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Epos Adapt 200 Series Bluetooth Headsets - In Review

Epos Adapt 200 Series Bluetooth Headsets - In Review - Headsets4business

Looking for a new Bluetooth headset?

Well, you couldn’t do much better than the new Epos Adapt 200 series from EPOS Sennheiser. We are all well aware the new way of working is now (and probably for ever) “Hybrid” If that’s you and you’re flitting between the office and working from home then a quality Bluetooth wireless headset like the new EPOS Adapt 260 series may be for you. 

Adapt 261 2 ear bluetooth headset

 ADAPT 230/260 from £103 + VAT (free delivery) more

ADAPT 231/261 fom £103 + VAT (free delivery) more

So why have EPOS brought out the Adapt 200?

Well as part of the new way of working, there is also the ongoing fight to get you to use a conferencing tool like Zoom or in this case (and arguably more popular) Microsoft Teams. That in mind EPOS have created a dedicated team’s button on all 4 versions of the 200 series Bluetooth. Plus, all the Adapt 200 series of headset are certified for Microsoft Teams and fully optimised for UC (unified communications) which covers everything else like Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber etc


Adapt 200 MS Teams button


*Just press the button and it will launch you into teams (ground-breaking? No! but useful all the same) The other main reason for this new addition to the ever popular Adapt range has to be connectivity. Using the included USB dongle (a small USB plug that goes into any compatible USB slot which connects the wireless headset via Bluetooth to the chosen device) All this range connects to and is ideally suited to your smartphone, laptop, and tablet (and works PC MAC as well)

Why would you choose this Adapt 200 series Bluetooth headset over others?

I am glad you asked – the simple answer to this is tech quality over fashion. It may be fashionable for the mini ear buds on a conference call which are getting technically better but having a dedicated microphone boom like a commercial headset ensures all that amazing EPOS technology can do its magic.

Noise cancellation would probably be first on most people’s list when working from home. Dog’s barking, babies crying or Netflix too loud in the background do not lend themselves to a professional call do they. And if you working from home, every call is arguably an important one, isnt it?

The second thing must be the flexibility of being “wireless”, the benefits work in both the office and the home. And lastly its foldable (see image below) with 27 hours battery life so it’s up to the job.Folded adapt 260 bluetooth headset

*Easy to fold up when travelling to and from the office or home

What flavours of Bluetooth headset are available?

As you would imagine, the Epos Adapt comes in both 1 ear and 2 ears plus a standard USB jack and the ever more popular mini-USB-C which are both “plug n play” so no software issues. There is one caveat to that. Like all Epos Headsets these days, they have EPOS Connect software connectivity which is useful if you need to always ensure you are on the latest and greatest software version.

That is probably more for the office VOIP phone system than at home.  

Top tip* if you are working from home and want to escape the noise (the office too!) then choose the 2-ear version, its far easier to concentrate on a call with both ears covered. If you need a break, just move one side to the back of the ear. I say that because some people will not use a binaural (2 ear) headset as they feel “closed in” or even a bit claustrophobic, but that simple “hack” will help you out.

And the monaural (1 ear) version is ideal for casual use in the home or the office.

Quick reference: If you have a USB-C type slot on your devices then choose this: Sennheiser EPOS Adapt 261 2 ear or Epos Adapt 231

If you have a USB (standard larger type) slot on your devices, then choose this: Sennheiser Epos Adapt 230/260

In Summary

The new EPOS Adapt 230/260/231 & 261 Bluetooth headsets are the ideal way to “bridge” the gap between working from home (remote working) and back in the office. Compared with other DECT type headsets, the 200 Adapt series from EPOS offer great value for money and won’t break the bank. They offer EPOS world class noise cancellation technology and provide amazing sound (great for listening to that latest download when you should be working!) coupled with great battery life and that useful foldable design, what’s not to like


Top questions on EPOS Adapt 200 series Bluetooth

  1. How long is the warranty? A – 2 years (repair or replace)
  2. Are they easy to set up and connect to my device? A – like any Bluetooth device, you simply put it into pairing mode and then connect as you would any other device – really easy and really quick
  3. How many devices can I connect to at once? A – 2 devices.
  4. Is the headset adjustable as well as foldable? A – yes, the headband is easily altered to suit your head shape.
  5. Are the headsets heavy? A – no, they are noticeably light, 1 ear weighs just 80g or 2.8 oz. 2 ear 120g 4.3oz.
  6. What type of ear pads do I get?

A – they are leatherette and arguably better than foam.

For more information including technical specifications, pricing and official downloads then choose the links below: Standard USB type

Sennheiser EPOS Adapt 230 / 260 Bluetooth headset

Mini USB-C type

Sennheiser EPOS Adapt 231 / 261 Bluetooth headset

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