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    Wired & wireless compatible headsets for SpliceCom IP phones

    Headsets4business supply wired and wireless headsets for all models of SpliceCom from the old models like SpliceCom PCS 100. 400. 510, 560, 570 through to the latest PCS 582GX, PCS 5739G, 5539G, series IP phones

    All of our Wired and Wireless headsets are compatible with every SpliceCom IP and analogue phone models

    SpliceCom compatible headsets for the following models

    SpliceCom PCS 100
    SpliceCom PCS 400
    SpliceCom PCS 510
    SpliceCom PCS 560
    SpliceCom PCS 570
    SpliceCom PCS 582GX
    SpliceCom PCS 573G
    SpliceCom PCS 553G
    SpliceCom PCS 563
    SpliceCom PCS 555
    SpliceCom PCS 542
    SpliceCom PCS 520
    SpliceCom PCS 505

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    Wireless Headsets for SpliceCom phones

    Please note that remote answering using handset lifters is available for SpliceCom PCS models., the handset lifters give you the ability to answer a call via your wireless headset when away from your desk. The products to provide this are optional extras. Please use the headset finder above to ensure you get the correct wireless headset for your SpliceCom phone. We recommnend wireless headsets from Sennheiser / EPOS, Jabra and Plantronics which offer 100% compatibility with SpliceCom

    If being hands free isnt your immediate requirement then why not try.....

    Wired Headsets for SpliceCom Phones

    Noise cancelling wired headsets available in both monaural and binaural versions offering full 12 and 24 month warranties and all prices include the correct bottom lead for your SpliceCom phone model. Bottom leads for SpliceCom include U10-P standard lead for Plantronics and Streamline ProV range and CSTD-01 for wired Sennheiser / EPOS. All wired headset prices include the bottom lead

    Fancy a free trial?

    Remember we offer a no obligation free headset trial for businesses and organisations who are looking to purchase several headsets – setting up your SpliceCom headset trial is simple.

    Find the correct headset for your SpliceCom phone using the headset finder above or telephone us now on 0800 644 0424 and we can provide you with the best recommendations for you to try. This ensures you have the correct headset for your particular needs.

    Free "next day" delivery plus full technical support for the lifetime of the product(s)

    Volume Discounts for SpliceCom Headsets

    Headsets4business offer competitive volume pricing from just 4+ units, call us if you have requirement above that range for your new lower price.

    Contact Centre – SpliceCom Headsets

    We provide comprehensive impartial advice and competitive pricing for contact centre and procurement managers who are looking to purchase several SpliceCom compatible headsets for use in call centres.

    Please call our contact centre team on 0800 644 0424 to arrange a free trial or get volume pricing now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you recommend the best wireless headset for SpliceCom PCS 553G IP phone?

    All of the following wireless headsets will work and are compatible with SpliceCom IP phones including the PCS 553G and 553

    wireless headset for SpliceCom Ip phones

    What lead do I need for a SpliceCom wired headset?

    If you are looking for a wired headset for anyt of the SpliceCom range then the Streamline ProV or ProVX all come with the correct lead see it here:

    Streamline ProV and ProVX for SpliceCom IP phones

    SpliceCom Phones Wired Headsets

    SpliceCom Phones Wired Headsets

    SpliceCom Phones Wireless Headsets

    SpliceCom Phones Wireless Headsets