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The Best Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 411 & VVX 410 Phones

The Best Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 411 & VVX 410 Phones - Headsets4business

The Best Wireless Headsets for Polycom VVX 411 & VVX 410 Phones

Finding a suitable wireless (or cordless if you prefer)headsets for your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP phones can be a daunting task if you dont know what exactly you are looking for, often it’s a simple upgrade from a wired headset. Usually because they dont like being tied to their desk via the headset. So here are a few simple questions you need to be asking yourself to ensure you get the right kind of cordless / wireless headset for your VVX 411 VVX 410 Phone. The first thing is the space that you work in.
  1. Is it a particularly noisy environment? (as there is nothing worse than the caller hearing everything going on around you)
  2. Do you leave your desk often during your normal day? (if you have to manually check files rather than via your PC or MAC then wireless is a good idea)
  3. Do you receive multiple phone calls on a regular basis throughout the day?

Answer yes to any of the above questions then wireless is definitely the right choice. Now let’s talk about the facts surrounding wireless headsets that you may or may not be aware of

Fact 1> Wireless headsets are NOT truly wireless Lots of our customers think a wireless headset is 100% “completely wireless” when, the only wireless bit is the connection between the actual headset that you are wearing and the base station that the headset connects or "docks" to. Everything else has wires from the base station (charger etc) into the back of your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP Phone.

This includes the mains lead because the battery is in the actual headset you are wearing but the charger & base station is powered by a mains plug. Also if you opted for "remote answering" via an EHS or "electronic hook switch" , that’s also wired into the base station charger etc. 

So really a “wireless headset” isn’t that wireless after all but let’s not forget, the most important bit is. It’s called DECT technology. This bit allows the freedom and ability to walk away from your desk while simultaneously having a conversation wirelessly via the headset you are wearing, which after all is the whole reason for having a wireless anything really isnt it?

Are there plusses and minuses of wireless headsets for your Polycom VVX 411 VVX 410 IP desk Phone?

The Minus first: The Price Wireless headsets in some cases cost double what a wired headset costs. So the question is:

Why are they so expensive? It’s the technology and electronic components inside that hikes up the price for a wireless headset

Same thing goes for battery life – bestselling wireless headsets like The Sennheiser / EPOS DW office or DW Pro headsets will last a full 8 hour working day without any issue, but dont forget to charge it when you leave your desk at lunch or when you go home because your shiny new wireless headset will be dead as a Dodo the next day.

Set up – Important information - read the bloody instruction manuals and set up guide. But don’t worry we have gone to great lengths to provide simple easy to follow set up instructions and videos quickly set up any wireless headset.

The Plus Over all freedom to move around the office, engaging in a conversation completely wirelessly has to be worth the increase in wireless headset prices, surely?

Noise cancelling Microphones – Every wired & wireless headset we sell and is compatible with your Polycom vvx 411 VVX 410 IP phones offer noise cancelling, the technology is built into the microphone on your headset helping to filter out most peripheral noise for the caller (not you!)

Warranty – wireless headset manufacturers give a minimum of 2 years repair or replace warranty to ensure should anything go wrong they will be there to repair or replace the headset. However, if you abuse your wireless headset (like chewing the end of the mic or using it to stir your coffee with - yes that happens!)then your warranty will be worthless and you will have to pay for the repair or replacement so be warned.

So in a nut shell, if you have a noisy office, calls coming through thick and fast, you are always on the move in the office AND you can cope with the increase in cost then wireless is definitely for you. Do you want to see our top selling wireless headsets for Polycom VVX 411 now folks? Of course you do and here they are:

Wireless headsets for Polycom VVX 410 & VVX 411 IP phones

plus.. Headsets4business have a dedicated page showing all types of compatible wired and wireless headsets for the VVX 411 IP Phone

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