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This easy to read " 7 point guide" will take you through the most common mistakes, dispel the myths and answer your most frequently asked questions about wireless headsets.

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Wireless Office headsets are NOT connected by Bluetooth

  • They use DECT technology like a cordless phone in your home that you can take to the end of the garden. They use DECT to connect wirelessly because of the distance it will cover (up to 150m) Bluetooth loses its strength after only a few metres. Therefore Bluetooth isn’t suitable for use with professional wireless headsets.

    You can always remotely answer a call via your headset

  • In order to remotely answer a call via your headset while away from your desk or in another room you have 2 options.

    Option 1 – your phone must be EHS technology enabled (EHS stands for “electronic hook switch”) not all phones have EHS – use the headset finder above to see if your phone is EHS compatible or if you need a lifting device.

    Option 2 – You can add a handset lifter to your phone – it’s a small additional device which lifts your receiver when you have an incoming call. See a lifter here

  • Do Wireless headsets provide better sound than wired?

    In 90% of cases, wireless headsets do a great job and are as good as any wired headset but as they rely totally on a wireless connection, occasionally there can be a drop in the call quality. The best quality sound on wireless headsets (in our opinion) come from Sennheiser / EPOS Wireless Headsets

  • Wireless headsets are double (even triple) the price of some wired headsets

    The main reason for this is part “technology” and the electronic circuitry that go into them and part “advantage” of being wireless and hands free.

  • Wireless headsets connect to your phone without wires

    No, your wireless headset is connected wirelessly to a base station used for charging the headset. The base station is then connected to your phone by wires. So the actual headset is the only wireless part of the system.

  • How long does a wireless battery last?

    In most cases a full charge will provide around 8 hours use (tip* always put your headset back in the charger when you go on a break or leave for the day)

  • How long will my wireless headset last me?

    In most cases, this is simply down to how you look after the headset. If you take care of it and charge it frequently, take care not to damage the headset. It will last 3-5 years. If you mistreat your wireless, it may only last 1-2 years.

  • Don’t forget the fastest way to getting the correct wireless headset for your phone is by using the "headset finder" above, it’s simple, its easy and its fast!

    If after reading this you are still unsure and need help then:
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