poly losing market share?

Why has Plantronics (Poly) market share started to crumble?

Plantronics as you may or may not know were recently bought out by Polycom, famous for their VVX IP desk phones, conferencing technology & unified communications platforms.

In the headset industry, Plantronics for the last 25 years have held the Top spot and market share worldwide for business headsets

….until now!

Plantronics may have been bought out by Polycom but as a brand their market share in our view & our personal opinion has started to wane.


Why have Plantronics started to lose so much market traction?

The obvious answer would be increased competition from other manufacturers especially the likes of Jabra, Sennheiser & Streamline headsets who in our opinion often offer a much higher quality product or at a minimum, an equivalent product with better features and more importantly, increased benefits to the end consumer, namely you!

Plantronics have always dominated the contact centre space but again increased competition, has over the last 5 years been eating away at their dominance in that sector . Many of the Contact centres And I T managers have now realised that there are alternative products which offer far greater build quality, something which is paramount in a contact centre environment due to the very nature and rugged way headsets are often handled by agents.

And the new products are also highly price competitive compared with Plantronics.

The two single biggest problems that any Call centre or IT manager looking after a contact centre will tell you are:

  1. Noise cancelling for the person calling in (I’m sure we’ve all heard what other agents are talking about when you call a large call centre rather than the agent themselves
  2. Secondly due to the sheer peripheral noise that surrounds any contact centre agent it makes it very difficult for them to concentrate on a call.

In our experience these 2 major problems have only been partially answered, mainly the first one of better noise cancelling in the microphone of the headset wearer which basically filters out ( or should do) The noise of other agents in the call centre for the people calling in.

You could argue that this is more important as there is nothing worse than trying to listen to a contact centre agent but the constant noise surrounding them doesn’t help a conversation flow .

At Headsets 4 business we know after talking to hundreds of contact centre & IT managers that keeping their agents productive and happy goes a long way to ensuring they not only stay in the job as it’s considered a very transient type of employment in some cases.

But providing them with quality headsets that help reduce peripheral noise around them & protecting them from their own environment will also go a long way 2 ensuring they can concentrate on our calls when we ring in to that call centre.

In our opinion Plantronics or Poly products have failed to cover both these major issues, especially with wired headsets , Whereas the New Streamline ProV-XL ultra-noise cancelling headset will help to reduce both these issues and is price competitive against Plantronics equivalent contact centre models.

The all new Ultra Noise Cancelling ProV-XL

ProV-XL cisco jabber compatible headset


The feedback has been super positive, from contact centre and IT managers & the agents who are wearing them (often all day) and the ultra-noise cancelling microphone makes light work of cancelling out any peripheral noise for the caller – job done

The Streamline ProV-XL wired contact centre headset has increased the size, shape and design of the ear cushions In such a way that it helps to reduce noise for the wearer. Arguably a first in headset technology.

On the wireless side of things, no manufacturer not Plantronics not Jabra, in fact, nobody comes close to the sheer build quality, noise cancellation and longevity of Sennheiser wireless headsets. As more and more large scale contact centres & large office environments move over to a UC softphone base we are seeing an upsurge in enquiries for wireless headsets and every time without fail we recommend Sennheiser.

The Sennheiser DW Pro1 Wireless

Sennheiser DW Pro single ear wireless headset

Sennheiser have proved themselves time and time again in the field, as a company they are consistently tweaking and improving not only their noise cancelling technology but also the ability to connect to multiple devices across multiple platforms at the same time.

When we have surveyed contact centre and IT managers about their use of Plantronics products alike, it’s very rare they say:

“we use them because they are the best”

rather we use them because….”well we have always done”

So basically it’s become a learned behaviour or a culture in some contact centres to only use Plantronics or Poly headsets.

To finish off then, I’m sure if we asked the question:

if we could provide you with a wired and or wireless headset with better noise cancelling in the microphone and better reduction of peripheral noise for the wearer,

Would that be of interest to you?

