




VVX 411 headset set up

Polycom VVX 411 headset setup – How to?

Setting up your VVX 411 to accept any headset is (in most cases) super easy.

Lets get started:

The Polycom VVX 411 IP phone will accept 3 different types of headset:

  1. Standard Wired Headset with an RJ9 square type jack
  2. Standard wired USB headset with a USB type A (the traditional larger USB plug)
  3. A wireless DECT headset + EHS lead or cable (otional for remote answering)

Note* – The Polycom VVX 411 does NOT accept bluetooth headsets!

We get asked a lot if you can just do a work around and simply just plug a USB dongle in to the USB port then pair a bluetooth headset to that BUT thats not what Polycom recommend and they know there phones so dont do it folks…(you have been warned!)

1. How to connect a wired Headset with RJ9 jack

First of all before we start if you do read the official Polycom user guide for the vvx 411 IP Phone then a standard wired headset is classed as an analogue headset . Just so you know

on the rear of the Phone there are several jacks But only one RJ 9 and this does have the headset icon above it so it really is as simple as just plugging the headset Jack into the RJ 9 slot.

Polycom VVX 411 set up guide

let’s talk about standard wired headset use

When you first plug in your analogue wired headset the headset key should glow green in colour this is simply just to tell you it’s connected. After you connect a headset to your vvx 411 IP Phone you can set up your Phone to use the headset automatically when answering and placing calls

How to place or answer calls

Polycom VVX 411 place calls


How to enable your headset to answer all calls automatically

To use this feature, you must enable and activate Headset Memory Mode.

  • Navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Headset Memory.
  • From the Headset Memory Mode screen, select Enabled.
  • Press the headset key twice.The headset key flashes to indicate that Headset Memory Mode is now activated.
  • All calls placed or answered on your phone use your headset automatically.
  • Note:If you experience audio or echo issues during calls, such as feedback of your voice or of their own voice, you need to enable echo cancellation on your phone.

Top tip* Switching to the speakerphone or the handset deactivates headset memory mode, press the headset key twice to get back

2. How to connect a wired USB Headset with type A USB jack

Sennheiser SC 130 USB wired headset for Cisco Jabber

Simply plug your USB wired headset into the only USB port at the back of the Phone. once USB headset is connected and in use the headset key on your front keypad will start to glow blue in colour.

Top tip 1* if you use a USB headset and an analogue headset at the same time the USB headset is used automatically for all calls

Top tip 2*- If your phone does not detect the USB headset when you attach it to your phone, the USB port on your phone may be disabled. Contact your system administrator.

3. How to connect a wireless DECT Headset to your VVX 411

When using a wireless dect headset with or without an electronic hook switch or EHS as it’s called then please use your headset documentation and basic set up guide that came with your wireless headset.

Once you have your headset set up you may require the use of an electronic hook switch for remote answering. depending on the brand e.g. Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronics etc.

You will need to change the options for your specific headset model. these are:

Jabra headsets
change the headset mode to DHSG on the headset base unit. For details, refer to your headset documentation or contact Jabra support.

Plantronics headsets
change the coarse receive level to 3 and the transmit level to B on the headset base unit. For details, refer to the guide that comes with your headset.

Sennheiser headsets
set the first DIP switch labelled 1 (DHSG) to the down position on the back of the headset base unit. For additional details, see your headset’s documentation or contact Sennheiser support.

4. How to enable EHS for Polycom VVX 411

After you set the base unit options for your headset and connect your headset to your phone, you can enable EHS.

  • Connect your headset and EHS adapter to your phone.
  • See the Quick Start Guide for your phone on Polycom Voice Support for information on connecting a headset to your phone.
  • Navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode.For VVX 1500 phones, navigate to Menu > Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode.
  • Select one of the below modes for your specific headset:
  • Choose Jabra if an EHS-compatible Jabra headset is attached with an EHS cable or adapter.
  • Choose Plantronics if an EHS-compatible Plantronics headset is attached with an EHS cable or adapter.
  • Choose Sennheiser if an EHS-compatible Sennheiser headset is attached with an EHS cable or adapter.
  • If your phone does not have a menu selection for Sennheiser, select Jabra instead.
  • Choose Regular Mode (default) if another headset is attached



Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 411 IP Phone

Have a look at the main Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone page now here   


wireless headset for polycom vvx 601 ip phone

Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 601 IP Phone

The choice of wireless headsets for Polycom vvx 601 IP phones is incredible, so when you’re in the market for upgrading from a wired headset to a *cordless or wireless headset (*people call them both but I prefer wireless) you need to be aware of the Pros and Cons of how to choose the correct wireless headset for your VVX 601 Phone.

