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Work From Home Solutions

Looking for the correct work from home headset solution?
Headsets4business have you covered!

We have a range of work from home solutions including USB wired & wireless headsets for use on Laptop, Computer, Tablets etc Bluetooth headsets for use on Smart phones & if headsets aren't your thing then why not choose a speaker phone

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Bluetooth Headsets

Connect to any bluetooth media device - Great for Smartphone use or any bluetooth enabled device


USB Headsets

Connect to any USB media device - Great for PC Computers, Laptops & Tablets



The only alternative to headsets! - Speakerphones connect to anything and offer simple plug n play!


Working from home - what you need to know....

It doesnt matter what you call it - work from home solutions, remote working or home working, we still need to communicate. Smart phone use is over 90% these days but not the most ideal tool to use when communication needs to be of the highest quality. For that there are only 2 real options: Headsets & Speaker Phones

Best headset & Speakerphone work from home solutions

Smart phone connection
This depends on the device your connecting to obviously but if its a smart phone then bluetooth headsets are probably the best way to go and come in all shapes and sizes from mini mobile type through to higher end professional bluetooth that offer better quality and range.

Computer & Laptop Connection
The most common connection requirements are going to be for computers, laptops etc which meand USB headsets in most cases. The choice and quality of all our USB wired & wireless headsets is excellent and all are designed for seemless plug n play simplicity. Leaving you to get on with the job in hand - communication like you were still in the office or work place. USB headsets, either wired or wireless create perfect work from solutions.

Speaker phone Connection
from EPOS Sennheiser & Jabra
For those who dont or wont wear a headset then why not try a speaker phone, they have come on in leaps and bounds now in quality & build. So much so the worlds top 3 headset manufacturers are all making speakerphones for every conceivable situation. So when your working from home and you need a better (and safer) communication tool for your smart phone or computer etc then a speakerphone is a decent option. Plus you dont need to rob a bank as you will only need a basic model. more than enough for most peoples requirements.

Crossover Connections

So what happens when you need a headset that needs to connect to everything (your computer/laptop, your smart phone & even a desk phone) thats where multi media wireless headsets come into their own. Only these wireless headsets will connect to multiple media devices.

So if you really do need a headset to do all the work then have a look at these recommendations:

Sennheiser SDW 5016

Jabra Engage 75

JPL X500

So what are the benefits of using a headset or speaker phone when working remotely?

  • Comfort - those ear buds never fit comfortably and the sound quality can be hit and miss
  • Safety - using a mobile phone on its own is never a good idea. there is more than enough evidence that long term use can be harmful.
  • Convenience - just having the reliability of a headset or speakerphone will help with productivity
  • Sound Quality - All our headsets are noise cancelling which filter out excessive background noise (dogs barking, next door mowing the lawn, teenagers arguing) you get the picture - no one wants to hear that.

If your still unsure after looking for suitable headset for home working then have a look at this blog post we did recently with recommendations for all of the above - see below

working from home headsets

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