They typically you would say yes.

if that’s you, then why not take advantage of a free no obligation trial of the Streamline ProV-XL or the selected group of Sennheiser wireless products we recommend. It’s the simplest & quickest way to ensure you get the right headset for the right job.

Click here now to set up your free trial

Have a question that needs answering? – call us on 0800 644 0424 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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looking for noise cancelling headsets that do the job?

Polycom & plantronics now Poly

Have Plantronics, now Poly, completely lost the plot?

Have Plantronics, now known as “Poly” – completely lost the plot?

So unless you have been living under a rock you may be well aware that Polycom one of the world’s best desk phone manufacturers and IP telephony specialists have purchased Plantronics, the once Big headset giant.

They have renamed this joint venture (well, takeover really) and combined both names to come up with:

Wait for it …….”Poly”

As a brand name to cover both Polycom and Plantronics going forward.

OK so we know this happens all the time in our sector of telecoms but most takeovers or growth through acquisition have the sense to keep those acquired brand names that have taken years to establish and have become household names . If you take Plantronics for instance they have been in the headset market since headsets were first invented.

It’s a brand synonymous with a very rich history of products only to find themselves now being completely rebranded as “Poly”

I mean if you telephone Rolls Royce, they answer the phone as “Rolls Royce” not BMW who they have been owned by since 1998. In fairness to Plantronics, they may not have been part of that decision or conversation, as they were the ones being bought out.

Despite all that, the internet search results are abound with the phrase:

Polycom – Now Poly!

On the other side of the fence Polycom have also carved out a very nice section of the IP Phone sector for themselves mainly due to the fact they are extremely good at producing high quality IP  desk phones, Conferencing technology & UC platforms around the world.

In fact, it’s fair to say that at headsets 4 business we probably sell more wired & wireless headsets for Polycom’s extremely popular VVX model IP phones than any other brand. So it looks like these will also be rebranded as Poly overtime .

Typically when this happens in our market sector they would keep the brand name like Plantronics and simply put part of the Polycom group under the name so as not to diminish or reduce all that brand awareness that they have built up over so many years.

But that’s not to be and from now on, its Poly!

What are your thoughts on this?

see the official blurb at Poly here

The highs and lows of noise cancelling headsets

The highs and lows of noise cancelling headsets

The headset solution(s) for desk phone & Computer headset wearers who need to reduce background noise!

Ok so we started this with highs and lows, that means price because although all the headsets we sell at headsets 4 business are “noise cancelling” there are only 2 “stand outs” One for the highs in price as you would expect, and one for the lows, well lower really, much lower.

See below but both…..

Answer the biggest problems with headsets today:

How do you help eliminate noise for the headset wearer and provide noise cancellation for the caller at the same time?

Not surprisingly Sennheiser have entered the arena with the first NC (noise cancelling) and ANC (active noise cancellation) wired headset but its USB only

Its the Sennheiser SC 660-ANC wired headset

£165 plus VAT – see it here

A truly professional office USB headset that has both ultra noise cancelling microphone & ANC or “active noise cancelling” The Sennheiser SC660 is a 2 ear headset which is highly suited to all day Contact centre use or any noisy environment as it not only will filter out back ground noise for the caller but with ANC, it now filters out background noise for the wearer.

This is a first for Sennheiser and the Century SC 660 ANC usb wired headset may not be the cheapest headset around but it certainly is the best!

So if you’re in a noisy environment and you require some “peace” while working then the Sennheiser SC660 is the headset for you.

In summary if you need the highest possible quality in NC and ANC then the Sennheiser SC 660 is your best choice


If value for money is your choice and would like a headset thats ultra noise cancelling & is designed to reduce back ground noise then….

