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USB Headset Splitter

USB training headset packages and USB headset splitter cables:

The following items are specifically for people looking for USB headset splitter cables (leads) etc for training purposes via PC - Computer - Laptop - Unified Communications - Softphones.
Headsets4business offer the USB Y training cable which allows a supervisor to listen in, or join in, on calls whilst training an operator.

IMPORTANT* USB splitter cables are only for headsets which have a QD or "quick disconnect" plug half way down the wire. If you do not have this facility on your USB headsets (i.e. they are wired all the way through to the USB jack) then why not chooose one of our headset training packages.

  • Should you require a complete USB training headset package which contains everything you need to train via USB softphone etc
  • 2 headsets with QD
  • 2 usb cables with QD
  • USB splitter cable

then please see the options below.


ProV – Full Headset Training Package With Y Lead



USB Headset Training Cable - Y Lead



ProV Eco USB Headset Training Package With Y Lead



ProVX – Full Headset Training Package With Y Lead



Headset Training Cable - Y Lead (all brands)


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