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Regardless of what type of headset help you are looking for, from compatibility and technical issues, looking to save money on headsets or just impartial advice, then Headsets4business can and will help you in every way possible.

Looking after some of the biggest and smallest (your'e just as important also!) contact centres across the UK and Ireland, you all need help at times don’t you? With experience of every conceivable scenario, the H4B Contact Centre team are here to help you now on 0800 644 0424

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Join the H4B VIP Club and you will quickly accumulate £-points for every headset you purchase.

Being a member of this exclusive free to join VIP club is the fastest way for us to reward you for your loyalty. It’s really simple, every time you purchase headsets, you receive a VIP £ point for each headset (e.g. purchase 25 headsets get £25 worth of £-points)

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Free Trials

Free Trial

To organise a free “no obligation” headset trial today simply phone us now on 0161 830 6818

It’s amazing how some contact centre managers will just buy multiple headsets without trying them first. With the best will in the world there are always occasions due to technology or compatibility issues where trying a couple of different headsets first is the smart thing to do. It’s free and you can normally get your free trial headsets to you the next working day.

Working with our Trial’s team manager Danielle Iball, she will liaise with you personally every step of the way to ensure you get the right headset for the job.

Organise your free trial today with Danielle now on 0161 830 6815

Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts available on all headsets -phone us on 0800 644 0424 to see what your volume discount price will be!

Ask your financial director and you will get the same answer, it’s always about reducing costs and saving money. Across a large percentage of UK Contact centres there is still a leaning towards only using the big headset brands (because no one likes change and you are just not aware of alternatives usually) and completely ignoring the other brands like Streamline Pro that offer the same quality but often at a much more competitive price.

So ask yourself:
Is it time for a change?
Would reducing your costs help with your budget?
Fancy scoring some well-earned “Brownie Points” with your financial director?

Can we offer you an alternative product to try for free and at a far more competitive price?
Yes? - Call us now on 0800 644 0424

Plantronics versus Streamline Pro

Wired versus wireless, where is the Contact Centre market going?

The move to all things “wireless” has definitely been much slower than what the telecom’s press would have us believe. No real big surprise there as the main obstacle is cost and the ability to withstand a typical agent’s day.

That said, H4B are seeing a slow move in some call centre environments over to wireless and they tell us that agents using wireless are more productive and believe it or not, they look after the headsets more as they are perceived as more valuable. Us humans eh?

One area where wireless beats wired “hands down” is cross device compatibility especially soft phone to desk phone with brands like Sennheiser leading the way with quality wireless offerings that work on both devices.

So if you have a genuine interest in wireless for your contact centre agents or management staff (after all it’s the most practical and productive solution for managers on the move

Then why not get a free trial today or if you are just looking for answers about wireless headsets in your contact centre then please telephone us on 0800 644 0424 – we are here to help