I’d like to introduce you to the Streamline “ProV-XL” Ultra Noise Cancelling Headset

So what’s so special? (apart from the price) and it works on every desk phone, computer, laptop, mobile phone

  • Up to a 40% reduction in ambient noise with the ProV-XL for the wearer
  • It has an Ultra noise cancelling microphone so the caller doesnt hear people around you
  • A real boost in volume
  • Clearer and crisp conversation

Streamline ProV-XL Ultra noise cancelling headset

Streamline ProVX-L £79 + VAT see it here

The Streamline ProV-XL has been designed to help solve your noisy environment!
How does it do that?
Simply by adding a sound cushioned and much larger ear pad (see image above) significantly helps reduce peripheral noise for the wearer. Then the ultra noise cancelling microphone using the latest technology kicks in to help the caller.

And what makes this headset even better?

You can concentrate on those important calls now and…. it’s half the price of the SC 660

Have a look at the new ProV-XL Ultra Noise Cancelling Headset Here…..

Take advantage of a “no obligation” free headset trial
Our customers tell us it’s the quickest & easiest way to ensure you get a headset that’s right for you

Organize your free headset trial here


Have a look at our main noise cancelling headset page

headset training splitter

Training Headset Splitter – Do you need to double up?

Training Headset Splitter – Do you need to double up?

Are you actively training your staff on the Phone?

One of the most common products we get asked about a lot is the training headset splitter or Y training leads. Basically the ability to train a person on the phone via 2 headsets

You see, any business with more than 3 employees that relies on the Phone (that’s most of us probably) will need to train staff at some point and there is no better way of doing that than using a simple training system.

For wired headsets there are 2 very simple options

A “Y” Headset Training splitter lead
So called because it’s a “Y“ shaped lead, the bottom part of the Y goes in to the Phone and the 2 points at the top of the “Y” connect with the headsets. This is the most popular way of training people on the phone.

Have a look at a Y lead here:

Training Headset splitter Bottom Cable



Interested on how to connect a Y lead? Video – Have a look here!

we have Y leads (splitters) for every brand of Headset because they often have different type plug or wiring configurations – It isnt one size fits all!
Solution: just choose your brand at checkout, we will do the rest!

A simple Headset Doubler
just like in the home where you would have a double plug adapter, this simple solution is the quickest way to connect any 2 wired headsets together.

At Headsets 4 business we offer 2 types
A no frills version

Budget double headset training plug


And this headset doubler or  “headset buddy” as its sometimes called has mute buttons on it to allow the trainer or trainee to mute the conversation.

Headset Doubler Training dual plug - RJ11 compatible


Hey wait a minute, what about USB training splitter leads for use on PC Macs, laptops, tablets etc

USB Headset training lead

No problem, same principle as before, it’s a Y lead but has standard USB end plugs (thats type A, the older type, not type C which is the small one)

here it is:


How about a ready to go full training package?
Ready to go out of the box, 2 headsets, 2 bottom leads and a Y lead. No mess, no fuss, no compatibility issues have a look at those below

Streamline ProVX Training Headset Package


Now let’s talk about wireless headset training systems

You would be surprised how few people know you can actually train members of staff using wireless headsets, it’s simply a matter of pairing 2 headsets to one wireless base station and putting them in either conference mode or training mode.

Obviously the main advantage being, there are no wires between the trainer and the trainee.

In summary

There are pluses and minuses to both systems and as always it’s down to personal preferences and budget.

That said, headset training should be an integral part of any business that uses the phone to help make a profit, it’s a very effective way of training staff quickly and efficiently!

Feel free to call or email any questions you may have regarding headset training leads, systems, troubleshooting etc



Sennheiser’s best headsets for Polycom VVX 601

Sennheiser’s best headsets for Polycom VVX 601 & VVX 600

If you are a fan of Sennheiser (and at H4B we are) and the proud owner/user of a VVX 601 or VVX 600 then you are probably wondering what Sennheiser’s best headsets for Polycom VVX 601 & VVX 600 are? The Polycom VVX 601 and VVX 600 IP desk phones are the jewel in Polycom’s Crown. And for any high end IP desk phone then a surely a fully compatible and quality headset presumably will be required?

