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Headsets For NEC IP / SIP phones

A collection of 100% compatible wired & wireless headsets for your NEC IP Touch, DX & TX phones.
100% Compatible

All of our headsets are tried and tested on all NEC IP / SIP phones.

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100% Compatible with all NEC Phones

The following NEC compatible headsets are our top recommendations for both wireless (cordless) & wired headsets for all NEC models series including DT - TX - IT - TXH. All our headsets are noise cancelling and 100% compatible with NEC phones including the newer DT800 and DT900 series. Headsets4business recommend wired headsets from Streamline Pro and wireless headsets from the likes of EPOS Sennheiser, JPL etc There are links to all our headsets for NEC phones after each section of recommended headsets

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NEC DT Models Older NEC models

NEC DT930 IP touch
NEC DT930S SIP IP touch

NEC 12 Display
NEC 12 Standard
NEC 24 Display
NEC 24BTSX Super Display

Best Selling Wired headsets for NEC IP phones

Streamline ProV - NEC

  • Available in both 1 & 2 ear versions
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Accoustic shock protection
  • Super comfortable foam ear cushions
  • lightweight - suitable for casual use

Price: From £50 plus VAT

Streamline ProVX - NEC

  • Proven to work on 99% of business desk phones
  • it offers great quality sound
  • it has an ultra-noise cancelling microphone
  • it’s highly suited to all day use
  • Best selling professional call centre headset

Price: From £70 plus VAT

Blue Response - NEC

  • 99% compatible with business desk phones & PC (USB)
  • Ultra Noise cancelling microphone
  • Wideband enabled speakers
  • Large 70mm Smooth leatherette ear cushion(s)
  • Aluminium Premium grade metal housing

Price: From £95 plus VAT

Headsets by brand

Best Selling wireless DECT headsets for NEC phones

NEC - EPOS DW office

  • Ultra noise cancelling microphone
  • EHS compatible for remote answering (deskphone)
  • Up to 12 hours talk time
  • Super light weight

Price: From £166 plus VAT

NEC - EPOS SDW 5035/5065

  • Wireless DECT Binaural headset with dual connectivity:
  • PC Softphone and DeskphoneSoft
  • leatherette ear pads
  • Highly suited to all-day use

Price: From £220 plus VAT

NEC - JPL X500

  • User changeable headband from single ear to dual ear
  • Patented universal base with slot-in cartridge drawer to accept USB or Bluetooth modules
  • Surround Shield™ noise cancelling microphon
  • Max 100m (300ft) coverage

Price: From £145 plus VAT

Moving To Wireless & Need Remote Answering?

EHS or "electronic hook switch" is an optional cable which allows you to answer a call remotely via your DECT wireless headset when away from your desk. Not essential but useful if you are away from your desk a lot and need to catch that all important call.

Your Going To Need An EHS Cable!

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NEC Compatible Headsets

Important information for NEC compatible headsets

Regardless of which NEC phone model you have, Headsets4business supply both wired or wireless headset for all TX DX TXH IP Touch etc NEC phones.
Especially the popular DT models

  • DT310
  • DT330
  • DT710
  • DT730
  • DT750
  • DT430
  • DT820
  • DT830
  • DT920
  • DT930
  • DT920S
  • DT930S
  • DT890

Headsets for NEC Older Series phones

  • NEC DX2E-24TXH
  • NEC ITL-12D
  • NEC 12 Display
  • NEC 12 Standard
  • NEC 12 TXH
  • NEC 24 Display
  • NEC 24BTSX Super Display
  • NEC 4TXH

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Wireless Headsets for NEC Phones

if you are looking for a total hands free solution, then why try a NEC compatible wireless headset which come in both 1 and 2 ear varieties (although single ear is the most common) And most NEC IP phones have EHS or an “electronic hook switch” firmware built into the phones for remote answering. Basically, the ability to remotely answer a call while away from your desk.

Note* The newer models (some) have Bluetooth built in but DO NOT allow Bluetooth headsets to be connected. We highly recommend DECT wireless headsets for DT NEC models

Wired Headsets for NEC DT TX IP Touch & SIP Phones

Noise cancelling and contact centre quality wired headsets complete with an NEC compatible bottom lead are available in both 1 ear and 2 ear versions (monaural and binaural)

All our headsets are 100% compatible with every model of NEC IP and other model telephone

Fancy a free trial?

Remember we offer a no obligation free headset trial for businesses and organisations who are looking to purchase several headsets – setting up your NEC headset trial is simple.

Find the correct headset for your NEC phone using the headset finder above or telephone us now on 0800 644 0424 and we can provide you with the best recommendations for you to try. This ensures you have the correct headset for your particular needs.

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Top FAQ’s on Polycom Compatible Headsets

what is the best wireless headset for NEC DT730/DT830/DT930 phones?

The best recommendation for NEC DT730/DT830/DT930 (all DT models) would be Sennheiser / EPOS wireless headsets due to the build quality and excellent sound plus they have the fastest and longest battery life of any other wireless headset that’s compatible with NEC IP - SIP desk phones. See all wireless headsets compatible with NEC here

Which NEC phones are EHS compatible for remote answering?

Most NEC later models are compatible with adding the optional EHS lead for remote answering. Certainly all DT models are compatible. For those that arent see below

Important* you can still achieve remote answering on any NEC phone using a handset lifter but dedicated EHS leads are far better!.

Do you sell noise cancelling headsets for NEC IP phones?

Yes all our headsets (every one including wired & wireless) are noise cancelling or Ultra noise cancelling

What are the best selling headsets for NEC IP phones?

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