So what should you be aware of and what should you be considering when searching for the right type of wireless headset?

The first thing is your environment that you work in.

  • is it noisy?
  • Do you often leave your desk?
  • Do you find that when you do leave your desk, your Phone always rings ?

If the answer is yes to the above then wireless is definitely the right choice. before we go any further let’s just dismiss some myths about wireless headsets that you may or may not be aware of

Are wireless headsets truly wireless?

lots of our customers think a wireless headset should be just that, “completely wireless” well that’s not true because the only wireless bit is the connection between the actual headset that you are wearing and the charger/base station that the headset connects to.

From there on in everything else has to be wired into the back of your Polycom vvx 601 IP Phone. This includes the power cable because the battery is in the actual headset you are wearing but the charger & base station is powered by AC mains (ie: with a plug )

Swiftly followed by the connection lead between the base station and you’re VVX 601 IP Phone

Also if you choose an EHS or electronic hook switch , yes you guessed right, that’s also connected with a wire.  so quite quickly you’re so called “wireless headset” isn’t that wireless after all but let’s not get ahead of ourselves….

The most important thing is the freedom and ability to walk away from your desk while simultaneously having a conversation wirelessly via the headset you are wearing, which after all is the whole reason for having a wireless anything really isnt it?

So let’s look at the pros and cons of owning a wireless headset 4 your Polycom vvx 601 IP desk Phone

let’s start with the cons first

  1. the number one has to be price because wireless headsets in most cases cost double what a wired headset costs. One the most common questions we get asked is why are they so expensive? – the answer is simple: technology and what goes into making a wireless headset
  2. battery life – typically most quality built wireless headsets like Sennheiser DW office or DW pro headsets will last a typical working day without any issue, but like anything that is battery operated if you forget to charge it when you leave your headset will be pretty useless when you start work the next day so don’t leave them on your desk off the charger and that includes lunchtime as well.
  3. Set up – If you are one of those People and you know who you are who doesn’t bother with stupid things like instruction manuals then setting up a wireless headset can be quite problematic. but don’t worry we have gone to great lengths to provide simple easy to follow set up instructions and videos to show anyone, regardless of their ability to read an instruction manual or not as the case may be to quickly set up the wireless headset.

let’s talk about the pros

  1. freedom – we have already covered this but just the phenomenal ability to be walking around the office and freely engaging in a conversation completely wirelessly has to be worth the extra cost.
  2. Noise cancelling – all our professional wired headsets for Polycom vvx 601 IP phones are all noise cancelling, the technology is in the microphone on your headset I’m will filter out most exterior noise for the caller
  3. Warranty – due to the cost of wireless headsets all manufacturers give a minimum of 2 years repair or replace warranty to insure should anything go wrong they will be there too repair or replace the headset. there is a caveat to that however, if you misuse or abuse your wireless headset (trust me on this it happens a lot ) then your warranty could be voided and you will have to pay for the repair or replacement so be warned.

Are you ready to find a wireless headset for your Polycom vvx 601 IP desk Phone?

Have a look at our dedicated page of suitable and more importantly compatible wireless headsets for your Polycom Phone


best usb headset for polycom vvx 601 ip phone

Best USB Headsets For Polycom VVX 601 Phones

Okay so you invest in a Top quality IP Phone like the Polycom VVX 601 and then decide what type of USB headset Should I buy?

Well as you may or may not know, Polycom vvx series in most models, can accept 4 , yes 4 different types of headset.

They are…

  1. Wired USB headsets
  2. Standard square plug type wired headsets
  3. Wireless DECT headsets
  4. and Bluetooth headsets

So as you can see, Polycom have provided multiple ways of connecting a headset to your VVX 601 IP Phone.