P.S. Polycom are now called “Poly” anyway, moving on…

Sennheiser have long been the choice due to 3 very important things

  1. Sound quality
  2. Build quality
  3. Sennheiser’s ability to produce phenomenal noise cancelling technology

The wired & wireless headset choices below consist of 4 different types of connection to any Polycom VVX 600 or VVX 601 IP Phone: Again Polycom have given these 2 models the ability to connect pretty much any headset to it.

They are:

  • Standard wired (which is still the most popular choice)
  • Standard wired USB ( lesser used on desk phones until recently but gaining traction now)
  • DECT wireless (DECT is the technology used in a cordless phones in the home, so great coverage, this also makes up the most popular wireless headset connection for this mode
  • Bluetooth connection. Very few of Polycom VVX models have true Bluetooth connectivity.

best headsets for Polycom VVX 601 – Standard Wired Headsets

Sennheiser SC 630 & 660

Sennheiser SC 630 Snom Compatible Headset

What do we think about the DW Office for use on VVX 600 & VVX 601?
If you are looking for an extremely high quality and high end wired headsets then don’t ignore the SC 630, its been specifically designed for heavy all day use, especially in call centres. with Sennheiser you may pay a higher price what get it back in product shelf life.

Standard wired USB headsets

Sennheiser SC 130/ 160 USB


sennheiser sc 130 usb noise cancelling headset


  • Looks as good in the office as on the daily commute With sleek contemporary design and bendable boom arm that folds discreetly into the headband
  • Sennheiser HD stereo* sound For calls or listening to music while working
  • Flexible device connectivity With options of 3.5 mm jack**, USB-A or USB-C
  • Price from £34.00 – see it here


Wireless DECT Headsets

DW Office


  • Unique Premium Design – Crafted for comfort
  • High Comfort Wearing Styles – Choose between ear hook and headband wearing style
  • Sennheiser HD Voice Clarity – Wideband sound for a more natural experience
  • Comes in different models: standard desk phone only, desk & PC (via USB) & UC (via USB) only
  • Price from £166 – see it here

What do we think about the DW Office for use on VVX 600 & VVX 601?
As we said right at the beginning all this article this is our best selling wireless headset not just for the VVX 601 but for the whole of the Polycom VVX IP Phone models – enough said!

best headsets for Polycom VVX 601 – Bluetooth Connection Headsets

The Presence UC (also ML version available)

Sennheiser Prescence Headset


  • Unique SpeakFocus™ technology – 3 digital microphones ensures optimal speech clarity
  • WindSafe™ technology – reduces wind noise in outdoor situations for crystal clear communication
  • Plug and play compatibility with UC platforms for ease of use and leading performance
  • quality headset, wont break the bank and still offers good noise cancellation
  • Price £85.00 – see it here

What do we think about the Presence for use on Polycom VVX 601?
Ordinarily, we wouldn’t recommend this kind of smaller over the ear type Bluetooth as they are more akin to mobile phones, however this Sennheiser Presence is a very high quality piece of kit, its been around for a while which proves itself as a product.

Sennheiser MB Pro

Sennheiser MB Pro 1 wireless headset on base station & charger


  • Flexible and mobile solution – MB Pro is designed to provide the business professionals the flexibility and mobility to communicate in the offices and on the move.
  • Intuitive answer/end feature – by placing the headset on/off the charger stand – the user is able to answer and end a call directly without further call management.

What do we think about the MB Pro 1&2 for use on Polycom VVX 600/601?
Its the next stage up from a Presence really, lightweight, really simple to set up and really easy to use plus comes in single or double ear, looks and feels like a standard sized headset (because it is, just happens to be bluetooth connection)

In summary

Now that we have shown you the best selling headsets from Sennheiser and the different connection types, what do you think are Sennheiser’s best headsets for Polycom VX 601 & VVX 601?


