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Training Headset Splitter - Do you need to double up?

Training Headset Splitter - Do you need to double up? - Headsets4business

Training Headset Splitter - Do you need to double up?

Are you actively training your staff on the Phone?

One of the most common products we get asked about a lot is the training headset splitter or Y training leads. Basically the ability to train a person on the phone via 2 headsets You see, any business with more than 3 employees that relies on the Phone (that’s most of us probably) will need to train staff at some point and there is no better way of doing that than using a simple training system.

For wired headsets there are 2 very simple options

A “Y” Headset Training splitter lead So called because it's a “Y“ shaped lead, the bottom part of the Y goes in to the Phone and the 2 points at the top of the “Y” connect with the headsets. This is the most popular way of training people on the phone.


Have a look at a Y lead here: 

Training Headset splitter Bottom Cable


 Interested on how to connect a Y lead?

Video - Have a look here!

Note* we have Y leads (splitters) for every brand of Headset because they often have different type plug or wiring configurations – It isnt one size fits all! Solution: just choose your brand at checkout, we will do the rest!

A simple Headset Doubler just like in the home where you would have a double plug adapter, this simple solution is the quickest way to connect any 2 wired headsets together. At Headsets 4 business we offer 2 types A no frills version

Budget double headset training plug


£15 + Vat go here

And this headset doubler or  "headset buddy" as its sometimes called has mute buttons on it to allow the trainer or trainee to mute the conversation.

Headset Doubler Training dual plug - RJ11 compatible

£25 + Vat go here

Hey wait a minute, what about USB training splitter leads for use on PC Macs, laptops, tablets etc

No problem, same principle as before, it's a Y lead but has standard USB end plugs (thats type A, the older type, not type C which is the small one) here it is: 


USB Headset training lead

Price £55 = Vat go here


How about a ready to go full training package?

Ready to go out of the box, 2 headsets, 2 bottom leads and a Y lead. No mess, no fuss, no compatibility issues have a look at those below

Streamline ProVX Training Headset Package 

see all the training packages here

Now let's talk about wireless headset training systems

You would be surprised how few people know you can actually train members of staff using wireless headsets, it's simply a matter of pairing 2 headsets to one wireless base station and putting them in either conference mode or training mode. Obviously the main advantage being, there are no wires between the trainer and the trainee.

In summary There are pluses and minuses to both systems and as always it’s down to personal preferences and budget. That said, headset training should be an integral part of any business that uses the phone to help make a profit, it’s a very effective way of training staff quickly and efficiently!

Feel free to call or email any questions you may have regarding headset training leads, systems, troubleshooting etc

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