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EPOS Sennheiser Headsets


The New EPOS Headsets Range

According to EPOS the most expensive word in business today is “WHAT” because the second you ask that question in any communication you are losing productivity. EPOS say on there main website:

“95% of today’s modern workers admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to sonic setbacks.”

EPOS have created 4 new product ranges of communication products to ensure that the crossover from the workplace to the home is seamless. None more so than in the ADAPT series designed specifically for people on the go!.

Then followed up by IMPACT covering wired & wireless in the contact centre arena, EXPAND covers conferencing and COMMAND for critical communications.

Who is EPOS – Sennheiser?

Epos Sennheiser is the new name for Sennheiser headsets and speakerphones etc. EPOS audio is nothing new to the Sennheiser brand as both companies have been collaborating for many years, incorporating cutting edge technology into all Sennheiser headsets, both wired and wireless.

The EPOS Sennheiser collaboration has however produced a complete new range of predominantly wireless EPOS headsets in the exciting ADAPT range and other related products including wired USB headsets and Speakerphones to increase the brand into the conferencing sector.

Why have EPOS created new products?

The new Epos headset and Speakerphone ranges have been developed in answer to the flexibility that is now required and expected with the way we now communicate.

In other words:
the ability to connect to any device, anywhere and at any time.

The 3 ranges are:

Adapt – Epos Headsets – Wireless Solutions

Concentrating on the workers who are “on the go”, working remotely and the need to be connected to multiple different devices dependent on where they are. Hence the name “Adapt” as they have to adaptable to the ever changing needs of how we communicate.The Adapt range of EPOS headsets has its roots firmly in wireless solutions offering wireless USB headsets backed up with Bluetooth 5 (the latest version of Bluetooth)


300 series comprising of:
Adapt 360 which is USB, UC enabled for softphone use& Microsoft Teams certified with USB dongle

Price £160 ex VAT


400 series comprising of:
Adapt 460 Bluetooth, ANC or active noise cancelling
Adapt 460 specifically designed for softphone use.

Price £182 ex VAT


400 series comprising of:
Adapt 460T Bluetooth, ANC or active noise cancelling
Adapt 460T specifically designed for Microsoft Teams.

Price £182 ex VAT


500 series comprising of:
Adapt 560 – Unified Communication, Bluetooth, USB dongle, Active noise cancellation ANC and MS teams

Price £182


500 series comprising of:
Adapt 563 – Unified Communication, Bluetooth, Active noise cancellation ANC and MS teams certified when used with optional BTD800 USB dongle (see 560 product)

Price £162


600 series Comprising of:
Adapt 660 – Unified Communications, Bluetooth, BTD800 USB dongle, Active noise cancellation ANC and MS teams certified when used with dongle.

Price £232 ex VAT


ADAPT Presence Series Comprising of:
Presence UC with USB BTD800 dongle included
Microsoft Teams Certified with USB dongle
Softphone/PC – Mobile - Voice control Siri – Google

Price £99 ex VAT


ADAPT Presence Business
Comprising of:
Softphone/PC – Mobile Phone connectivity
Voice control Siri – Google

Price £70 ex VAT

Adapt – Epos Headsets – Wired Solutions

EPOS Sennheiser Adapt does also offer a wired series in the newly branded EPOS SC range for those people who want “Plug n Play” simplicity with the SC range providing 3 types of connectivity (some models) using USB-A – USB-C and 3.5mm for use with mobile phones/ smart phones etc. Ideally suited to all PC softphone Computer use and work seamlessly across all Unified Communications platforms. Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, MS Lync etc

EPOS ADAPT 130 / 160

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C
UC Version

Price from £45 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 130T / 160T

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C Microsoft Teams Version

Price from £45 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 135 / 165

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm UC Version

Price from £59 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 135T / 165T

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm Microsoft Teams Version

Price from £59 ex VAT

IMPACT – EPOS Headsets – Wired & Wireless Solutions

The IMPACT range offers a combination of wired and wireless headsets with multi connectivity like Impact DW, SDW Multi Media (offering a 3-in-1 headset) & MB Pro. See all products in detail further down this page.
On the wired side EPOS audio offer the SC range like SC600 series – SC 630 USB, the lower budget range found in the SC 40/70 + new SC 200, all made and designed for communication professional like call centres or contact centres. Businesses and employees who require that need for all day comfort backed up with easy call handling and rich, natural sound is omething Sennheiser & Epos Audio combimned do so well

IMPACT – EPOS Headsets – Wired & Wireless Solutions

Introducing the NEW IMPCT 1000 Bluetooth headset series with ANC and certified for Microsoft Teams & Unified Communications. Using the very latest in Bluetooth 5.3 technology.