  1. Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 601 IP Phone Which includes USB headsets
    Have a look at the main Polycom VVX 601 IP Phone page now here  
  2. Need a Polycom VVX comparison chart for all VVX models?
  3. Have a question regarding Sennheiser & Polycom VVX 601 / VVX 600 phones? – Contact us


Sennheiser SP 30 USB bluetooth speakerphone

Need a USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone? Meet the Sennheiser SP 30+

Need a USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone?
Meet the NEW Sennheiser SP 30 Speakerphone & SP 30+ plus

sennheiser sp 30 plus bluetooth usb speakerphone

Create A Professional Super Fast Conference Room On The Go! (with sound to match)

Finally, Sennheiser have introduced a Bluetooth version of there best selling SP range of USB speakerphones – The NEW Sennheiser SP 30 & Sennheiser SP 30+ plus (dont worry, I will explain the difference *further down) The SP 30 connects To Multiple Bluetooth Devices, mobile phones, tablets, PC’s MACS and anything with a usb connection.
Create A Professional Super Fast Conference Room On The Go! + Up To 20 Hours Talk Time!


Connects to multiple bluetooth devices (it can remember up to 8 in its nmemory too!)
Has both USB-A & USB-C connectivity gives you the ability to just plug n play to enter any conference call – With Ease

*Whats the difference between SP 30 & SP 30+ plus?

The SP 30+ comes with the Sennheiser BTD 800 USB Dongle for a wireless connection to any PC or MAC etc – but if that doesnt bother you, then save a few quid and get the standard wired SP 30 USB version.

Super Portable ensures it’s easy to carry & store in no time.
Manage PC/Softphone and Mobile Calls into One Conference call so no limitation to what you can connect to
Up to 20 Hours Talk Time & 30 hours “stand by” ensures you can be rest assured your battery wont let you down … it’s never been easier.

So….If you want to create a professional super fast conference room on the go with plug n play simplicity and Easy to carry & store… then this is the most important Bluetooth USB Speakerphone you’ll ever purchase!

The Sennheiser SP 30 speakerphone is an amazing new Bluetooth USB Speakerphone that helps anyone who spends too much time on a mobile phone to create a conference room anywhere at any time and comes with Sennheisers legendary sound quality (no tinny mobile with… “hang on while I put you on speaker” ahhhhhh!)
Don’t hesitate – have a closer look here now!

Pricing: (yes I know you need to know…..)

Sennheiser sp 30 bluetooth usb speakerphone
The Sp 30 standard version is £128 + vat (see it in detail)

sennheiser sp 30 plus bluetooth usb speakerphone
The Sp 30+ with Wireless USB dongle is £163 + vat (see it in detail)


Here are a few common FAQ’s for the Sennheiser SP 30 & SP 30+ plus

1. Can I connect (pair) NFC devices as well as bluetooth?
Answer: Yes it will connect via NFC (Near Far Communication)

2. How many devices can be paired at a single time?
Answer: A maximum of 8 at a single time. If you try adding another it will delete the last used

3. How do I use the SP 30 wirelessly with my Computer
Answer: The SP 30+ plus comes with a Sennheiser BTD 800 wireless USB Dongle. just plug that into your PC, connect to the SP 30+ plus

4. Whats the transmission distance of the SP30’s bluetooth capability?
Answer: According to Sennheiser its 25 metres

5. How does it know which phone or device to connect to?
Answer: There are 2 modes “Personal” and “Shared”
From the official guide:
If the speakerphone is used as a personal device it will automatically attempt to connect to the last eight paired devices. In this setup the Personal Mode (default) should be used.If the speakerphone is used as a shared device automatic connection to previously paired devices may not be desired. In this setup the shared Mode should be used. In this mode pairing must be performed every time when connecting a device via Bluetooth

6. Is the SP 30 optimised for Skype for Business etc?
Answer: Yes, Its Certified for Skype for Business – Skype for Business Certfifcation
( Only applies When USB Dongle/USB-A or USB-C is Connected to PC or Mac)

7. What types of USB does the Sennheiser SP30 connect to?
Answer: Both models connect to USB-A (the larger standard USB) and USB type C (the newer smaller via an adaptor included)
Plus if you get the SP30 + plus, it has the wireless USB dongle for wireless connection.


