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Best headsets for Polycom VVX IP Phones

Best headsets for Polycom VVX IP Phones - Headsets4business
Without doubt the most successful brand of IP phone has to be the Polycom VVX series. Polycom have created an extremely well made series of IP phones. And with any new and successful IP phone, smart businesses will be looking to find the best headset for Polycom VVX phones.

So the big question is: Which are the best headsets for Polycom VVX?

OK, so before we get into wired and wireless options of professional & compatible headsets , let's look at the benefits of what Polycom have achieved when connecting a headset to VVX models. One of the biggest advantages has to be the “plug and play” simplicity across all the Polycom range when plugging in a wired headset. All Polycom VVX IP phones take a standard RJ 11 square standard headset plug.

This makes life really easy as you just plug it in and away you go. Unlike many other IP phones out there where you have to program the phone to accept the headset in order for it to work so a big tick for Polycom for making it such a simple process .

Top Tip* When I said a standard RJ11 square type headset plug, I am still referring to a unique type of lead that will only work on certain types of phone (basically, its not the plug, it’s the wiring configuration in the lead) OK let's look at:

The top 3 best wired headsets for Polycom VVX series (all models)

The following headsets have been chosen as they have become the best- selling wired headsets for every single model of Polycom IP phones (not just VVX but every series).

We let our customers tell us what’s the best! OK, we have chosen a budget, a mid-range and a higher end VVX compatible headset so it covers pretty much, something for everybody looking for a professional wired noise cancelling headset for their Polycom desk phone.

  1. The Streamline Pro VX series -from £79+VAT

  2. Streamline ProVX-M professional telephone headset

This is a mid-range wired headset which is very popular in call centre and other noisy environments as it has a superior noise cancelling microphone on the boom. (PS all our headsets a noise cancelling but the Pro VX is at the top of range when it comes to filtering out peripheral noise)

It’s available in both 1 ear & 2 ear versions and has a quick disconnect lead so you can simply add any bottom lead that you require if you decide to change your phone in the future. But VVX models all take the same standard lead. The price includes a  2 year warranty.

  1. The Streamline Pro V – from £59+VAT

  2. Streamline ProV 1 ear headset with headset cable

The next cab off the rank is the Streamline ProV which is our budget starter headset but make no mistake this is a professional , noise cancelling and again, a very capable headset which can be used in any environment. This also comes with a free bottom lead quick worth £15 & quick disconnect plug and a 12 month warranty.  
  1. The Sennheiser / EPOS SC630 / SC660 – From £120+ VAT

And finally our third choice and best seller has to be the Sennheiser / EPOS SC 630 and SC 660. For those looking for an absolute top notch “all singing all dancing” high quality piece of kit then the Sennheiser / EPOS SC630 SC660 is definitely worth considering.

Anyone familiar with the Sennheiser / EPOS brand will know that they are famous for music production microphones used in film and the music industry so there headsets matchup to their impeccable stable of music production microphones etc

All of the above headsets that were recommended are suitable for any environment, noisy Or otherwise & are more than capable of putting up with the rigours of every day working life and guaranteed 100% compatible with every model of Polycom VVX IP telephone.

Best Wireless Headsets For Polycom VVX IP phones

OK, so if wired isn't your thing and you're looking for something a little less connected to your desk then why not push the boat out and opt for a wireless headset solution then these 3 wireless headsets will happily work with all the VVX models. Like the wired headsets above we have chosen these because they have been proven in the field to be of high quality noise cancelling ability, all come with a 2 year warranty & 100% compatible guaranteed with all Polycom VVX phone models.

1. The Sennheiser / EPOS DW office from £166+VAT sennheiser dw office headset

DW office is our best-selling wireless headset for Polycom IP phones regardless of the model or series because they offer the "best in class" noise cancelling, Omni Directional microphones ensuring that all exterior noise is filtered out so the caller only hears the person wearing the headset.

Our customers tell us that the DW office is without doubt one of the clearest sounding headsets available. It's only downside that we can think of is it is only available as a one ear version.

Note* (chance to save some more money here...£40 quid actually!) For a limited period both Sennheiser / EPOS DW Office and DW Pro wireless headsets (see next headset below) are available with a free EHS or "electronic hook switch" which will enable you to remotely answer a call from your headset while you are away from your desk. Sennheiser / EPOS have created a simple plug and play EHS lead compatible with every Polycom VVX phone and it will save you £40 plus VAT -

Staying with Sennheiser / EPOS because they make such good products and are always "cutting edge" when it comes to technology and the latest processes to ensure you get a precise & clear sounding telephone call without the hiss and buzz often associated by other cheaper wireless headsets. (you get what you pay for folks..)

2. The Sennheiser / EPOS DW Pro 1 and Pro 2 from £195 + VAT

Sennheiser / EPOS DW Pro1 and Pro2 Wireless Headset 

As you may have guessed, the DW Pro 1 and Pro 2 are available as both one ear and 2 ear versions or "monaural and binaural" if you want to get technical.

These headsets are very similar to the DW Office and the same industry standard noise cancelling that you would expect from a manufacturer like Sennheiser / EPOS, the only main difference apart from having a 2 year option is the design which comes down to the individual and what they prefer and that my friend is......obviously up to you! And finally, last but definitely not least is a different brand, yes! - I kid you not!


3. The Jabra 920 wireless headset £168 +VAT

For the last recommended wireless headset for all Polycom VVX models we've chosen the Jabra 920 which like the Sennheiser / EPOS models above include excellent noise cancelling 2 year warranty and also EHS compatible like both Sennheiser / EPOS models and very simple to set up on your Polycom VVX IP phone. The Jabra 920 is available as one ear and 2 ear BUT Jabra don't have the fantastic free EHS lead worth £40+ VAT that sennheiser have so if Jabra is your thing then you would need to buy the EHS lead seperately.  

*Top tip (of the money saving kind…)

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