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MANCUNIANS - Why is it that well over 90% of our customers come from everywhere BUT Manchester?

MANCUNIANS - Why is it that well over 90% of our customers come from everywhere BUT Manchester? - Headsets4business

When we are a Manchester based & Manchester owned business.....

My name is Darren Page from Headsets4business and It never ceases to amaze us at our office in Ashton under Lyne that of our 8000 customers, only a tiny fraction are local Manchester based businesses! It's not like we are selling some unique high-end B2B product that wouldn't be of interest to you because all we do is help businesses big and small to become more productive by utilising wired & wireless telephone headsets - that's it, that's what we do. No "rocket science" there is there?

It's just the strangest thing, after more than 11 years of helping UK wide companies like Rolls Royce, Boeing, Hargreaves Lansdown, Yopa & the NHS etc through to one person start-ups who work from home, we struggle to attract Manchester based businesses! (in fact North West businesses really!) Now I'm pretty sure if you're like me you are encouraged & want to "buy local"

After all us Mancunians have a history of sticking together, don't we?. I bet there have been times when you have struck up an instant conversation in some far-flung part of the world with a fellow Northerner, just because they are a "Northerner" At one point we thought this lack of Mancunian customers may be about our customer service so we invested in Trust Pilot to see what people really think and say about us.

But it wasn't that because our current customers have been great at sharing what they like (and occasionally dislike) have a look here if you like:

(by the way, we highly recommend it for any business who wants a truly independent review system) Anyway, basically it taught us there are 3 things that our customers always want to know:

  1. Will the headset be compatible with my desk phone, PC or Mobile?
  2. Can I send it back if I don't like it for a refund or exchange?
  3. And If I'm looking to buy several headsets, can I have a no obligation free headset trial to ensure its what I need?

The answer is YES to all 3, in fact, there is a 4th which also made us stop and think

4. How can I find out which type of headset is correct for my device?

Call us now on 0161 830 6818...

Now if everyone else is telling us that's what they want and expect, I cant see fellow Mancunians and North West businesses being that different surely? So all that's left to say is: If you are a Manchester or North West based business and you may be considering helping you or your staff become more productive, would you be willing to give us a try at some point?

And consequently, if you are offering a reciprocal service or product that in return, we would have use of then get in touch and let's stick together like all Mancunians should do! P.S. If you need help in any way, a query, something you are unsure about, headset compatibility in your work place then contact us on 0161 830 6818 (we don't bite)

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