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Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets

Which Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets is the right one for you?

Microsoft Teams-The go to collaboration & conferencing tool that is now considered “standard” in the office, workplace and working remotely (usually from home) But what happens when you need an Microsoft Teams certified headset?

Which type of compatible headset will suit you best when connecting to multiple devices like a computer, your laptop or smartphone and tablets etc – we have that covered for you….

The following teams enabled headsets are by the main manufacturers who have designed new products around the teams software system. Brands like EPOS Sennheiser (formerly Sennheiser) and Jabra as they have proven to be the best option when you need a reliable wired USB headset or wireless Bluetooth headset compatible with Microsoft teams software.

Microsoft Teams USB Wired Headsets

When looking at a simple, plug n play solution then wired USB headsets just do the job and an excellent choice for the budget conscious. Make no mistake these Microsoft Teams Certified headsets are no slouch in quality offering good sound, call quality and robustly made. Plus the newer EPOS SC range have options for USB-A, USB-C and 3.5mm for smartphone use

EPOS ADAPT 130 / 160

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C
UC Version

Price from £45 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 130T / 160T

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C Microsoft Teams Version

Price from £45 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 135 / 165

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm UC Version

Price from £59 ex VAT

EPOS ADAPT 135T / 165T

Wired USB headset available as USB-A, USB-C & 3.5mm Microsoft Teams Version

Price from £59 ex VAT

Microsoft Teams Bluetooth Headsets

This technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 12-18 months with a new stable of products from both Jabra and Sennheiser EPOS ADAPT range being at the forefront of the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, with all the ADAPT range having a dedicated Microsoft Teams button and amazing battery life (14-16 hours of talk time, unheard of a few years ago) plus they have a headset for most budgets.


300 series comprising of:
Adapt 360 which is USB, UC enabled for softphone use& Microsoft Teams certified with USB dongle

Price £160 ex VAT


400 series comprising of:
Adapt 460 Bluetooth, ANC or active noise cancelling
Adapt 460 specifically designed for softphone use.

Price £182 ex VAT


400 series comprising of:
Adapt 460T Bluetooth, ANC or active noise cancelling
Adapt 460T specifically designed for Microsoft Teams.

Price £182 ex VAT


500 series comprising of:
Adapt 560 – Unified Communication, Bluetooth, USB dongle, Active noise cancellation ANC and MS teams

Price £182

Microsoft Teams Wireless Headsets -Multi Device

Ideal for Business and Call Centre use, DECT wireless have a much gretaer range than Bluetooth...

Looking for a Microsoft teams certified wireless headset? Then you need to think about connections!
What device or devices are you connecting to?
PC – Computer – Desk phone – Laptop – Smartphone – Tablet, or all devices at once?
If so, then choose from the multi media wireless headset options which connect to multiple different devices or if its just desk phone or desk and PC you need to connect to then there are plenty of options from Sennheiser, Jabra & JPL


Price £166 ex VAT


Price £239 ex VAT

EPOS IMPACT 5033 / 5063

Price £194 ex VAT


Price £265 ex VAT

Microsoft Teams Speakerphones

Like Bluetooth, speaker phones have also seen big increases in technology and features like Microsoft Teams certification and other softphone connectivity. But not everyone wants to use a headset (wired or wireless) so if you just want a small but feature packed communication tool then a speakerphone from Jabra or Sennheiser would be a good choice. From a huddle room through to boardroom, all our MS enabled speaker phones will work seamlessly. These 3 recommendations cover from 4 people up to 16 people.

Jabra 510 Speakerphone
Up to 4 people Coverage

Price £160 ex VAT

Jabra 710 Speakerphone
Up to 6 people Coverage

Price £99 ex VAT

Jabra 810 Speakerphone
Up to 15 people Coverage

Price £442 ex VAT

16 to 32 people Coverage (extended version)

Price £569

Teams Headset Problem solving & trouble shooting

Cant connect my headset to Microsoft teams software?
headset not working on Microsoft teams?
How do I change my headset or speakerphone settings in MS teams?

Answer for all the above questions:
First thing is to check your audio settings in Microsoft Teams application and choose the correct device you are connecting to: To do this….

  1. click your profile picture at the top of Teams
  2. Go to the Settings > Devices
  3. Under Audio devices, pick the device e.g. headset, speakerphone etc (or default speaker and microphone) you want Teams to use by default

In 90% of cases this will sort out any issues with connectivity.

Still not working? – try making sure that settings- privacy & security – mic and sound are set to “allow”

Need a question answering about Microsoft Teams compatible headsets? – contact us now!

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