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Best wireless headset for Yealink T53,T54,T55,T56,T57,T58

Best wireless headset for Yealink T53,T54,T55,T56,T57,T58 - Headsets4business

Finding the best wireless headset for a Yealink T5 SIP phone has just got easier! Mainly because Yealink IP phones have come on in “leaps and bounds” with the introduction of the newer T5 series and consequently so has the choice of wireless headsets available to you for Yealink.

Yealink SIP T5 series models

So the Yealink phone models compatible with the wireless headset recommendations to follow are:

SIP-T53 - SIP-T53W - SIP-T54W - SIP-T55A - SIP-T56A - SIP-T57W - SIP-T58A

Regardless of the T5 series model you have above, the following wireless headsets are 100% compatible and are broken down into 2 headset types:

DECT Wireless Headsets for Yealink

For those not familiar with “DECT” technology, its exactly the same as used in a cordless phone in the home where you can walk round the house without losing signal (well for quite a distance) The main advantage for those people who are in large open plan offices and away from there desk, then DECT wireless for Yealink would be your best bet as most DECT wireless will operate up to 100m plus. Without losing signal and voice quality.

DECT wireless come in several variants, typically:

  • Desk phone only
  • Computer only
  • Desk & computer
  • Multiple device (e.g. connects to Desk – PC – smartphone at the same time)

DECT wireless require an EHS adapter for remote answering via your headset. EHS or “electronic hook switch” is an extra lead/adapter you need to add to the phone and base station of the headset in order to remotely answer a call via the headset while away from your desk.

Note* if you are mainly at your desk then you don’t require remote answering & consequently won’t need the extra EHS lead/adapter which saves money!

So not really a con as such, more of a different way of doing things compared to Bluetooth which DOESN’T need an EHS lead for remote answering.


Top 3 recommended DECT wireless are:

& compatible with Yealink T53,T53W,T54W,T55A,T56A,T57W,T58A
EPOS Sennheiser DW Office
from £166 + VAT
available in 1 & 2 ear version.
EPOS DW Office DECT wireless headset
remote answering (if required).
EPOS EHS 40 adapter
from £220 + VAT
available in 1 & 2 ear version
EPOS SDW 5035/5065 DECT wireless headset
remote answering (if required)
EPOS EHS 40 adapter


Bluetooth Headsets for Yealink


Bluetooth headsets for Yealink T5 series connect via a USB dongle. Basically a small USB plug which simply connects to the USB port on the Yealink SIP phone and then connects to the Bluetooth headset via (yes you guessed it) via Bluetooth 5 technology. The main advantage is the ability to answer/end calls remotely without the use of an extra EHS lead unlike the DECT wireless mentioned above.

One other major advantage or plus is the flexibility of Bluetooth as it can be used for listening to music or taken home with you, used on transport, paired to any smartphone.


The main one is distance or range of a Bluetooth signal from phone to headset. Now it has got better in recent years (approx. 10-15 metres) which if you are staying relatively close to your Yealink T5 series then you should be fine BUT… if you need to be further then choose DECT as it operates so much further.

Another issue which can arise is if you have too many people using Bluetooth in the same office as signals can have a distortion effect on call quality.

Top 3 recommended Bluetooth wireless are:

compatible with Yealink T53,T53W,T54W,T55A,T56A,T57W,T58A
from £103 + VAT
available in 1 & 2 ear version
epos sennheiser adapt 230 / 260 bluetooth headset 
from £105 + VAT
available in 1 & 2 ear version
 EPOS MB Pro bluetooth headset
from £145 + VAT
available in 1 & 2 ear version
 Jabra Evolve2 65 bluetooth headset



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