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Orosound Tilde Pro C & Pro S Bluetooth Headset Review


A game changer in the headphone/headset market?

It's not often in the Headset and Headphone sector that we use the phrase “game changer” but what Orosound have created may well be just that.

The Tilde Pro series of USB Bluetooth headsets have really raised the bar in so many ways and have managed to create some very useful and genuinely wanted features which are missing in other headsets of this calibre.

Because when choosing a headset, You, the customer usually are asking for 4 things:

I need a headset that is great at noise cancellation, sounds amazing, I can wear it all day, oh & it must be compatible with my devices!

So Read on…

5 things the Orosound Tilde Pro can do that other Bluetooth USB wireless can’t!

  1. The only headset where you have the ability to set 5 different levels of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) whereas other headsets just have an ANC “on or off “button.

  2. The only headset that has a fully removable (+ optional) boom microphone so it can be used as a headphone or a headset (plus if you remove the boom mic when on a call, the built in mics on the headset take over, so you don’t lose the call)

  3. The only Bluetooth headset on the market that has a “double listening feature" to allow for supervisor/trainee learning. i.e., connects 2 Tilde Pro headsets to a single computer at once (no other headset on the market has this feature)

  4. The only headset that has 3 red LED lights to inform other people you are on a call.

  5. The only headset that has “Voice First” Aware mode, enabling you to hear your colleagues instantly by pressing the side Aware button then uses built in noise cancellation to help you only hear their voices and NOT the peripheral noise around them.

Interested in hearing more? – Because it doesn’t stop there!

  • This headset isn’t “Made in China”, Its designed and manufactured in France.

  • It has an industry busting 3 Year Warranty!

  • Many other USB headsets have either USB-A or USB-C connection, the Tilde Pro has both!

  • You can connect to a PC/Laptop with either your “built in” Bluetooth software, use the Tilde Pro Bluetooth dongle or use the included wired USB lead.

  • It will connect to 2 devices at once (typically PC/Laptop & Smartphone)

Most other headsets are good or great at one or the other, the Orosound Tilde Pro covers all the bases.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The Tilde Pro Headset has been specifically designed as a true Hybrid Headset. Designed to be compatible with PC and laptop computers with the included USB Bluetooth Dongle (Models: Pro S+D, Pro C+D) and for use with your Smartphone through Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Top Tip* The Orosound Tilde Pro comes with the Bluetooth dongle already paired - just “Plug n Play" and the headset will tell you it’s connected. And always use the Dongle rather than your devices built in Bluetooth. This guarantees a better experience in sound, Noise cancellation and signal quality.

The Tilde Pro can remember up to 8 devices and allow you to connect to 2 simultaneously. This means you can seamlessly switch between using the headset with your PC etc, and mobile device instantly. Plus pairing your Smartphone is super quick too.

Regardless of what device(s) you are using with your Tilde Pro, it will hold its connection. Compatible with: PC - Desk top Computers and laptops: Both Mac & Windows, Any Smartphone or Tablet with Bluetooth: Both iOS & Android

Compatible desktop IP, SIP & VoIP phones (Bluetooth enabled models or compatible USB required), All UC Softphone applications: MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Ring Central & CallSwitch (plus many others)


Ear Cushions/Pads

In most cases, you only have a “take it or leave it” when it comes to Ear cushions, the Tilde Pro has 2 options – “Over the ear” Pro C (for those who want a more immersive experience, ideal for busy & noisy environments)

and the “On ear” Pro S for a more traditional headset/headphone look and feel. Or just buy a spare set and your doubly covered.

If you have a question on compatibility of the Tilde Pro series with your device, then call us on 0800 644 0424

Variants – Tilde Pro Series

There are currently 6 choices.

Orosound Pro C Variants:


1. Orosound Tilde Pro C “Over the ear”
(image is link to product)

Orosound Tilde Pro C

2. Orosound Tilde Pro C+ “Over the ear” + Boom Mic
(image is link to product)

3. Orosound Tilde Pro C+D “Over the ear” + Boom Mic + Bluetooth Dongle
(image is link to product)

*Our recommended choice!

