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The Top Selling Wired headsets are..

The Top Selling Wired headsets are.. - Headsets4business

Following on from our previous "best selling wireless headsets" blog post & email:

Well what about the top selling wired headsets?

Despite what you may have read, wired headsets still make up the majority of headset sales in the UK but.....

It is changing, however cost will always be a driver and wired are always cheaper than wireless (in 99% of cases) so they still hold the top preference.

Based on the same criteria as the wireless then - what are the top selling wired headsets? based on:

1. Quality - Build & Sound that is! 2. Value for money 3. Technology - Noise cancelling etc 4. Been there and proved itself in the field Then... these 4 are The best sellers! - if it's time for a change then these wired headsets are our top recommendation.


1.ProVX Series

streamline ProV-X wired headset
Officially our best selling wired Pro headset over the last 5 years or so, Why? Robust, QD Plug, great sound and superior noise cancelling. Used in the UK's top Contact Centres.This headset is a true work horse and comes in at just £79 + VAT for a mono

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2. ProV

streamline ProV wired headset
This spot is our value for money corner, at £59 + VAT , it's our best priced professional wired headset and comes with a QD plug and noise cancelling microphone. There are others but this has proved itself time and time again.

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3. JPL Connect

JPL Connect wired headset
The Connect is a new kid on the block, it has the same qualities as the others but has one redeaming feature that people often ask for ITS GOT BIGGER EAR PADS. Great for helping to reduce ambient background noise in any room from £70 + VAT

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4. Sennheiser / EPOS SC 630

Sennheiser / EPOS SC630 series wired headset
Not for the budget conscience but oozes pure build quality and amazing noise cancelling filtering. If your calls are super important to your business (arent they all?) then this SC 630 wont let you down at £120 + VAT

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And remember if you are looking to purchase 4+ wireless - Get a free "no obligation" headset trial now HERE

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