Joining the VIP club is FREE, It's really easy and the fastest way for you to start collecting YOUR £-Points.

Remember, the more you collect, the more money you get to spend on shopping vouchers or money off future headset purchases!

1. Every time you buy headsets, you receive a £-Pound Point on top of any volume discount we will offer you
2. Exchange your £-Pound Point's at any time for shopping vouchers or offset against future headset purchases
3. It's free to join today and there is no contract, you can leave at anytime. Check out the FAQ's below the form

VIP Club FAQ's

What happens after I sign up for the VIP Club today?

One of our VIP sales team will be in touch to discuss your current and future headset requirements. We may organise a free "no obligation" headset trial for you so you get familiar with the professional headsets we recommend and answer any questions you may have about headsets or the VIP club.

Why is no other headset supplier doing this?

Our customers are our business. Without customers like YOU we have NO Business. It makes perfect sense to reward YOU for placing your headset orders through Headsets4business.

Will I still get my £- points even after my volume discount?

Yes, our generous discount structure plus your points guaranteed!

We usually buy Plantronics and Jabra Headsets, how do the ProV and ProVX range compare?

The Streamline ProV and ProVX are used in some of the largest Contact Centres and organisations in Europe and stack up well on cost, build quality and warranties. Our customers include everyone from the NHS, Police and Government through to PLC’s

I can’t receive “gifts” of any kind – can I still claim?

Yes of course, your rewards could be free headset which would allow your company to save even more money when you buy headsets for them through Headsets4business. This would hopefully make you look good as you are actively helping your company.

How quickly can I claim my rewards?

In most cases you can claim and receive your rewards within 1 to 2 days.

How long does my exclusive membership last?

Membership is renewed every 12 months from the date you activate your card.

Is my membership card just for me or the company?

It’s for both YOU and your company, after all it’s only fair both of you benefit

Can I carry over my points to another year?

Your loyalty points are collected over a 12 month period so if you join midway through a year then your membership will carry across into another year

Do you take points off if I return headsets under warranty?

No, never! All genuine warranty returns will keep their loyalty points!

If I move jobs, can I carry my membership over to the new job?

Yes, you can apply for a new membership card for the new company and start collecting your loyalty points again.

Is there a maximum or minimum number of loyalty points I can collect?

No there is no maximum or minimum. The more you collect, the more shopping vouchers or future discounts you receive. It's really that simple.

What type of shopping vouchers will I be getting?

We offer you, NEXT, Asda, M&S and many more shopping vouchers!