Look at all the speakerphones -go here

and finally folks… if you have any questions regarding the SP 30 or SP 30+ plus amazing portable usb bluetooth speakerphone then call us on 0800 644 0424 or contact us

See the official SP 30 video from Sennheiser



Top 3 Sennheiser Wireless USB headsets for Polycom VVX 411

Sennheiser Wireless USB Headsets For Polycom VVX 411

Sennheiser Wireless USB Headsets For Polycom VVX 411 IP Phones

Businesses who have followed us for a while @ headsets 4 business will probably know that we are massive fans of Sennheiser wireless usb headsets, simply because they make, in our opinion the best wireless headsets in the world and there USB headsets for Polycom vvx 411 IP phones are no exception.

The following 3 Sennheiser headsets are compatible with every VVX model of IP Phone but work especially well on the Polycom vvx 411 model via its USB port on the rear of the Phone .


Sennheiser DW office wireless USB headset UC version

The first and our best selling model is the DW office UC version which connects via a USB Jack. This headset has proved itself so many times over the years and luckily for you and us Sennheiser created something really special.

sennheiser dw office usb for polycom vvx 411

see the DW Office Product here

Sennheiser DW pro series wireless USB headset

Like its predecessor the DW office the Sennheiser DW Pro wireless headset – USB (UC Version) is also packed with Sennheiser’s cutting edge technology and shines with it’s class leading noise cancelling ability and unrivalled build quality.

sennheiser dw pro wireless usb headset for polycom vvx 411 ip phone

see the DW Pro product here

Sennheiser MB Pro USB wireless Bluetooth headsets

One of Sennheisers more recent additions to the wireless USB headset arena is the MB Pro series which uses a USB dongle (see image below) Rather than using dect technology. The dongle is basically a tiny USB Jack that simply slots into your Polycom vvx 411 IP phone and then the MB pro headset connects to the Phone via “Bluetooth” using the USB dongle.

sennheiser mb pro wireless usb headset for polycom vvx 411

see the MB Pro here

Sennheiser MB Pro Connect via this bluetooth dongle

sennheiser mb pro bluetooth usb dongle

At the end of the day, like any decision it’s going to come down to a personal choice of what works for you and what fits in your working environment.

The 3 Sennheiser USB headsets we have selected are the products we would reccommend for anyone looking for a compatible wireless USB headset for their Polycom VVX 411 IP phone. This is purely based on Sennheiser’s ability to produce quality sound, extremely good build quality and offer the latest in noise cancelling microphone technology.

One caveat* With the MB Pro USB wireless Bluetooth headset, there is a difference with the distance you can leave your desk compared with the more common and more popular DECT versions like DW Pro and DW office already mentioned. In most cases though this shouldn’t matter if you are only going to be a short distance away from your Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone. According to Sennheiser it’s around 35 metres for Bluetooth (MB Pro) whereas the DECT versions can do 55-135 metres.

Here is what Sennheiser say:

“Walk and talk where you want with an extended wireless rang. Experience quality sound on the move as you roam around the office. Wireless freedom extends your working range so you’re always in contact with your phone. In a typical office building DW Office gives you a radius of up to 55 m and up to 180 m in line of sight”

Fancy a Free Headset Trial?

If you have any questions regarding any of these 3 products from Sennheiser please feel free to contact us and remember we offer “free no obligation headset trials” if you are considering purchasing several headsets, its the best way to ensure you get the correct USB wireless headset for you.

