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Blue Response Emergency Services Headset Review

Blue Response Emergency Services Headset Review - Headsets4business

The New Blue Response - Emergency Services Headset Review

You could argue that every business call is potentially a form of critical communication, quite possibly the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal in some cases. Take that one step further to include the emergency services communication rooms and its guaranteed that every call is of a critical nature. Quite literally the difference between life and death in most cases.

We would argue that this area has been lacking historically when it comes to emergency services headsets.

"i.e. using headsets as they are an essential tool but more often than not, a sub-standard or poorly designed product"

After all you don’t know what you don’t know – until you do! In our experience people tend to go for the leading brands like Plantronics, nothing wrong in that but like all things in life, there are always better options. And when we say better options, we mean headsets specifically designed for one job and one job only:

And that is to: Ensure that any critical communication call is relayed in a reliable & clear manner (oh and provides world class noise cancellation too)

At Headsets4business we have the opportunity to work with so many of these critical communication sectors covering everyone from the Police, Fire & Ambulance services through to NHS 111 contact centres & other NHS/Government areas. (at the time or writing this, these guys have been busy on a level never seen before so they seriously need the best possible help they can get and the last thing they need are poor standard headsets)

Thankfully the feedback we receive from these emergency sectors, in turn, helps us work with headset manufacturers to create better products. So much so that we are excited to inform you that we now have a product which covers the most important things you tell us are needed in a headset for this critical sector.


The Blue Response Professional Emergency Services Headset


blue response critical communications headset

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Watch our You Tube Video Review Below:


Blue Response Video Review on You Tube


Your feedback in those essential sectors enabled us to produce a product which solved the problems that some of you have experienced with other headsets. These are the solutions to those problems based on your requirements!

They are:

Dependability -You need your headsets to last,  they must be up to the rigors of the day but at the same time, be robust BUT without compromising on weight and comfort.

How have we achieved that with the Blue Response headset?

By incorporating a premium Grade Aluminium Housing (see image below) which provides your headset with an outstanding and solid build quality. This then ensures that all components are held securely in place by using only the highestquality materials. 



commercial grade aluminium housing

Headsets - Effective in reducing noise:

The Ultra noise cancelling microphone on the Blue Response uses the latest surround shield technology. This tech helps to further increase the effectiveness of the noise cancelling microphone. Resulting in a much lower detection of ambient office background noise for the caller. The second an emergency contact centre workers asks “What did you say or Can you repeat that?” adds critical time to the process. The surround shield helps to prevent the user of having to repeat themselves. 


Emergency Services Headsets have to be Practical:

One of the single biggest problems with Aesthetically pleasing headsets is they may look good with super small ear cushions but often don’t fit on the ear properly, don’t provide any extra sound cushioning so we made sure every Blue Response headset is fitted with large 70mm soft leatherette ear pads.


sound cushion emergency services headset


This is a 40 percent increase in size compared to a standard 50mm ear pad. And using larger ear pads helps to reduce the level of ambient background noise surrounding the headset wearer which in turn, aids concentration and improves the call clarity. And by simply increasing the size of ear pads means the headsets weight is distributed over a larger area. Making it extremely comfortable, especially for continual use over long shift periods that emergency comm’s staff are known to do.

So what else is so unique about the new Blue Response Emergency Services Headset?

Well let’s take a look at the management side of things, every communications room manager or IT manager in a contact centre environment will tell you “continuity” of firmware & updates are a particular headache where some headset manufacturers are basically saying, you need to have another system to look after these things to ensure everyone is on the same firmware at the same time etc

Introducing the Hero USB cable/lead

hero usb cable for blue response headsets


For those using softphone platforms (a growing trend in some contact centres) this very clever USB doesn’t need updating using third party software, its plug n play and that’s it, always on, always up to date to leave your agents to get on with the job without all those potential updating headaches!

Note* The Blue Response headset comes with a QD “quick disconnect” lead so regardless of the desk phone or softphone you are connecting to, we have a lead/cable compatible with your device!

And finally: As we know, we live in uncertain times and you never know what virus or disease the world will throw at us next. So how about a simple fix to a problem that has been highlighted so often lately

The simple answer to Hygiene The Blue Response headset come with a protective hygienic case designed to provide secure and safe storage for your headset before and after your shift has finished. How we work will probably never be the same again with Health, hygiene and safety in the workplace now paramount. 

open hygienic carry case for blue response headsets











So make the Blue Response locker case an integral part of your PPE! - You heavily invest time and money in your staff so help protect them as well in a simple but highly effective solution.  

Like a trial of the Blue Response - Emergency Services Headset?

Headsets4business are offering any critical sector organisation the opportunity to see the Blue Response in action (so to speak) we know words are cheap and it’s the product that needs to be up to the job so if you or your organisation would like a free trial of this exciting new product then (click here now!) or please feel free to call us Mon-Fri 9-5pm on 0800 644 0424 or email us

Our customers have always said that free trials are the only true way to ensure you get the right headset for the right job, so take advantage and organise your free trial of the Blue Response Headset today Have a question? – call us on UK 0800 644 0424   see the main Blue Response headset website

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