Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30 USB bluetooth speakerphone

Need a USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone? Meet the Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30+

Need a USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone?
Meet the NEW Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30 Speakerphone & SP 30+ plus

sennheiser sp 30 plus bluetooth usb speakerphone

Create A Professional Super Fast Conference Room On The Go! (with sound to match)

Finally, Sennheiser / EPOS have introduced a Bluetooth version of there best selling SP range of USB speakerphones – The NEW Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30 & Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30+ plus (dont worry, I will explain the difference *further down) The SP 30 connects To Multiple Bluetooth Devices, mobile phones, tablets, PC’s MACS and anything with a usb connection.
Create A Professional Super Fast Conference Room On The Go! + Up To 20 Hours Talk Time!


Connects to multiple bluetooth devices (it can remember up to 8 in its nmemory too!)
Has both USB-A & USB-C connectivity gives you the ability to just plug n play to enter any conference call – With Ease

*Whats the difference between SP 30 & SP 30+ plus?

The SP 30+ comes with the Sennheiser / EPOS BTD 800 USB Dongle for a wireless connection to any PC or MAC etc – but if that doesnt bother you, then save a few quid and get the standard wired SP 30 USB version.

Super Portable ensures it’s easy to carry & store in no time.
Manage PC/Softphone and Mobile Calls into One Conference call so no limitation to what you can connect to
Up to 20 Hours Talk Time & 30 hours “stand by” ensures you can be rest assured your battery wont let you down … it’s never been easier.

So….If you want to create a professional super fast conference room on the go with plug n play simplicity and Easy to carry & store… then this is the most important Bluetooth USB Speakerphone you’ll ever purchase!

The Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30 speakerphone is an amazing new Bluetooth USB Speakerphone that helps anyone who spends too much time on a mobile phone to create a conference room anywhere at any time and comes with Sennheiser / EPOSs legendary sound quality (no tinny mobile with… “hang on while I put you on speaker” ahhhhhh!)
Don’t hesitate – have a closer look here now!

Pricing: (yes I know you need to know…..)

Sennheiser / EPOS sp 30 bluetooth usb speakerphone
The Sp 30 standard version is £128 + vat (see it in detail)

sennheiser sp 30 plus bluetooth usb speakerphone
The Sp 30+ with Wireless USB dongle is £163 + vat (see it in detail)


Here are a few common FAQ’s for the Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30 & SP 30+ plus

1. Can I connect (pair) NFC devices as well as bluetooth?
Answer: Yes it will connect via NFC (Near Far Communication)

2. How many devices can be paired at a single time?
Answer: A maximum of 8 at a single time. If you try adding another it will delete the last used

3. How do I use the SP 30 wirelessly with my Computer
Answer: The SP 30+ plus comes with a Sennheiser / EPOS BTD 800 wireless USB Dongle. just plug that into your PC, connect to the SP 30+ plus

4. Whats the transmission distance of the SP30’s bluetooth capability?
Answer: According to Sennheiser / EPOS its 25 metres

5. How does it know which phone or device to connect to?
Answer: There are 2 modes “Personal” and “Shared”
From the official guide:
If the speakerphone is used as a personal device it will automatically attempt to connect to the last eight paired devices. In this setup the Personal Mode (default) should be used.If the speakerphone is used as a shared device automatic connection to previously paired devices may not be desired. In this setup the shared Mode should be used. In this mode pairing must be performed every time when connecting a device via Bluetooth

6. Is the SP 30 optimised for Skype for Business etc?
Answer: Yes, Its Certified for Skype for Business – Skype for Business Certfifcation
( Only applies When USB Dongle/USB-A or USB-C is Connected to PC or Mac)

7. What types of USB does the Sennheiser / EPOS SP30 connect to?
Answer: Both models connect to USB-A (the larger standard USB) and USB type C (the newer smaller via an adaptor included)
Plus if you get the SP30 + plus, it has the wireless USB dongle for wireless connection.