But we want to talk about USB headsets and more importantly:

How do you choose the best USB headset and what, if any, are the pros and cons, of using a USB wired headset?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a suitable USB wired headset for your Polycom VVX 601 is quality and as you probably are aware quality comes at a price or does it ?

The new SC range from Sennheiser have developed a really high quality and well built series of USB wired headsets with the added advantage of they won’t break the bank and compared with alternative wired headsets which have a standard square type of plug on , you could argue they offer better value for money.

Sennheiser are renowned for their quality when it comes to sound, build and noise cancelling. they seem to have packed all 3 into the new SC range.

There aren’t many cons where USB of this quality is concerned and there are far more pros, the main ones we have already covered above, The other main advantage of using a USB headset for your Polycom vvx 601 IP Phone is that they are all “plug and play” technology which basically means you plug them in, Sennheiser automatically downloads the drivers onto your device (PC, Computer, laptop etc..) and away you go!

Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 601 IP Phone Which includes USB headsets

Have a look at the main Polycom VVX 601 IP Phone page now here   


Streamline ProV-XL how to reduce noise for headset wearers

How to reduce background noise for headset wearers

Here’s a special message for every headset wearer who needs to reduce background noise around them…, but can’t find the best solution.

Hi, it’s Darren here from Headsets4business and if your trying to reduce background noise then pay very close attention to this!

Many Contact centre agents & other headset wearers suffer from the idea that its just not possible to help eliminate noise for the headset wearer and provide noise cancellation for the caller at the same time.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you’re a contact centre agent who wants a headset that provides better noise cancellation for them and the caller, then THIS is new product could be exactly what you have been looking for.

I’d like to introduce you to the Streamline “ProV-XL” Ultra Noise Cancelling Headset which helps you reduce background noise.

The “ProV-XL” is designed to provide:

  • Up to a 40% reduction in ambient noise with the ProV-XL for the wearer
  • It has an Ultra noise cancelling microphone so the caller doesnt hear people around you
  • A real boost in volume
  • Clearer and crisp conversation

Streamline ProV-XL Ultra noise cancelling headset

For years, the headset manufacturers have been designing headsets around being “minimal & cool” rather than practical. The Streamline ProV-XL has been developed purely to help solve every problems in a noisy environment! Simply by adding a sound cushioned and much larger ear pad (see image above) significantly helps reduce peripheral noise for the wearer. then the ultra noise cancelling microphone using the latest technology kicks in to help the caller. After all there is nothing worse than hearing everyone around the person you are talking to BUT not them!

And what makes this headset even better?

You can seriously concentrate on every important call now.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results immediately once you are on a call with a “ProV-XL” OH and…. it costs less than the big boys.

So again, if you’re a contact centre agent who needs a headset that provides better noise cancellation for them and the caller, understand this:

  • headset Technology has moved on for Contact Centre’s, its now possible to help solve all your main headset problems with 1 single product
  • Your covered with a 2 year full warranty
  • The ProVXL works on any desk phone or softphone for PC

Have a look at the new ProV-XL Ultra Noise Cancelling Headset Here…..

ProV-XL ultra noise cancelling headset for contact centres


But don’t take our word for it – why not organize a no obligation free headset trial today, our customers tell us it’s the quickest & easiest way to ensure you get a headset that’s right for you

sennheiser usb c headsets

USB C Headsets – How USB Type C is impacting the headset market.

USB C Headsets – The cross over between Business & Leisure has started

It seems like we were never going to see a change in USB type-A, you know that popular and very chunky robust USB jack plug which seemed to fit nearly every PC, Laptop, Printer etc.
But then seemingly out of know where, USB C suddenly started to make tracks into pretty much all devices but especially small peripherals like smart phones and now, it’s moved on to headsets, USB C headsets that is!

Ok so before we start, the big question:

Why is USB Type-C becoming the new “normal” in USB?

usb type c

Basically, the previous USB Type-A & Type-B (the other chunky one) have had to work by being “backwards compatible” with the use of multiple adapters with different ends. You probably have a box full in the office or at home. I know I have.

Whereas Type-C is intended to replace both and is designed to be small enough to not require any adapters. The intention being, it will completely replace all other existing  USB plus it’s a lot smaller, sleeker & mobile phone designers get given more space to play with.

