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Siemens OpenStage, Which headset?

The latest Siemens OpenStage (Open Stage) IP telephones are feature packed as you would expect from Siemens. As a UK headset supplier, we have taken the time to try and test several headsets on all the Siemens OpenStage IP from major brands like Streamline Pro, Sennheiser / EPOS phones which are the OpenStage 20, 40, 60 and the 80. Siemens have thankfully gone for RJ11 standard headset jacks rather than 2.5mm. This allows the headset to take standard headset down cables and so keeps the headset prices to a minimum.

What headsets do we recommend for Siemens OpenStage 20 40 60 80 phones?

As we have tested both wired and wireless for volume, call quality and overall reception, we have several headsets of which all are suitable for the OpenStage phones. We have broken down the headsets into 2 groups

Wireless or Cordless headsets  for Siemens OpenStage phones

All the wireless headsets are Wideband. As OpenStage have inbuilt EHS or the “Electronic Hook Switch” technology, you can remotely answer the calls with these headsets.

  1. Sennheiser / EPOS DW Office DECT headset
  2. Sennheiser / EPOS Pro1 and Pro2 headset
  3. Jabra Engage 75 DECT headset
Wired or Corded headsets for Siemens OpenStage IP phones
  1. Streamline ProVX
  2. Streamline ProV-XL (new!!)
  3. Sennheiser / EPOS SC630
All the headsets are available at headsets4business Do you have a question regarding OpenStage (Open Stage) compatible headsets? Please telephone us on 0800  644 0424 and we will do our very best to help you.

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