Look at all the speakerphones -go here

and finally folks… if you have any questions regarding the SP 30 or SP 30+ plus amazing portable usb bluetooth speakerphone then call us on 0800 644 0424 or contact us

See the official SP 30 video from Sennheiser / EPOS



how to choose the right speakerphone for iPhone and other Smartphones

How to choose the right speakerphone for an iphone

Its time to find out which speakerphones for iphone will be correct for you……

First of all, just to clarify things from the off….

This hopefully, extremely helpful information is not just about conferencing & speakerphones for iPhone. It covers any smartphone with Bluetooth and a headset jack. Which is pretty much every Smartphone, isn’t it?

As mobile phones have become more and more powerful, it stands to reason they were going to be used “more and more” for everyday business needs as well as watching inane social media videos on “kittens and Russian car crashes” (but enough about that) So consequently, there has been a huge increase in iPhone and mobile phone users wanting to make conference calls away from the more traditional way of a “Conference Phone in the boardroom” More and more people are searching for the correct speakerphones for iphone.

Now its important to make an important distinction between “Speakerphone & Conference phone” while they both do essentially the same job, the Speaker phone is for up to 5 people where as a top end conference phone can cope with 24 people sat around a very big desk.

Let’s move on with 4 essential questions you need to answer to ensure you get the correct speakerphone:


How many people will be sat around my speakerphone?

If you have read this far, you will already know, you really have a maximum of 5 people who can sit around an iPhone and a speakerphone before the call will start to sound rubbish (not for you, for the people on the other end of the call)

Top Tip:
If its more than 5 people then move up to a fully-fledged Conference Phone

How do I connect my Speakerphone to my iPhone?

This is the easy bit as all the modern Speaker phones will connect via 3 ways:
3.5mm Lead (goes into the headset jack)
NFC (on some conferencing units but NOT all)

Top Tip:
As much as we all love wireless technology (its less cluttered – unlike modern life eh) there is a presumption that Bluetooth is the obvious choice. So why is it that some manufacturers suggest using a 3.5mm lead plugged directly into the headphone jack is the preferred way to go?

Well the quick answer is old technology is tried and tested and just works well (its similar to wired and wireless headsets, they are better than they were but not as good at call quality than a wired headset)

But hey: Try it both ways and see what suits your environment.

What type of call are you making via your Speakerphone?

Gone are the days of plain old boring BT calls as now we have Skype & Skype for Business, Vonage, Unified Communications like Cisco Jabber and other offerings from Avaya, Polycom, Mitel. The manufacturers have you well and truly covered here, because, as the technology changes then so do the speakerphones.

Top Tip:
If you are using a UC platform to make calls (Skype, MS Lync etc) just choose a Certified Speakerphone for your UC application. The conferencing unit will be designed around the technology ensuring you get great call quality and a great connection (see question 2 about that)

What brands of Speakerphone for iPhone (iPhone X, Smartphone, Galaxy S8 S9 etc) should I be looking at?

OK, this is where the gloves come off and usually sparks a “I prefer this brand” war of words. But the rule of thumb is…

Don’t be “brand conscious” be “quality conscious”
Don’t be “cost conscious” be “ability conscious”

My personal recommendations for the best Speakerphones for iPhone and all mobile smart phones and that’s after you have read the last 3 questions are these:

The Jabra Speak 510 Speakerphone £113 plus VAT

Jabra 510 speakerphones for iphone and all other smartphones







The Sennheiser / EPOS SP 20 Speakerphone £113 plus VAT
(no bluetooth connection on this unit but sound quality is excellent)

The Sennheiser / EPOS SP20, one of the best portable speakerphones for iphone and all other mobile phones with bluetooth







And why do I personally recommend these?

  • perfect for up to 4 people
  • So easy to set up
  • Got great sound quality
  • Works perfectly on Skype, MS Lync or any other UC softphone platform

Do you have a question on anything to do with Speakerphones and or Conference phones?
or would you like to learn more?

let us know below or call us on 0800 644 0424 (UK Mon-Fri)- we are here to help!

Watch a quick video here for the Jabra Range