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    Engenius EP800H Additional Cordless Phone

    Additional Engenius EP800 Extreme handset with two-way radio functionality and a range of up to 2km.

    *Please note this is an add on phone. You must have a Engenius base station to add this cordless phone to.

    Main Features

    • Range of up to 2km
    • Can penetrate up to 6 floors of wood, concrete or drywall
    • Two-way radio functionality
    • Expandable up to 36 handsets
    • Up to four bases

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    Engenius EP800 additional cordless phone to go on ant Engenius base station

    Engenius EP800 Long Range Cordless Phone

    The Engenius EP802 Extreme Long Range Cordless Phone is a digital, single line phone with a range of up to 2km. All of the handsets are robust and ready for use in any rugged environment, Like all the Engenius range of cordless, it is ideal for any type of industrial premises, garden centres, nurseries + University College campuses etc. The EP800 can be expanded by up to 4 base stations and 9 handsets per base (36 in total across 4 bases)

    • Single line cordless phone with range of up to 2km
    • Expandable up to 4 base stations and 36 handsets
    • Full-duplex intercom system and half-duplex broadcast
    • Multi-language display
    • Multi-channel auto-scan
    • Robust handsets

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