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How to connect a headset to a phone with no headset port?

How to connect a headset to a phone with no headset port? - Headsets4business

How to connect a headset to a phone with no headset port - jack?

In this modern age of High Tec telephony, IP phones, SIP phones etc, it may surprise you that at headsets4business we are still asked on a regular basis:

How do I connect a headset to my phone if it doesn’t have a headset jack?

Basically somewhere to plug the headset into if there is no dedicated jack or port.


how to connect a headset to a phone with no headset port


The common myth out there is you simply cannot connect a headset to a phone like that BUT this is complete rubbish, it may be a great way for some unscrupulous telecoms suppliers to get them to upgrade to a more modern phone, I don’t know?

So why would the phone manufacturers make a phone that doesn’t accept a headset?

Well on the commercial side of things, AKA Business Phones what tends to happen is they will bring out a range of phones from bog standard basic often used for a hotel lobby or in a hardly used room through to high end “all singing all dancing” top of the range for CEO’s etc So…it’s probably no surprise that the cheaper end are often snapped up by employers thinking they can put them anywhere and will work the same. And yes they will, up to a point. Until someone wants to connect a headset. So there you have it

Lets get back to the How rather than the Why?

How do I connect a wired headset to a phone with no headset jack/port?

  1. Simply unplug the curly cord (the one that has the receiver on the end) from its socket under or at the back of the phone and place the receiver & cord on the desk (you will still need it, even though its just been disconnected)
  2. Plug your wired headset into the same socket that the curly cord was plugged into
  3. Now place the receiver back on the phone (Why do this? Because the button on the phone that the receiver sits on needs to be held down to connect/answer a call)
  4. Ok so you have 2 things: your receiver sat back on the phone as normal (but not plugged into anything & your headset plugged in to the same jack)
  5. To answer any incoming call while wearing the headset, once the phone rings: lift the receiver as you would normally BUT put it down on the desk at the side.
  6. This will depress the button on the phone & connect the call to your headset
  7. To make a call while wearing the headset, lift the receiver off the phone and as the headset is now acting as the receiver, you will hear the dial tone, dial as normal and replace the receiver back down once you have finished

OK if that doesn’t make sense, David Whitehead from Headsets4business has made you a quick instructional video on how to just that:This video is also available now on You Tube here So after all that you may now need a headset after all for that new phone with no headset jack right?

Quickest way is our main wired headset department, every headset comes with the correct bottom lead required to connect to your phone (with or without a headset jack/port) or if you prefer wireless headset then go here FAQ's on this subject:

  1. My wired headset has a USB jack on the end but wont fit in the square type plug, what do I do? Answer: If your wired headset has a QD or quick dissconnect plug half way down the wire then you can simply disconnect it and get an RJ45 bottom cable/lead with a square plug from us. If it doesnt then you will need to purchase a headset that does. Top tip* always choose a Quick Disconnect type connection headset if possible, that way if you ever change the phone, you only need to change the bottom lead and NOT the whole headset!
  2. Which headset is better, wired or wireless? Answer: completely depends on your requirements. For instance if you are always away from your desk then wireless, if not then wired will suit your needs just as well & its usually cheaper!
  3. Can I just swap out my phone for a model that has a dedicated headset jack? Answer: Absolutely, just ensure that the headset bottom lead or cable is the correct one for your new phone. You can have a square type jack/plug but it may be configured differently
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