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3 Reasons Why Headsets Are an Office Essential

3 Reasons Why Headsets Are an Office Essential - Headsets4business

There is still a percentage of people who simply don't like wearing headsets of any kind, wired or wireless, this appears to be coming less and less of an issue these days as it seems everywhere you turn these you see someone using a headset or headphones (beats and gaming headsets spring to mind).

For those people who still point blank refuse to wear a headset, it's worth pointing out there are three really important considerations to be aware of with headset use. Hopefully after this you will understand just why you should invest in headsets in your call centre.

Why should you consider upgrading to Headsets in your business?

Upgrading from desk phones to soft phones is a part of advancing in technology. The digital world is progressing year on year and if your office takes pride in what they do, then ensure you have the most advanced equipment to do the job.

Not only will switching to headsets free up desk-space making for a tidier office, but it will also increase productivity, giving your employees more time to do more important aspects of their job.


Health and Safety

The first one is health and safety, this isn't political correctness gone mad, this is fact! Lots of people still try and hold their phone between their shoulder and side of their head and over a period of time are far more likely to get some form of repetitive strain injury or R S I as it’s more commonly known.

Oh and if you're a regular smart phone or mobile phone user and especially in office time on a works mobile, then the radiation emitted should be of concern so wireless headsets or wired headsets are a great alternative to having your brain lightly fried.  


Saleswoman using a headset at work

Secondly you tend to find the people who start wearing a headset very quickly realise that becoming hands-free when on the telephone provides so much more freedom to multitask i.e. take notes, type information about the person calling etc. and a few weeks later, think headsets are the best thing ever and wished they would have used one earlier.

Not only is it beneficial to be hands-free to take notes but also being able to freely move around and carry out hand gestures can be a great confidence boost whilst communicating through VoIP. Many people use hand gestures a lot when speaking and this is a great sign of enthusiasm and emotional investment, therefore why limit this when you're on the phone?

Using a headset maximises this prospect and, often helps people to feel in control with the ability to move and make hand gestures this often reflects enthusiasm and confidence on the phone.  


Lastly is “aesthetics”, which always seems to play a part also. People care about how they look to others(more than they should!) and don’t want a headset getting in the way of that, even in a work environment. So once you've been told you have to wear a headset, it's then essential that you get the right type of headset that fits you and makes you feel comfortable wearing.  

So now you are hopefully better informed on the wonders of headset use, it’s now time to show you the different types of headset that should fit with everyone's expectations, practical considerations, preference and dare I say it "ego".  


Wired headset (over the head with a headband) *image shows

Streamline ProV Wired Headset

 for use on PC Computer

Streamline Pro-V wired headset


Wireless headsets (over the head and over the ear, in most cases) *image shows Sennheiser / EPOS DW office Wireless headset

sennheiser dw office headset

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