See the rest of the official DW Office official page here


Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 411 IP Phone

Have a look at the main Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone page now here   


best wireless headsets for polycom vvx 411 vvx 410

The Best Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 411 & VVX 410 Phones

The Best Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 411 & VVX 410 Phones

Finding a suitable wireless (or cordless if you prefer)headsets for your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP phones can be a daunting task if you dont know what exactly you are looking for, often it’s a simple upgrade from a wired headset. Usually because they dont like being tied to their desk via the headset.

So here are a few simple questions you need to be asking yourself to ensure you get the right kind of cordless / wireless headset for your VVX 411 VVX 410 Phone.

The first thing is the space that you work in.

  1. Is it a particularly noisy environment?
    (as there is nothing worse than the caller hearing everything going on around you)
  2. Do you leave your desk often during your normal day?
    (if you have to manually check files rather than via your PC or MAC then wireless is a good idea)
  3. Do you receive multiple phone calls on a regular basis throughout the day?

Answer yes to any of the above questions then wireless is definitely the right choice.

Now let’s talk about the facts surrounding wireless headsets that you may or may not be aware of

Fact 1> Wireless headsets are NOT truly wireless

Lots of our customers think a wireless headset is 100% “completely wireless” when, the only wireless bit is the connection between the actual headset that you are wearing and the base station that the headset connects or “docks” to.

Everything else has wires from the base station (charger etc) into the back of your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP Phone. This includes the mains lead because the battery is in the actual headset you are wearing but the charger & base station is powered by a mains plug.

Also if you opted for “remote answering” via an EHS or “electronic hook switch” , that’s also wired into the base station charger etc.  so really a “wireless headset” isn’t that wireless after all but let’s not forget, the most important bit is. It’s called DECT technology.

This bit allows the freedom and ability to walk away from your desk while simultaneously having a conversation wirelessly via the headset you are wearing, which after all is the whole reason for having a wireless anything really isnt it?

Are there plusses and minuses of wireless headsets for your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP desk Phone?

The Minus first:

The Price
Wireless headsets in some cases cost double what a wired headset costs. So the question is:

Why are they so expensive?

It’s the technology and electronic components inside that hikes up the price for a wireless headset

Same thing goes for battery life – bestselling wireless headsets like The Sennheiser DW office or DW Pro headsets will last a full 8 hour working day without any issue, but dont forget to charge it when you leave your desk at lunch or when you go home because your shiny new wireless headset will be dead as a Dodo the next day.

Set up – Important information – read the bloody instruction manuals and set up guide. But don’t worry we have gone to great lengths to provide simple easy to follow set up instructions and videos quickly set up any wireless headset.

The Plus

Over all freedom to move around the office, engaging in a conversation completely wirelessly has to be worth the increase in wireless headset prices, surely?

Noise cancelling Microphones – Every wired & wireless headset we sell and is compatible with your Polycom vvx 411 VVX 410 IP phones offer noise cancelling, the technology is built into the microphone on your headset helping to filter out most peripheral noise for the caller (not you!)

Warranty – wireless headset manufacturers give a minimum of 2 years repair or replace warranty to ensure should anything go wrong they will be there to repair or replace the headset. However, if you abuse your wireless headset (like chewing the end of the mic or using it to stir your coffee with – yes that happens!)then your warranty will be worthless and you will have to pay for the repair or replacement so be warned.

So in a nut shell, if you have a noisy office, calls coming through thick and fast, you are always on the move in the office AND you can cope with the increase in cost then wireless is definitely for you.

Do you want to see our top selling wireless headsets for Polycom VVX 411 now folks? Of course you do and here they are:

Wireless headsets for Polycom VVX 410 & VVX 411 IP phones


Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 411 IP Phone

Have a look at the main Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone page now here   

Need more official help from Polycom? – Visit Polycom UK

which headset work with polycom phones

What headsets work with Polycom Phones?

What headsets work with Polycom Phones?

If you are looking at getting a compatible wired or wireless headset for your Polycom phone then the first thing you need to be aware of is there are many different types of Polycom phone models and each come with many different types of headset connection.

