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USB C Headsets – How USB Type C is impacting the headset market.

USB C Headsets – The cross over between Business & Leisure has started

It seems like we were never going to see a change in USB type-A, you know that popular and very chunky robust USB jack plug which seemed to fit nearly every PC, Laptop, Printer etc.
But then seemingly out of know where, USB C suddenly started to make tracks into pretty much all devices but especially small peripherals like smart phones and now, it’s moved on to headsets, USB C headsets that is!

Ok so before we start, the big question:

Why is USB Type-C becoming the new “normal” in USB?

usb type c

Basically, the previous USB Type-A & Type-B (the other chunky one) have had to work by being “backwards compatible” with the use of multiple adapters with different ends. You probably have a box full in the office or at home. I know I have.

Whereas Type-C is intended to replace both and is designed to be small enough to not require any adapters. The intention being, it will completely replace all other existing  USB plus it’s a lot smaller, sleeker & mobile phone designers get given more space to play with.

Note* Geek warning! – Don’t confuse USB “standards” like USB 2.0 etc with USB “types”, the standard represents its speed and ability to transfer data where as the type refers to the shape and size of plug at the end.

Ok back to USB headsets…..

So what’s the impact on the existing USB headset market?

Well, like all innovation, Savvy headset manufacturers have already launched USB headsets with the C type connector because they know its going to fit “everything” if not right now, it will in a matter of months if not a year or so.

Take Sennheiser / EPOS, they seem to have stolen a march on their competitors.

They have introduced the Sennheiser / EPOS SC100 range and all are USB-C headsets

sennheiser sc 165 usb c headset

They’ve covered all the bases here for anyone needing connection to PC, Laptop or mobile. These noise cancelling headsets can be supplied with either standard USB type A, the new C-Type USB, and 3.5 mm jack pin.

All variants are available as a monaural or binaural (that’s one ear or two for the plain speakers amongst us)

Note* did you know that most of the new smartphones will shortly be being made without the 3.5mm round pin headset/headphone port and being replaced with…you guessed it, a USB-C

USB headsets cross over into Business and leisure

sennheiser sc 100 fold up usb c headsets

The SC100’s clever design enables this range to cross over into the leisure market. A discreet fold away boom arm transforms the headset into a great looking set of headphones. The superb rich Sennheiser / EPOS sound makes them great for listening to music when not being used for business. They also have a fold flat ear cup design which makes them easily portable.

The new Sennheiser / EPOS usb c headsets come in several flavours and come in at a very competitive price.

See all 6 Sennheiser / EPOS SC100 seris usb c headset here

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USB-C: Everything you need to know