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Buyers Guide: Selecting the Best Noise-Cancelling Headset with Mic

Buyers Guide: Selecting the Best Noise-Cancelling Headset with Mic


Navigating the wide world of noise-cancelling headsets? This guide is your compass to the best choices out there.

1. The Technology Behind the Silence

Noise-cancelling is more than just muting the world. It's about enhancing your audio clarity. Get familiar with the science of noise-cancellation technology.

There are basically 2 types of noise cancellation:

1. Microphone noise cancellation, this isnt for the wearer, its for the person calling you! It simply helps filter out background noise e.g. a noisy colleague or office noise.

Note* All headsets at H4B have noise cancelling microphones!

2. Active (ANC) or Hybrid Noise cancellation, usually includes normal NC but also (& arguably, just as important, its for YOU the wearer) Because It helps reduce peripheral noise around you, so you can concentrate on a call.

The top selling ANC headsets are:

Orosound Tilde Pro (Arguably the world's best & most impressive headset with 5 levels of active noise cancellation)
Read our extensive Orosound Review here.

EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series (the best all rounder)
EPOS just get better and better with the new IMPACT range offering value for money and packed with useful features.

2. Purpose & Profession

From Microsoft Teams meetings to working from home, your headset choice should align with your professional needs.

3. Wired, Wireless, or Bluetooth?

Choose between the reliability of wired,the freedom of wireless, or the versatility of Bluetooth

4. Brands That Matter

A brand signifies quality, reliability, and trust. Here's a comparison to guide you:

Key Takeaway: Brand Comparison Table

Brand Notable Features Popular Collection
Orosound Advanced Noise Cancellation Orosound Tilde
EPOS Premium Sound Quality EPOS Adapt
Jabra Versatile & Reliable Jabra Evolve2
Plantronics Durable & Long-Lasting Plantronics Range
Streamline Budget-Friendly Streamline Pro
JPL Innovative Designs JPL Collection

5. Multi-Device Synergy

In the age of multitasking, a multi-device headset ensures you're always connected, whether on PC, phone, or tablet.

6. Try Before You Commit

A headset is an investment. Why not experience it first? If you are looking to purchase several headsets then, Check out our free trial option.


With this guide, you're equipped to find the perfect noise-cancelling headset. It's not about the priciest option, but the one tailored to your needs.

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