Looking to find the correct type of headset for your office phone or computer?

Use the instant headset finder below to find compatible wired or wireless office headset for your make and model of phone or PC Remember: All headsets come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and most with a 2 year warranty. 95% items in stock and available with FREE”next working day delivery”

How to use the Instant Headset Finder:

  1. Select the device you are connecting to (desk phone, PC)
  2. Select your make & model if its a desk phone
  3. Select wired, wireless or show me both
  4. If you select *wireless, choose if you want remote answering on your wireless headset
    (ability to answer a call via your headset when away from your desk)
  5. Press submit and you will be provided with a selection of compatible wired or wireless headsets guaranteed on your phone!

*What happens if I don’t know the model of my phone?
No problem just choose “all models” from the list and carry on or telephone us on 0800 644 0424 and we will do it over the phone with you!

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