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out


Price £239 ex VAT


Price £249 ex VAT


Price £265 ex VAT


Price £242 ex VAT

IMPACT Cont'd – Epos Headsets


Price £166 ex VAT

EPOS IMPACT 5036 / 5066

Price £230 ex VAT

EPOS IMPACT 5033 / 5063

Price £194 ex VAT

EPOS IMPACT SC 630 Wired Headset

Price £120 ex VAT

Expand – EPOS Speaker Phone Solutions

The EPOS Expand 30 series speakerphones has been born out of the huge demand for personal conferencing and based on up to 8 people. Ideal for small meeting rooms and packed with the latest technology. Add in the seamless conectivity of USB-C and Bluetooth, the new EPOS Sennheiser Expand 30 speakerphone offers superb voice clarity and very clever technology.

These wireless, light and portable units offer:
Better quality conferencing
Replaces PC/mobile speakers and microphone with an exceptional audio experience

Conferencing across devices
Merges PC/softphone and mobile calls into one conference

Add in up to 18 hours talk time, Microsoft Teams certified and easy charging – you have a very small but powerful conferencing tool at your disposal.

EPOS EXPAND SP 30T + Bluetooth USB Speakerphone

Price £145 ex VAT

EPOS EXPAND SP 30 plus Speakerphone

Price £145 ex VAT

EPOS Headset Technology

EPOS Audio are at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to wired and wireless headset design, research & development. The new EPOS Sennheiser products are packed with huge improvements in just about every aspect of these superior headsets & speaker phones.

Talk Time:
Existing technology has been improving talk time for years but not on the new EPOS headset scale where the new headsets offer anywhere between 14 & 39 hours talk time. A massive leap forward in technology and the assurance your headsets not going to let you down.

Battery Life:
Like talk time, these two go hand in hand with advancements in battery technology seen in just about every sector (look at electric cars as an example) the EPOS Sennheiser headsets are no different offering:

  • Listening Time: up to 46 hours
  • Talk time: up to 39 Hours
  • Standby time: up to 62 days

This is where EPOS come into their own as there is no other headset brand in the market place to beat them on microphone technology. The new EPOS range now offer multiple microphones in a single headset (nothing new there) but now use A.I. or “artificial intelligence” to focus in on the voice and remove the background noise.

How do they do this? – a clever tech called Beamforming MEMS Microphones using beam technology to accurately pin point where a voice is coming from and then home in on it with precision accuracy.

ANC Noise cancellation
Any headset wearer will be aware of NC or “noise cancellation” which was developed to improve and remove background noise for the person calling in and not the headset wearer. Until now that is, with EPOS Sennheiser at the absolute cutting edge of noise cancellation technology. The new range (Adapt products) offer the next level “ANC” or active noise cancellation which helps cancels out noise for the wearer as well. (think Bose Quiet Comfort on an aeroplane) The noisy office, the café or in the car background noise becomes a thing of the past.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Nothing new in Bluetooth, or is there? as it seems like just about every device these days is Bluetooth enabled but they are not running on the latest Bluetooth 5. The EPOS Sennheiser wireless ADAPT range of headsets use the latest and the most stable software ever with a 25 metre range.

The other main improvement is the number of products the new Bluetooth 5 wireless headsets from EPOS can actually pair to. The advancement in technology now allows up to 8 devices and 2 simultaneously. Truly impressive!

Voice Assistance
Modern smart tv and phones have the ability to connect via the most popular of voice assistants and now so do the EPOS wireless ADAPT headsets connecting to Siri, Google and Alexa. Part of EPOS’s crossover between consumer products and commercial workplace headsets.

Microsoft Teams dedicated button
A huge boost to productivity and collaboration can now be achieved with a dedicated button for instant access to Microsoft Teams software communication platform. MS Teams has over taken Skype for business now as the “go to” collaboration tool for all workers worldwide. This addition to the EPOS Sennheiser stable is a much needed and much asked for addition.

USB connectivity
Following on from the Microsoft teams dedicated button, certain EPOS Adapt wireless headsets come with an optional Sennheiser BTD800 USB dongle. Which when used in conjunction with the ADAPT range will create the certified link with MS Teams collaboration.

UC – Unified Communications
EPOS Sennheiser have designed and developed the whole stable of products to ensure they are compliant with all known softphone applications and include the likes of ZOOM & 8×8 etc This ensure crystal clear communications and connectivity to the worlds top unified communications platforms.

Epos Connect Epos Manager

Formerly Headset Pro, (taken from the EPOS website and how EPOS Sennheiser describe there latest updating personalization tool)

Update with the latest firmware and personalize your audio device settings to ensure flawless operation and maximum productivity

Manage and update devices from anywhere

Remotely deploy and configure audio devices and get the latest firmware updates across locations to minimize downtime

Gain analysis and insight

Extract reports on device mix and headset usage to gain insights into the way your company works and how it can be improved

Complimentary with EPOS audio solutions

Choose between on premises or cloud-based freeware with unlimited software updates

Boost employee productivity

With user access to EPOS Connect that enhances call control through seamless connection of audio devices and softphones

Ensure high security and compatibility

Encrypted communication, no sensitive data storage and reliable compatibility with major operating systems and UC standards

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