Polycom SoundStation 2 versus SoundStation 2 Expandable

How do I find which version of Polycom Sound Station is right for me?

The Sound Station 2 or the Sound Station 2 EX?

If you’ve been hunting around for a Polycom Sound Station 2 conference phone you’ve probably seen that there’s two variants, the standard Sound Station2 and the Sound Station 2 EX

So what’s the difference between the SoundStation 2 and the 2 EX?

Simple – the EX means expandable, which means you can add a twin set of extra microphones. The standard version has no expansion capability

So which Sound station model should I choose?

This depends on the number of users that are going to be around the unit.

The more people you have in the meeting room, the more chance that someone is sat quite a distance from the conference unit. The standard unit will comfortably pick up voice from someone approx.. 2 metres away from the unit. Beyond that you may need to consider adding extra microphones.

How many users will each Polycom Conference phone variant suit?

Polycom SoundStation 2:
As a guide six or seven people can sit around the standard unit, no extra microphones required.

Polycom Soundstation 2 – Expandable
Eight to twelve people, and you will probably need to add extra microphones.

Don’t forget to consider the future

If you are confident there will never be more than six people, then the standard version is fine. If there may be more and you want to future proof yourself, then opt for the EX version. There’s no upgrade from standard to EX, so if there’s any doubt opt for the expandable version. You don’t need to purchase the extra microphones with it at the start. You can purchase these at a later date, if and when required.

Did you know there is a Wireless Polycom Sound Station?

Please note there’s a wireless version of the Sound Station 2 (The Polycom Sound Station 2W)

This is only available in an “EX” expandable version, so its already future proof.

And if you want to know how easy it is to set up the Polycom SoundStation 2 (+EX version)

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