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ANC Headsets -Active Noise Cancellation

ANC Headsets or Active Noise Cancelling is a technology that helps to filter out background noise for the headset wearer similar to the popular Bose Quiet Comfort range of "headphones" Not "headsets"(often seen being worn on planes). This technology is now available for office workers in a noisy office or environment through the likes of : Wired ANC headsets USB - Sennheiser SC 660 usb Wireless ANC headsets - Sennheiser MB 660 - MB 330 and Jabra Evolve 80 & 75 - see below. Have a question about ANC, noise cancelling? call us on 0800 644 0424

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Sennheiser - EPOS SC 660 ANC Active Noise Cancelling USB headset

£165.00  £210.00

EPOS i ADAPT 160 ANC USB Headset - Active Noise Cancelling


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Sennheiser - EPOS MB 360 Wireless Headset

£145.00  £219.00


Sennheiser - EPOS MB 660 Wireless Headset



Jabra Evolve 80 Headset


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