Orosound Pro S Variants


4. Orosound Tilde Pro S “On the ear”
(image is link to product)

5. Orosound Tilde Pro S+ “On the ear” + Boom Mic
(image is link to product)

6. Orosound Tilde Pro S+D “On the ear + Boom Mic + Bluetooth Dongle
(image is link to product)

*Our recommended choice!

Choose your favourite model below





Sound Quality on another level - in the office or listening to music

Tilde Pro headsets boast impressive sound quality, enabled by the completely unique detachable boom microphone. Another first for headsets at this level. Packed with high-tech features, the boom mic renders audio that is clear and crisp, with a pleasing bass tone--something of a rarity in business-grade USB headsets. (if you have had a conversation with someone who sounds like they are under water, you’ll know what I mean)

Use the magnetic “clip on, clip off” boom microphone for optimal voice and background noise reduction during important business calls (remember you have 5 ANC levels to play with) or just remove it for a more casual listening experience. You get two headsets in one with Tilde Pro.

Top Tip* If you remove the boom mic during a call, you DON’T lose the call! The headset simply switches to the in-built Mics.

Noise Cancelling on another level (5 to be exact)

The number 1 issue when working (or Not) is Background noise. It can be so distracting for both you (the headset wearer) and for the caller too! To ensure professional-sounding calls that are free from extra clutter, the Orosound Tilde Pro provides an expert-grade, detachable 3 mic array microphone and an AI based algorithm to remove peripheral noise.

No matter what the source of the noise is - at work: Colleagues chatting loudly next to you, Warehouse, Industrial etc or at Home - pets, kids, barking dogs, lawnmowers etc - this device will block it out and enable clear audio quality for business conversations. Thanks to the superior noise reduction and premium voice audio, this is truly an unbeatable combo.

Top Tip* Using the toggle switch simply Hold it down for Maximum ANC or regulate it to your personal requirement by pressing forward/back.

Aware + Mode

Working with the Orosound Tilde Pro and its Aware+ mode activated means you no longer need to take off your headset to engage in conversations with other people. You can easily switch back and forth between tasks and conversations with a single press of the Aware Mode button (situated on the side of the speaker). Gone are the inconveniences of having to take the headset off and putting it back on; now you can communicate with ease just as it was meant to be.

Top Tip* This button also acts as a Voice Command button with a long press e.g. For Apple Siri or Google Assistant etc

Sidetone – what is it and why do you need it?

orosound tilde voice first technology

This feature is easy to overlook yet can be vitally important: It’s called “Sidetone” Sidetone is the ability to hear your own voice when you're talking (while wearing the headset) which helps regulate the speaking volume. Most other headsets don't give you control over sidetone, but with the Tilde Pro you can easily adjust it up to 6db. So enjoy feeling completely engaged, not like you're in an isolation chamber!

Double-Listening feature

If you do staff training on the phone or computer, then The Orosound “Double listening feature" is for you! Using the Orosound-Link App Software you can connect 2 Tilde pro headsets to 1 phone/computer to allow a supervisor to “listen in” on the trainee’s calls. This may not sound like a big deal BUT…

It’s a world first as the Tilde Pro is the only Bluetooth headset that has this built in. (via the Free Orosound-Link App Software) Its super easy to set up and avoids all those wires. It also gives you the freedom to move around when training or listening in to another call.


Battery – Charged for the day.

The Tilde Pro boasts a powerful rechargeable battery with up to 28 hours of talk time and 18 hours of Bluetooth streaming. Plus, with a full charge in 2 hours and a 50% charge in just 30 minutes, you don't have to worry about daily recharging - the Tilde Pro can last you multiple days.

Top Tip* You can continue using your headset while it's charging - a convenience not found in many other headsets. Enjoy maximum usage with the Tilde Pro - talk and listen uninterrupted.



