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The best headsets for Cisco 7800 series phones

Best headsets for Cisco 7800 series compatible headsets         

How to find the best headsets for Cisco 7800 series of IP phones. Cisco has long dominated the IP phone market (alongside Avaya of course) with its ever popular 7900 series and the later SPA models.

But there are new kids on the block with the NEW Cisco 7800 series of IP phone. There are three headset compatible models in the range which are: Cisco 7821 IP phone Cisco 7841 IP phone Cisco 7861 IP phone

Regardless of which of these 3 models you have, there are several highly recommended and compatible wired or wireless headset available.

Wired headsets compatible with Cisco 7821, 7841, 7861 IP telephones

Streamline proVX-M professional wired headset                


the same rules apply here, as always, when looking for a headset. They are:

  1. They must be robustly made and designed to withstand all day use
  2. Must be comfortable and lightweight
  3. Must have great noise cancelling built into the microphone
  4. Easy to set up (basically “plug n play”) and tried and tested in the field

The golden rule – "Only ever use a quality headset on a quality phone" Why? -Because Cisco go to great lengths to ensure the technology, firmware etc. built into the new Cisco 7800 series is absolutely the best available. This guarantees you the sound quality over any commercial VOIP network.

If you add a cheap (sub £50) headset then you just undo the quality and reliability that Cisco have spent developing their phones. Luckily for you, headsets4business don’t (and wont) ever sell “cheap headsets” – buy cheap, buy twice as the old “but true” saying goes.

Recommended wired headsets for Cisco 7821, 7841 & 7861 are:

Entry level
Streamline ProV & ProV2

Mid level
Streamline ProVX-M and VX-B

Top level
Streamline Pro V-XL

Why have these headsets been recommended?

  1. They are 100% compatible and come with the correct Cisco bottom lead to work on your 7800 series IP phones
  2. They have been tried and tested on all previous Cisco series models (7900 – SPA etc.)
  3. They cover all the rules mentioned above.

Wireless headsets compatible with Cisco 7800 series IP phones


Sennheiser / EPOS DW Pro1 and Pro2 Wireless Headset                  


Before we get into the wireless, make sure you make full use of the features that wireless headsets offer, especially when it comes to the new Cisco 7800 series. Because all 3 models 7821, 7841 & 7861 are EHS compliant (EHS = “Electronic Hook Switch” for remote answering). Basically remote answering is available by simply adding a compatible EHS cable. To make it really easy, the recommended wireless headsets below have links to their equivalent EHS leads required for remote answering while you are away from your desk. Note* If you don’t need remote answering facility, it’s simple, just buy the headset only and answer a call via the keypad on your Cisco phone.

Recommended wireless headsets for Cisco 7821, 7841 & 7861 are:

Mid level EPOS DW Office

EHS lead required: CEHS-C101 EHS cable

Mid Level EPOS DW Pro1 / Pro2

EHS lead required: CEHS-C101 EHS EHS cable

High End  EPOS SDW 5016

EHS lead required: CEHS-C101 EHS EHS cable

Notice there are no “entry level” wireless shown or recommended above? That’s for a very good reason, in our experience, there is no such thing as an “entry level” wireless headset that has proven itself and covers the rules already mentioned.

The lower end of wireless headset have proven to be very unreliable, tinny sound quality with poor noise cancelling. They simply get returned so everyone loses out. So please remember, you get what you pay for folks!

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