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Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 Review - SDW 5015 & SDW 5016

Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 Review 

Finally, it's time for the new Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 review. Those clever people at Sennheiser / EPOS have released their latest flagship wireless headset. The Sennheiser / EPOS SDW5000 wireless range is now the new high-tech kid on the block. Currently, it comes as one ear only and in 2 variants: SDW 5016 & SDW 5015

UPDATED: Video Review July 2018

What will the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW series work on?

The Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5016  - works on PC, Desk & Mobile and the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5015 - works on PC & Desk phone only (but it is upgradable - see further down the page)

Sennhesier SDW 516 wireless headset from the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 review                              

The Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5016 wireless headset? - buy it here!

Note* there are more variants to come in the near future so we will keep you in the loop, as they become available.  So let’s look at the main contender which is the SDW5016 (see image above) Sennheiser / EPOS is working on the reliable basis that modern workers now have three things on their desk:  a PC   a Desk Phone  and definitely…. a mobile or smartphone.  

This variation will happily work on all three at the same time and some…… 


Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 515 & SDW 516 connects to PC, desk phones and mobile smart phones            


Like most wireless headset manufacturers Sennheiser / EPOS is starting to listen to their customers on what they actually want, rather than what Sennheiser / EPOS think they need.  


Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 Review part 2

Why would you buy a Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5016 or SDW 5015?

A classic example of that is something as simple as a busy light on the headset to show your colleagues around you that you are on a call. which is now standard on both SDW 5015 and SDW 5016 versions.  if its "red" your busy and "blue, your not!


Busy light on the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 wireless headset                  

What wearer positions are on offer?

Like most other high-end wireless headsets Sennheiser / EPOS have covered all three main wearer positions so you get a headband a neckband and over the ear, ear hook which covers just about every personal wearing preference. 


sennhesier SDW 5000 range wireless headset has 3 wearer positions                            

What else is new that's actually useful?

Okay so far so good. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of genuine benefits to the user. Sennheiser / EPOS realises that hot desking is becoming more and more common in normal working environments and have addressed this with a very clever and smart base station. The first is the ability to use any of the SDW 5000 range of headsets on any base station for desk sharing and conferencing. 

You just simply place any headset on a base and it will pair in seconds!  This also allows a very flexible approach for training people while using these headsets as you can mix and match the type of headset whilst training someone from a single


Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 review - range base station                              

Can it be used with any other useful Sennheiser / EPOS product?

Talking of conferencing, Sennheiser / EPOS has also realised that there has been a huge increase in people using their mobile phones for conferencing and have provided the added ability to connect the Sennheiser / EPOS SP 30T bluetooth speakerphone will connect directly to the new base station. This allows any user to quickly use the whole system as a conferencing solution. 

Softphone flexibility at your fingertips!

Both variations SDW 5015 and SDW 5016 are Microsoft Teams optimised and certified. Again as Sennheiser / EPOS have seen the increase in Skype for business use in all manners of working environments  The Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 range is UC optimised for the main softphone applications such as Avaya, Cisco & Polycom etc ensuring that all softphone applications are well covered and offering the usual high standard of sound quality that Sennheiser / EPOS is so famous for. 

What's the call quality like?

Let’s now look at voice quality in the SDW 5000 range. As already mentioned Sennheiser / EPOS is the sound quality specialists when it comes to headsets with their main background firmly entrenched in high-end music production,  so you would expect a very clear and crisp sound quality in any conversation and that is exactly what you get.  Sennheiser / EPOS has placed two very clever microphones on the end of the boom. This provides best in class noise cancellation again as you would expect from Sennheiser / EPOS and own voice detection where only your voice is amplified and all other exterior voices of noise interruption are filtered out at a much higher level than you would be considered normal. 


Security has been taken to an all new level!

One other area that Sennheiser / EPOS is very eager to advertise is security. It seems these days that every other day there is a breach of security or interception of peoples conversations from various sources.  Both Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5015 and SDW 5016 variants have 128 military encryption built-in so all conversations are encrypted and cannot be intercepted. As far as we know this is a first in wireless headset technology and I’m sure, a welcome addition due to the very sensitive nature of certain conversations. 

Do you need a degree to set it up and change settings?

And finally, Sennheiser / EPOS has been very keen to make all settings as simple as possible and have now applied a very simple to use cloud-based application (Pro-Manager) where you can change any personal settings very quickly. We may be getting used to cloud-based applications but again it seems Sennheiser / EPOS are ahead of the race when it comes to creating a high-end, very simple to use a  quality wireless headset. 

Upgrading and future proofing comes as standard

Sennheiser / EPOS are fully aware that everyone’s business requirements & headset requirements change on a regular basis which is why they have provided two variants as already mentioned the 5015 which provides PC and desk phone use only, unlike the 516 which works on pic, desk and mobile but the SDW 5015 still has the ability to be upgraded via a Bluetooth mini USB dongle which simply slots into the side of the base station and provides instant mobile or smart phone use. 

Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 Review part 3

So who are Sennheiser / EPOS aiming the SDW 5000 range at? 

Not surprisingly high-end wireless headset with triple connectivity come at a high-end price. However, Sennheiser / EPOS realises that flexibility in the workplace is going to be worth the initial investment as this is likely to help with productivity in the long run and simply swapping between devices at the touch of a button is surely going to have an appeal. 

Top 5 questions we get asked about the SDW range 

Is it EHS compatible? Absolutely, like all Sennheiser / EPOS wireless headsets, if you require remote answering while away from your desk & you have an EHS compatible phone then yes! Ps if you don’t you can also use a lifter to do the same job.

How long is the warranty? It’s 2 years on a repair or replace basis 

Will the SDW 5016 or SDW 5015 be compatible with my phone, PC and desk phone? Yes in 95% of cases, it’s just plug n play. 

How does the sennhesier SDW 5016 connect to my mobile? Bluetoooth

Can I return the headset if I'm not happy with it?

Absolutely, we have a 30 day "no quibble" returns policy. Just return it in a resaleable condition and with all accessories/original packaging and we will happily refund your money or find you an alternative product - the choice is yours!  

Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 "How to" videos (links open Youtube videos)

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How to transfer calls on the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5000 wireless headset

How to handle calls on the SDW 5015 & SDW 5016

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How to connect different devices on the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5015 & SDW 5016

How to assemble the headband on the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 500 range  

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Intereseted in the Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5016 wireless headset? - buy it here!

The Sennheiser / EPOS SDW 5015 wireless headset? - buy it here!

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