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Best wireless headset for Cisco Jabber

Best wireless headset for Cisco Jabber - Headsets4business

Best wireless headset for Cisco jabber

Before deciding which is the best wireless headset for Cisco Jabber? You need to decide what device or devices you need your wireless headset to work on. As you probably already know, Cisco jabber works on many platforms as a softphone, a video client, instant messaging, group chat or “conferencing” But essentially they boil down to 2 basic types of device “computer or mobile”
  1. Cisco Jabber for Computer - example: Windows PC, Laptop, tablet and Apple Mac
  2. Cisco Jabber for Mobile phones - example: Mobile phones, IPhone, Android and Blackberry etc
The wireless headset recommendations below for Cisco Jabber are based on PC use, mobile use and multimedia (both PC and Mobile) So the best wireless headsets for Cisco jabber are:

Cisco Jabber wireless headsets for mobile phones:

Sennheiser / EPOS Presence Bluetooth headset

Sennheiser / EPOS MB Pro Bluetooth headset

Cisco Jabber wireless headsets for PC-Mac:

Sennheiser / EPOS Pro1 and Pro 2 UC version

Sennheiser / EPOS DW Office UC Version

Jabra Engage 75

Multimedia wireless headset for Cisco jabber (works on both PC and Mobile)

Why do we recommend these wireless headsets for Cisco Jabber?

They are all optimised for Cisco Jabber. That means they have been designed around UC “unified communications” use and the Jabber platform according to Cisco’s strict compliance. In plain English: “They will work on any Cisco Jabber platform” Note* many of the headsets shown and recommended for Jabber are available in different variants. e.g. Sennheiser / EPOS Presence is also available as a UC version for PC-Mac

See all of the wireless headsets for Cisco Jabber

if you have any questions on compatibility with wireless headsets and Cisco Jabber then please contact us here or telephone UK on free phone 0800 644 0424

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