Note* Geek warning! – Don’t confuse USB “standards” like USB 2.0 etc with USB “types”, the standard represents its speed and ability to transfer data where as the type refers to the shape and size of plug at the end.

Ok back to USB headsets…..

So what’s the impact on the existing USB headset market?

Well, like all innovation, Savvy headset manufacturers have already launched USB headsets with the C type connector because they know its going to fit “everything” if not right now, it will in a matter of months if not a year or so.

Take Sennheiser, they seem to have stolen a march on their competitors.

They have introduced the Sennheiser SC100 range and all are USB-C headsets

sennheiser sc 165 usb c headset

They’ve covered all the bases here for anyone needing connection to PC, Laptop or mobile. These noise cancelling headsets can be supplied with either standard USB type A, the new C-Type USB, and 3.5 mm jack pin.

All variants are available as a monaural or binaural (that’s one ear or two for the plain speakers amongst us)

Note* did you know that most of the new smartphones will shortly be being made without the 3.5mm round pin headset/headphone port and being replaced with…you guessed it, a USB-C

USB headsets cross over into Business and leisure

sennheiser sc 100 fold up usb c headsets

The SC100’s clever design enables this range to cross over into the leisure market. A discreet fold away boom arm transforms the headset into a great looking set of headphones. The superb rich Sennheiser sound makes them great for listening to music when not being used for business. They also have a fold flat ear cup design which makes them easily portable.

The new Sennheiser usb c headsets come in several flavours and come in at a very competitive price.

See all 6 Sennheiser SC100 seris usb c headset here

To find out more about USB C headsets, the Sennheiser SC100 or any other headset questions you may have you can contact the team at Headsets4Business on 0161 830 6818 or email sales@headsets4business.co.uk

P.S. if you really want to know more about usb c then have a look at Trusted Reviews.com:

USB-C: Everything you need to know


Best selling wired headsets from Headsets4business

The Top Selling Wired headsets are..

Following on from our previous “best selling wireless headsets” blog post & email:

Well what about the top selling wired headsets?

Despite what you may have read, wired headsets still make up the majority of headset sales in the UK but…..

It is changing, however cost will always be a driver and wired are always cheaper than wireless (in 99% of cases) so they still hold the top preference.

Based on the same criteria as the wireless then – what are the top selling wired headsets?
based on:

1. Quality – Build & Sound that is!
2. Value for money
3. Technology – Noise cancelling etc
4. Been there and proved itself in the field

Then… these 4 are The best sellers! – if it’s time for a change then these wired headsets are our top recommendation.

1.ProVX Series

streamline ProV-X wired headset

Officially our best selling wired Pro headset over the last 5 years or so, Why? Robust, QD Plug, great sound and superior noise cancelling. Used in the UK’s top Contact Centres.This headset is a true work horse and comes in at just £79 + VAT for a mono

View it online

2. ProV

streamline ProV wired headset

This spot is our value for money corner, at £59 + VAT , it’s our best priced professional wired headset and comes with a QD plug and noise cancelling microphone. There are others but this has proved itself time and time again.

View it online

3. JPL Connect

JPL Connect wired headset

The Connect is a new kid on the block, it has the same qualities as the others but has one redeaming feature that people often ask for
ITS GOT BIGGER EAR PADS. Great for helping to reduce ambient background noise in any room from £70 + VAT

View it online

4. Sennheiser SC 630

Sennheiser SC630 series wired headset

Not for the budget conscience but oozes pure build quality and amazing noise cancelling filtering. If your calls are super important to your business (arent they all?) then this SC 630 wont let you down at £120 + VAT

View it online

And remember if you are looking to purchase 4+ wireless – Get a free “no obligation” headset trial now HERE

Do you have a question about the wired headsets above?
Call us on 0800 644 0424 or 0161 830 6818 or email us…we are here to help you source the very best in wired and wireless headsets for desk phone & PC
Best selling wireless headsets

Official – The top selling wireless headsets are…

Believe it or not BUT, it’s not easy working out the best selling wireless headsets!