When taking a break from work calls, the Tilde Pro provides amazing sound quality. Featuring 40mm speakers and HD Audio, it produces solid bass, clear mids, and sharp highs. Though not music studio-level, it raises the bar for other similar business-grade headsets. Let the Tilde Pro help you take a break from work and fill your ears with it's amazing sound & quality.

Top Tip* If you are familiar with the ever-popular Bose “Quiet Comfort” headphones then the next time you’re on a Plane or a train etc, take the Tilde Pro for a spin too. Sit back, switch on the ANC, choose your own level until that annoying background noise has gone, then just listen to the music (in Peace) and in quality HD Audio.

Software – Not just another app but an essential piece of kit

orosound link software

The Orosound Tilde Pro can be vastly improved and personalized with the free Orosound-Link software download. Enhance the headset even further with the latest firmware and adjust pretty much everything from Language to side tone, to your own preferences. IT professionals can manage multiple headsets easily by pushing firmware updates and customizing settings.

Top Tip* When you first get your Tilde Pro, make sure you download the software first, it will guide you through the many preferences and is very easy to use. *It is optional but if you want the best out of the headset then please download Orosound Link

Controls – Super simple

control buttons for orosound tilde pro headset

When it comes to “control” Orosound have made everything quick and painless. Everything is at hand with a press of a button or a slide motion from ANC levels, mute, volume, commands, stop, pause, play, forward etc.

Once you have used the headset for a while, like most things, everything will become automatic.


Yet another first in the headset world, as far as we're aware, nobody else offers a three-year warranty like Orosound do. The warranty is available on all Tilde Pro series headsets. That said, with build quality and high-end components like this, there is no reason why your headset won't last you much longer than the three years.

Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to swap out the boom microphone, and ear cushions as they are all available as accessories to purchase separately.

Technical Specifications or (Geeky stuff)

Country of origin Designed and manufactured in France
Replacement parts Ear cushions/pads
USB dongle
Warranty 3-years
Downloadable Software Orosound Link | Recommended
Wearing style(s) Headband style, double ear (binaural)
Wearing options On the ear with Pro S Ear cushions
Over the ear with Pro C ear cushions
Weight 215 grams / 7.58 oz
Waterproof rating IPX4
Softphone and conferencing Compatible with all UC applications
Wireless Range 20meters | 66 feet (in open field)
Microphone Type 3 mic array noise canceling and HD audio, Magnetically attached, flexible and removable.
Microphones for Active Noise Cancellation Yes - 5 adjustable to 30 db
Microphones for Aware+ (HearThrough) Yes
Noise reducing microphone Yes
VoiceFirst Technology Yes - differenciates noise from voice signals
Vocal commands compatible with Apple Siri and Google Assistant
Size 40mm
Audio Codecs SBC, AAC
Distortion < 0,2% on the spectrum
Frequency Response 3dB from 10Hz to 20kHz
Wired & Wireless Connections
Bluetooth version 5.0
Connectivity Desktop, laptop computers, bluetooth enabled desk phones (ask us), smartphones
Number of connections Memorise up to 8, with 2 simultaneous
Wired connection Yes via included audio/charge cable
Optional cable(s) For audio jack
USB Adapter / dongle Yes, included (+D models)
Battery life up to 28 hours. Fast charging: full battery in 2h, 50% in 30 minutes


Q.1 Is the Tilde Pro only Bluetooth?

A.1 Yes, but you can also connect via the included wired USB lead to any compatible USB device plus the lead comes with a USB-A and USB-C adaptor so you are covered.

Q.2 Is this Headset Microsoft Teams Certified?

A.2 No it isn’t BUT it will still work on MS Teams without any issue. In fact, it will work on any Unified Comms platform. Note* Teams certification usually means there is a dedicated Teams button on the headset, but you don’t need one.

Q.3 Will the headset work without the software Orosound-Link?

