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What are the Most Comfortable Office Headsets and Why?

What are the Most Comfortable Office Headsets and Why? - Headsets4business

As a leading headset supplier in the UK and throughout Europe, I wish I had a pound for every customer who asked the question:

“What is the most comfortable office headset that you sell?” The answer is a simple one - it depends!

But there are three important considerations that should determine your choice of headset, they are:


If this is your number one priority, i.e. you must have the lightest possible headset then wireless headsets are probably the best way forward for you. Many of the world’s top wireless headset manufacturers claim to have the lightest wireless headset and to be fair they are very light and as long as you purchase a high quality wireless you can't go far wrong.  

Design/Build quality

It's a plain and simple fact that some headsets are just not comfortable, they may be too heavy for some people, they may dig into the top of your head with prolonged use and this is especially true of men with little or no hair or even people who have a larger head. Comfort through better design can play a big role in your choice of headset.  

Personal preference

All the major headset manufacturers are acutely aware that one size never fits all and so there are several wearer options you can choose from to see which fits you best, they are:  

Ear hook - where the headset is worn over the ear via a simple plastic loop which goes around the outer part of the ear. Note *This can open up more choice issues as there are two types of ear hook just to confuse things

In the ear - are headsets where the ear piece fits in the ear canal

On the ear - like a standard headset which sits on the outside of the ear with a leatherette or foam outer cushion.  

Example of the “on the ear” wearing option with the Sennheiser / EPOS DW office

sennheiser dw office headset  

Headband - The most popular wearing style of headsets is without doubt the headband but as mentioned earlier, the biggest problem with headbands is rubbing on the top of the head with excessive use.   In our experience the only company and headset manufacturer who has applied some simple but effective logic to this issue is Sennheiser / EPOS. All their higher end headsets have ergonomic and well-designed padding to protect the head for long periods of use. This does add some extra weight to the headset but our customers tell us they are without doubt the most comfortable.  

An example of a wired headset we recommend: 

Sennheiser / EPOS Sc630-660 headset


Sennheiser / EPOS SC 630 wired headset  


So now you know why it depends! We are happy to provide recommendations for your personal preference so don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask a few questions, on 0800 644 0424.

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