I hear you ask, well it all depends on what you want it to do (and your budget as wireless come at a price) Mainly due to the fact that the technology used in them is state of the art, oh yeh and no wires obviously!

But if you were to “corner me” and ask – which is the best wireless headset ?
based on:
1. Quality – Build & Sound that is!
2. Value for money
3. Over all connection technology
4. Been there and proved itself in the field


these 4 are The best sellers! – if you have ever thought of moving up to wireless then these wont let you down!

1.Sennheiser DW Office

    Sennheiser DW Office wireless headset

Our best selling wireless headset over all (that’s official), Sennheiser sound and noise cancelling quality at its best. This headset never fails to impress and from £166 + VAT.

View it online

2. The New JPL Element X500
JPL Element X500 wireless headset
This has to be in the value for money corner, at £130 + VAT for a desk phone only version, it’s our best priced professional wireless for those who are looking after the dosh

View it online

3. Sennheiser SDW 5016
Sennheiser SDW 5016 Wireless headset
Now this is purely for those who want a wireless to connect to everything: AT THE SAME TIME!
Desk Phone – Mobile Phone – PC Computer – even a Speakerphone £242 + VAT

View it online

4. Plantronics CS540
Plantronics CS540
Its been around for a while and there’s good reason for that, it does what it says on the tin! Always popular with the ladies as its light weight and great for all day use. £167 + VAT

View it online

So there you have it folks, our best selling wireless with something for every one (we hope!)
PS If you would like a free no obligation headset trial on any of the above headsets, then you can organize it yourself super quick here
Have a question? – leave it in the comments below or call us on 0800 644 0424 or 0161 830 6818
Darren Page
Headsets4business Ltd UK

New Heated Headset Launched By Headsets4business Ltd


A heated headset launched by Headsets4business is tipped to be a huge success.

The innovative new headset needs no external power supply or battery pack. It takes sufficient power from its connection to a regular office telephone or PC to keep the ear pads heated at a very comfortable 28 degrees centigrade.

The headsets have been specifically developed for chilly contact centres, cold early morning starts and agents who suffer with the common condition of “aures frigus”. The traditional leatherette ear pads have been replaced with woollen ones, and for a small supplement they can be upgraded to luxurious extra warm cashmere.

Commenting after the results from an extensive survey, David Whitehead from Headsets4Business says’ “there’s nothing like this available right now, and we expect this headset to fill a huge gap in the market. Our research suggests the new headsets will be particularly suited to those agents tasked with making significant numbers of cold calls”

“If sales go as forecast, there are further plans to launch an air-conditioned variant in time for summer 2019. It’s anticipated that this version will be the perfect solution for those agents working in a hot desking environment.”

For more information, to request a brochure or to organise a free trial please email david@headsets4business.co.uk

contact centres: what a waist of money

Contact Centres: What a waste of money!

Here at headsets4Business, we love contact centres, we have loads of fantastic customers from this sector. As regular buyers of headsets, they are the lifeblood of our business and core to the ongoing success of our company……

Savvy contact centres that use Headsets4Business to supply their headsets are in the know! They get great headsets and they also save money!

Other contact centres using an age old common brand (you know the one we mean) continue to buy what they’ve always bought! They probably aren’t aware of just how much money they are wasting by not looking at alternative headset brands. Taking a free trial of one of our Streamline Pro series or Sennheiser headsets is the easiest way to choose a new headset brand, and to save money too.

We have a great range of wired headsets which are compatible with all desktop phones or for direct connection to your PC’s or Laptops by USB.

Or if you don’t want wires, we offer a high tech range of robust wireless headsets, again capable of connecting to any device you have in your contact centre.

We know everything there is to know about headsets but that’s not enough. Equally as important is our understanding of your industry. We understand contact centres, we appreciate your pressures, the SLA’s and the day to day priorities of busy contact centre professionals.

The way we serve you is geared around this understanding. You can contact us by multiple methods whichever suits you best. There will be someone here to take your call, reply to your email or respond to your live chat request. If there’s a problem it’s sorted out quickly with no fuss and with your absolute minimum involvement, allowing you to get on with your job.

There are lots of other benefits in choosing H4B Ltd as supplier, you can read about them here.


Is it time for a change?
Is it time to stop wasting money?

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