WARNING: “Noise Cancelling”
Here’s What Every Headset Wearer Really Needs To Know About Reducing Noise!

Lets cut to the chase here! – If you are loooking for a “noise cancelling headset” for your desk phone or PC then you are probably well aware of the 3 massive problems headset wearers face with NOISE, especially in Contact Centres and Noisy Offices!

Noise Problem 1 Background noise for the headset wearer
for years now they have been designing headsets that look “cool & minimal” rather than practical and DO NOT help reduce noise!

Noise Problem 2
Noise cancellation for the caller
If you have ever called a contact centre and heard everyone but the agent trying to help you, then you will know what I mean

Noise Problem 3 Low Volume & Poor Sound Quality
Low volume makes it difficult to hear and concentrate on a call and often affects the overall sound quality.

So what’s the solution? – Its the Streamline The ProV-XL Ultra Noise Cancelling Headset for desk phones and USB devices (PC, Tablets etc)

Streamline Professional Headsets have listened to these issues and finally, they have developed the NEW ProV-XL with:

  1. An Ultra Noise Cancelling Microphone (thats for the caller) and filters out most background noise

  2. Created specially designed and larger “sound cushioned” ear pads which reduces exterior noise by up to 40% (for YOU, the wearer)

  3. Added state of the art technology that increases the volume which in turn creates a far more crisp and clearer conversation

NOW IN STOCKSee it here

Top 3 Wired - Noise Cancelling Headsets

Top 3 Wired - USB Noise Cancelling Headsets

EPOS Adapt 135T & 135

Adapt 135T single ear usb headset

EPOS Adapt 135T & 135 £59+VAT

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm

EPOS Adapt  165T & 165

epos adapt 165T usb headset

EPOS Adapt 165T & 165 £69+VAT

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm

EPOS Adapt  130T & 130

Adapt 130 usb headset

EPOS Adapt 130T & 130 £49+VAT

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C

Top 3 Wireless - Noise Cancelling Headsets

Top 3 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headsets

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Ideal for Business and Call Centre use

With so many different telephone headsets on the market, it can be difficult and confusing to choose the right noise cancelling headset for your business environment. Use our super-fast headset finder here: to ensure you get to the right wired or wireless headset for your staff.

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Top 5 FAQ's on Noise cancellation & Noise cancelling technology

what is the difference between noise cancelling (NC) and Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Noise cancelling only refers to headsets with a microphone that has the ability to remove or filter noise out for the caller, where as ANC or active noise cancelling has technology built in to help remove peripheral noise for the wearer

Are all headsets noise cancelling?

Absolutely not, a lot have no NC or at best have outdated technology which offers little noise filtering

Is it just domestic wireless headphones like BOSE and Sony M3 etc that have ANC?

No not any more, as Sennheiser / EPOS are now offering a wired headset for use on PC/computer only called the Sennheiser / EPOS SC660 ANC USB Headset which is available as a USB model only

Are all your headsets noise cancelling headsets?

Yes, we only sell headsets (wired and wireless) that have top end noise cancellation technology – you get what you pay for where technology is concerned

Can I get a free trial on any noise cancelling headset?

Yes, in most cases and as along as they are in stock. If you are not sure what headset would be correct for your phone or PC etc then use the headset-finderor organise a free no obligation headset trial here


What is noise cancelling?

When a customer calls in to your business, they need the reassurance that the person they’re speaking to (wearing the headsets) are giving them their undivided attention and their needs are being met.

With noise cancelling headsets, ambient back ground noise in your business is filtered out so that the conversation between the operator and the customer is magnified and other office noise will be barely discernible to the caller. (Great for call centres)

Noise cancelling technology is not for the person wearing the headset, it’s for the benefit of the caller only.

If you are experiencing noise around you then the only realistic options open to you to reduce that distraction is to:

  1. Wear a binaural or 2 ear headset as this covers both ears, allows volume in both ears and makes it easier to concentrate on the caller.
    UPDATE: We now recommend the ProV-XL NC Ultra Noise Cancelling headset designed exclusively to combat the main problems with noise around the wearer and noise for the caller.
  2. Or re design your environment if possible by increasing the distance between operators or use screens to help reduce the noise.

Don’t confuse a noise cancelling headset with “Active Noise Cancelling” technology used on “high end Hi-Fi headphones like Bose Quiet Comfort etc. which cancels out all exterior noise.

Commercial telephone headsets do not have this technology.

What is ANC or Active Noise Cancelling?

Unlike basic noise cancelling technology inside a headsets microphone, ANC headsets have the ability to reduce or filter out noise for the actual wearer of the headset as well as the caller. This technology has been popular in domestic “headphones” like Bose Quiet Comfort etc and are now being developed for noisy office use. They tend to be mainly wireless headsets at the moment with only Sennheiser / EPOS offering a USB version called the SC 660 (see above)


Sennheiser / EPOS create the very first ANC wireless headset to illiminate noise for both the wearer and the person calling in.

Sennheiser / EPOS, probably the most advanced headset manufacturer in the world has created an ANC or “active noise cancelling” headset called the Sennheiser / EPOS MB 660. Its a wireless headset which has the ability to cut out noise for you, the wearer and cut out noise for the listener using the more traditional noise cancellation technology in the microphone. (which is hidden in the ear cups, unlike the usual boom microphone you may be used to) the MB 660 is a wireless headset and comes in 2 flavours.

1. For mobile, tablet and any other USB media device
2. Full UC PC use and is MS Skype for Business Certified

See the Sennheiser / EPOS MB 660 ANC Noise cancelling headset here

NEW: Sennheiser / EPOS SC 660 USB ANC Wired Headset

In answer to requests for a wired ANC or “active noise cancelling” headset, Sennheiser / EPOS have created as part of there very popular SC series, the SC 660 ANC headset (this is only for use on PC or other USB enabled devices as its a USB wired version only.

See the Sennheiser / EPOS SC 660 ANC Headset here


Call Centre Headsets

Most Call Centres rely on noise cancelling headsets to offer a better customer experience but any busy office could benefit from this kind of headset, especially if difficult or prolonged customer queries are being dealt with over the phone.

At Headsets4Business we stock a large range of noise cancelling headsets. These models include top-of-the-range technology to ensure that the sound clarity is the best it can be and that the headsets are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Many phone operators will have to wear these headsets for long periods of time so comfort is an important factor.

Whether you’re looking for one-ear headsets or an ergonomically designed headset for use around the office, you will find all these options come available with noise cancelling facilities. With Headsets4Business it’s easy to cancel out the hustle and bustle of the office and concentrate on those all-important phone calls. So, browse the site now and take a look at some of the top quality noise cancelling headsets that we stock. It’s quick and easy to choose and buy your headsets online.
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Sennheiser / EPOS MB 660 MB660 wireless headset for use on PC Laptop, tablets, skype for business certified