Polycom use 4 types of headset connection across the whole series:

  1. RJ9 square type jack
    (this headset connection works with all Polycom phones)
  2. Wireless or cordless using DECT technology
    (this headset connection works with all Polycom phones)
  3. Wireless or cordless using Bluetooth
    (only Polycom VVX 600 VVX 601 has Bluetooth compatibility)
  4. USB type A
    (this headset connection works on VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411, VVX 450, VVX 500, VVX 501, VVX 600 & VVX 601)


So the good news is:

All Polycom phone models are headset compatible (for both wired & wireless headsets)
So now you know which headsets work with Polycom phones – prety much all of them!

The main series of phones are:

Polycom VVX – latest series
(uses all 4 connections across the range but each model varies on how many types of headset connection there are on each individual model – *see below)
Polycom SoundPoint
(will accept standard wired RJ9 and DECT wireless headsets only)
Polycom CX
(will accept standard wired RJ9 and DECT wireless headsets only)

Now you know that all Polycom series and models work with pretty much any headset, its time to choose the right one for the job (your job obviously)


*What headsets work with Polycom VVX IP Phones?

VVX Wired Headsets – using RJ9 headset jack

All the following models will work with a standard wired headset:
VVX 101, VVX 201, VVX 250, VVX 150, VVX 1500, VVX 300, VVX 301, VVX 310, VVX 311
VVX 350, VVX 400, VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411, VVX 450, VVX 500, VVX 501, VVX 600 & VVX 601

Note*Please be aware that most square type headset jacks look the same but the wiring configuration inside is different for different brands and models of Phone. if you buy a wired headset that has a quick disconnect plug halfway down then you have to ensure that it is the correct bottom lead and wiring configuration. Polycom VVX models use the most common type of bottom cable called a U10-P


ProV-XL Ultra Noise Cancelling Wired Headsett from £71+VAT

ProVX Noise Cancelling Wired Headset from £70+VAT

ProV Noise Cancelling Wired Headset from £50+VAT

See all our wired headsets that work with Polycom VVX

VVX Wireless Headsets: DECT type

All the following models will work with a wireless DECT headset:
VVX 101, VVX 201, VVX 250, VVX 150, VVX 1500, VVX 300, VVX 301, VVX 310, VVX 311
VVX 350, VVX 400, VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411, VVX 450, VVX 500, VVX 501, VVX 600 & VVX 601

DECT is not to be confused with “Bluetooth” as that is a completely different technology. DECT is commonly used in cordless phones in the home where you can walk around and talk wirelessly. This is the most common way to connect wirelessly to Polycom VVX models and can work up to 100 metres plus from your desk phone. Its super reliable and offers great call quality.


VVX Wired Headsets: USB

The following models will work with a USB headset:

VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411, VVX 450, VVX 500, VVX 501, VVX 600 & VVX 601

Note* The original intention was for the USB port to be used for media & storage applications rather than “headsets” that said

The following USB headsets work with VVX:

Sennheiser SC 135 USB headset from £29+VAT

Sennheiser SC 165 2 ear USB headset from £35+VAT

Sennheiser SC 130 USB Headset from £34+VAT

VVX Wireless Headsets: Bluetooth

The following VVX models are compatible with Bluetooth wireless headsets:
VVX 600, VVX 601

Note* Polycom only recommend certain Bluetooth headset brands and models

See all our Bluetooth headsets work with VVX:

Sennheiser MB Pro Bluetooth for Polycom VVX 601 IP phone from £105+VAT

Sennheiser MB 360 Bluetooth – Polycom VVX 601 IP phone £145+VAT

Jabra Evolve 75 Bluetooth Polycom VVX 6011 from £175+VAT


Have a look at the main Polycom VVX Headsets page now here   

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Streamline ProVX-M and ProVX-B telephone headset

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ProVX wired headset for Snom



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