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Polycom VVX 411 Headsets

A selection of wired and wireless (cordless) headsets which are 100% compatible with the Polycom VVX 411 IP desk Phone.

The Polycom vvx series have been specifically designed to be compatible with all major headset brands like sennheiser, Jabra, Streamline etc The recommendations below are based on our customers feedback on which headsets both wired and wireless (cordless) work best on these IP phones

Wired Headsets (standard jack)

The Polycom VVX 411 & the earlier VVX 410 will accept 2 types of wired headset. The standard square type headset Jack (RJ11) found on the back of the Phone, or compatible for USB wired headsets or via the single USB port. Please find below our best sellers for the VVX 411

USB Wired Headsets

The new Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone has 1 USB port. This allows any compatible USB device to be connected which includes USB headsets or a dongle if necessary. The following USB headsets are plug n play compatible with the VVX 411.

Wireless headsets

The following wireless headsets are DECT based not bluetooth for your Polycom vvx 411 IP Phone. All the recommended DECT headsets uses the same technology found in a domestic cordless Phone , this provides up to 120 meters wireless headsets coverage in most cases .The Polycom VVX 411 is not compatible with Bluetooth headsets.

“Remote Answering” or Electonic Hook Switch for the VVX 411

You can happily add an optional hook switch to your Polycom VVX 411, also known as “EHS” providing remote answer capabilities on any call from your headset while you are away from your desk. Please see the correct optional EHS Leads further down this page for each brand of wireless headset that we recommend.

EHS leads & cables (remote answering)

These Sennheiser / EPOS & Jabra EHS Leads or Electronic Hook Switch are for Polycom VVX 411 and are the correct cables required for each of the main wireless headset brands. We thoroughly recommend Sennheiser / EPOS wireless headsets and corresponding EHS Leads due tho there high build quality & offer superb sound.

Bluetooth Headsets

The Polycom VVX 411/401 iP phone is NOT bluetooth compatible. It is in theory, possible to connect a bluetooth headset via a usb dongle using the USB slot on the phone BUT as Polycom dont advise this nor do we. The wireless DECT headsets above have proven themselves as the best wireless choice for VVX 411

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Polycom VVX 411 Manual + Headset use, set up etc

download the official Polycom VVX 411 user guide here

download the Polycom VVX 411 full data sheet here

Top tips* Headset set up etc From Page 146-151

Using a Headset with Your Phone
Connecting a Headset
Use Your Headset for All Calls
Reactivate Headset Memory Mode
Using Electronic Hookswitch
Setting the Headset Base Unit Options
Enable Electronic Hookswitch
Change the Headset Mode
Controlling Calls with Electronic Hookswitch
Disconnect Your Headset

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