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Top 2 headset frustrations

Sales persons in a call centre

1. Compatibility: It won’t work!

Compatibility is without a doubt, the biggest headset frustration. Why? well the main one is not knowing which is the correct bottom lead for your particular phone, especially if it’s a wired headset Did you know there are 12 different types of lead? and they can look identical to each other or with wireless headsets its knowing the correct setting for your phone model.

You can then add to the above frustrations, all the different “headset mode” settings that your phone may need to be switched to, so it communicates with the headset. Most of the people we work with have had issues with “compatibility”.

Having the knowledge & knowing the quirky things your phone & headset may throw up at you is the key to a “frustration free” headset experience.Good job, therefore, Headsets4business know exactly how to guarantee your headset is compatible.


2. Noise Cancelling: Why am I listening to the people sat next to you?

Have you ever rang into a call centre and you can hear the people who are sat either side of the agent who is talking to you? I know I have and it’s a pain in the backside, it also makes it difficult understanding what the agent is trying to explain to you. OK, the answer isn’t new, its "NC or noise cancelling" but so many companies don’t invest in professional “noise cancelling” headsets.

The Streamline ProVX has ultra noise cancelling in the microphone and using a headset with great Noise Cancelling, you are guaranteed to be listening to the agent and not the whole contact centre floor! The technology simply but effectively filters out most “exterior noise”

P.S. Noise cancelling is for the benefit of the person calling in, it’s not for the agent wearing the headset. You would be amazed how many businesses think Noise Cancelling is for the headset wearer.

P.P. S If you are in a busy and noisy environment and wearing a headset, the best solution is to use a 2 ear or binaural noise cancelling headset. This allows both ears to hear the caller, its louder and provides much better concentration. There you have the top 2 headset frustrations we get “day in and day out” but there is always a solution (if you know what you are doing)

What’s your current headset frustration? – let us know and we will do our very best to help

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