How to set up Polycom VVX Phone electronic hook switch for Sennheiser EPOS wireless headsets?


Setting up a Polycom VVX phone electronic hook switch or “EHS” lead for EPOS / Sennheiser wireless headsets is super easy

Most Polycom VVX models are EHS or “electronic hook switch” compatible. Put simply and without using the “headset techno jargon”

It simply allows you to remotely answer any phone call, via your EPOS Sennheiser wireless headset, when you are away from your desk.

Here is a list of Polycom VVX phones which are EHS compatible with wireless headsets
Polycom VVX 1500 Polycom VVX 500 Polycom VVX 600 Polycom VVX 400 Polycom VVX 410
Polycom VVX 310 Polycom VVX 300 Polycom VVX 101 Polycom VVX 201 Polycom VVX 411
Polycom VVX 301 Polycom VVX 401 Polycom VVX 501 Polycom VVX 601 Polycom VVX 311
Polycom VVX 611 Polycom VVX D60 Polycom VVX 501 HD Polycom VVX 150
Polycom VVX 250 Polycom VVX 350 Polycom VVX 450

So..let’s set up Polycom VVX Phone electronic hook switch

What will you need?
1. An EPOS / Sennheiser wireless headset (we love the DW Office and SDW wireless but its up to you obviously)
2. The correct EPOS Sennheiser EHS lead/cable which is the CEHS-PO 01
CEHS-PO 01 electronic hook switch for polycom vvx ip phones
By the way….With this CEHS-PO 01 lead you can:

  • Answer and end calls
  • Ring tone in headset
  • Mute Control from headset
  • Converts Polycom EHS commandos into DHSG standard used in Secom wireless products

Before we start you are going to have need the correct settings for your EPOS / sennheiser wireless headset which are found on the back/underneath of the base station or charger station

Underneath it looks like this (or similar)

epos sennheiser wireless settings

The Dip switch (that’s the long row of tiny white switches) MUST be set to number 1 switch to the down position (tip* use the end of  pen to do this) – all the rest should be in the up position.

The ABC switch set to A (hey there is only 3 to choose from so you wont mess it up)

Polycom VVX Phone EHS settings are found using the phones actual display

  1. Access the main menu and choose “Settings” see below (it has a COG icon in Orange)

choose settings on vvx phone

2. Select “Basic” (its the first one on the list)

choose basic in settings

3. Select “Preferences”

choose preferences

4. Select “headset”

choose headset

5. Choose “Headset memory” and ensure its “Enabled”

6. Click the back button (bottom right) to take you back one step (move to step 7)

choose memory


7. Select “Hookswitch mode” (middle one)

choose hookswitch mode

8. And finally select EPOS / Sennheiser

choose sennheiser

So how easy was that to set up Polycom VVX Phone electronic hook switch? Really easy hey!

>>>>>>>>>> Need advice on any EHS or wireless headset related issues, cant find what you are looking for – call us UK/IRE (only) Mon-Friday 9-5 on 0161 830 6818

Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the Polycom VVX Phones

Have a look at the official EPOS/Sennheiser website on this subject here


How to set up Polycom VVX Phone electronic hook switch for Sennheiser EPOS wireless headsets?
Article Name
How to set up Polycom VVX Phone electronic hook switch for Sennheiser EPOS wireless headsets?
Learn how to quickly set up an EPOS Sennheiser wireless headset's EHS lead to any Polycom VVX IP Phone