A.3 Absolutely but like all tech (and this is high tech) Orosound recommend you download and use the app as it’s the simplest way to keep your headset up to date with the latest firmware etc Its also a great way to instantly see how every part of the headset is working e.g., the dongle, the headset, training purposes etc

Q.4 What comes with the Orosound Tilde Pro?

A.4 That depends on the specific variant you decide on. Some versions will come with larger ear cushions (Cover the ear), smaller ear cushions (S on the ear), mic boom, or no mic boom, a Bluetooth dongle, no dongle. That aside, each variant will come with a USB-A Adapter, A USB-C cable for recharging, and a handy travel pouch.

Q.5 Will the Tilde pro work on my Bluetooth enabled desk phone?

A.5 Good question and the answer is – it depends, call us and let us know the make and model of desk phone e.g. Yealink T58A and we will let you know if its compatible. But in most cases if there is a dedicated Bluetooth connection on the phone then it should work perfectly.

Q.6 In the review it mentions Headset & headphone, what is the Tilde Pro?

A.6 It’s a true Hybrid, its both. Because you can connect and use in any office or business environment for high quality calls/conferencing/training etc and then switch to listening to music or gaming with high end audio quality etc

Q.7 We record all our calls, will the Tilde Pro pick up background noises when played back later?

A.7 Hey if the Noise cancellation is on and at the correct level, all you will here on the recording are the voices.

Q.8 How will I know if my Tilde pro battery is low?

A.8 It has 3 battery levels with colours Green – strong, Orange – medium, Red – low battery Oh and when it is charging, it will turn Orange and when its fully charged it will turn Green!

Q.9 Does the Tilde Pro have a waterproof rating?

A.9 Yes, it’s IPX4 (definition: The IPX4 index indicates that the product is suitable for all climatic conditions, resists splashing water and not immersion. This can be the case for certain models of watches, most smartphones, headphones)

Q.10 Will the battery last up to 28 hours with full level 5 ANC switched on?

A.10 No, this will use more battery but for daily business use you are more than covered, after all in just 30 minutes re-charge (e.g., lunch time break?) you get 50% charge! So no worries.

Q11. How far can I move from my device when connected to the Tilde Pro?

A.11 Up to 50 feet (15 metres) That's in line of site. it should be more than enough distance in the vast percentage of user cases. Only DECT wireless will provide more distance. PS Remember its always better to connect via the dongle if you want the best possible coverage!

Q.12 What accessories are available for the Orosound Tilde Pro S & Pro C?

A.12 Both types of ear cushions (over ear and on ear), the boom microphone, the Bluetooth dongle, charging cables and the zip up pouch.

If you have another question on the Orosound Tilde Pro headset, then email or call us on UK 0800 644 0424 or 0161 830 6818

In Summary, what does H4B think of the Tilde Pro S & C headsets?

Based on the fact a French company like Orosound which is only 6 years old has created this level of headset is quite an achievement. We get to try out many headsets at H4B and some, we just wont sell, as they simply don't "cut it"

The Tilde Pro series seems to cover so many bases and provide so many essential features, we give it 5 stars. (& for once, it's not manufactured in the far east, its proudly "Made in France") I personally have tried this headset / headphone on a plane, on a train and in both a noisy office and a noisy home. The noise cancellation is flawless. The sound quality on both calls & music is impressive.

We know it wont appeal to everyone from a cost point of view BUT and its a big BUT, its a true hybrid headset (from work to home & back again). That has been promised & promoted by other brands but vary rarely happens. On that basis alone, its worth the investment!

Our recommendation is the Pro C+D, mainly because the "Over the ear" cushions provide even more noise cancellation & the USB Bluetooth dongle provides a much better quality & stable connection via the dongle than it does if its just paired with in-built Bluetooth on a PC or laptop etc.

P.S. Orosound (at the time of writing this review - Sept 23) have promised other products in the future & we can't wait to see what's coming next!

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If you have another question on the Orosound Tilde Pro headset, then email or call us on UK 0800 644 0424 or 0161 830 6818

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